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Burn some Rubber with Balloon Powered Lego Car!

Spring and summer is indeed time for plenty of outdoor fun. But if you have little ones stuck in the house and bored on an unexpected rainy day, then here is a fun little DIY that should keep the busy for hours.

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The DIY balloon powered Lego car idea that we found on The Crafty Mummy is much more than just another clever Lego toy. This easy-to-build car also teaches them about wind-energy and maybe will give them an early lesson in sustainability and eco-friendly solutions!

The balloon-powered car is not actually that hard to build and the simple design that you see here is pretty easy to replicate with a few Lego blocks. Just make sure that the balloon is not too large and that it does not ‘blow away’ the Lego car with too much force. You can experiment with larger car or truck designs and even add two balloons instead of one for more speed and power… Yup, time for some Lego racing!

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Balloon powered lego car idea

In fact, you can use a similar design to even shape simple balloon powered boat that beautifully float away on water. That might work better with simple wooden block and a balllon, but you can try adding some Lego blocks as well. A great idea that can lead to endless fun with different Lego creations…

Give it a shot and you won’t regret it.