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Ultra-Cute and Easy Fairy Themed Crafts and DIY Projects

When it comes to indulging things we adored as a little kid, crafting is the number one way that we enjoy paying tribute to our childhood whims. We can often be found using our DIY skills to create things that were themed after the pop culture and fairytale references we once loved, making the characters or crafting references. That’s why we’ve all been looking for new ways to get creative with the idea of sprites, forest nymphs, and fairies lately! Our little ones are just as into magical fairy stories as we always were.

Just in case your kids love fairies and fairy themed things just as much as ours do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best fairy related DIY ideas –

1. Rainbow pine cone fairies


In our house, some of the crafts that go over the very best are the ones that involve crafting with slightly unconventional materials. That’s why our kids were so darn excited when we told them to go outside and start collecting big, awesome looking pine cones from the backyard in order to make these adorable rainbow pin cone fairies outlined step by step on Fun Crafts Kids! They show you how to make a head from a painted wooden bead and wings from silk leaves.

2. Popsicle stick ballerina fairies


Have your kids always loved making things our of crafting or popsicle sticks? Well, fairies are no exception to that world, just like most other fun characters! We’re huge fans of the way Paintings That Fly created these adorable crafting stick fairies by making them little dresses out of scrap tulle, headpieces from little fake flowers, and wings from sparkly foam paper. We love the way they also gave them matching sparkly shows using glitter!

3. Triangular garden fairies


Are you quite intrigued indeed by the idea of using crafting sticks and fabric to help your kids make adorable little fairies but you’re convinced they’d actually enjoy something that involves a little more construction with the sticks rather than just using them in the default, straight up and down shape they already come in? Then we absolutely think you should take a look at how Glued to My Crafts made these adorable triangular fairies with lace doily wings. Fill the centre of the triangle with graphic scrapped fabric or patterned scrapbooking paper to make it look like each fairy is wearing a little dress!

4. Tissue paper and glitter wing fairies


Were your kids actually huge fans of the very first crafting stick fairy idea we showed you but, when you looked in your scrap fabric bins in the crafting room, you realized you actually don’t have any spare tulle lying around like you thought you did, so now you’re trying to find a substitute material for the fairies’ dresses? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Artsy Craftsy Mom created a similar craft using tissue paper in the place of tulle!

5. Milk jug fairy houses


Have your kids actually already got several fairy dolls with lovely dresses and cute little wings, but they’ve never really had anywhere for their fairies to live? Then perhaps instead of making the fairies themselves, you’d prefer to help them make cute little fairy houses instead! We love the way The Green Dragonfly combined that concept with the idea of making upcycling crafts by using empty, cleaned out milk jugs as the frame for the houses. Check out how they cut out windows and doors and used markers and stickers to decorate the outsides and make them look fun and inviting!

6. DIY fairy jars


Speaking of upcycling crafts, we’re sure you won’t be even the littlest bit surprised to learn that there’s an upcycled mason jar crafts that’s fairy themed as well. After all, there’s a mason jar craft for just about every idea out there! We’ve always found that our kids enjoy light based crafts very much indeed because they get so excited about seeing them light up, so you can imagine how pleased we were to come across this amazing fairy light mason jar idea outlined step by step on Kids Crafts by Three Sisters.

7. Plastic spoon fairies


Are you definitely quite interested in making your fairy themed crafts out of upcycled wares or things you might already have laying around the house but you think perhaps your kids would rather stick with the idea of making an actual fairy after all, even though you don’t have any crafting sticks available? Then we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how The Craft Train made their adorable fairy characters out of disposable spoons instead!

8. Egg carton fairy houses


Were your kids quite excited about the idea of making upcycled fairy houses but you’ve taken a look around and realized you don’t have any empty milk jugs available, even though they would like to craft right now? Then maybe they’d settle for making a cute miniature version instead! Take a look at Creative Family Fun to learn about how they cut out and painted the cup parts of an egg carton to make adorable little houses with washi tape flags stuck in the top.

9. Wooden metallic winter fairies


Maybe the fairies your kids were picturing in their minds were a little bit shinier look, perhaps with more of a glamorous aura around them, as though they glow no matter where they go? Then we think perhaps they might be a little more interested in making something like these metallic painted fairies outlined on Rhythms of Play! We love the way they used wooden crafting pegs as a base because the shape is already there, so the kids can just get creative with their painting skills in order to create the details. These fairies’ wings are made of felt!

10. Milk carton fairy house


Are you actually still interested in the idea of making milk jug fairy houses but the milk that’s sold in the stores near your house has always come in cartons rather than jugs? Then you simply must take a look at how Coffee Cups and Crayons created this fantastic home out of a carton instead! We think their bead and foam flower embellishments make for some very cute detail indeed.

11. Tie dye fairies


If you’re going to get crafty with your kids on a rainy afternoon, would you prefer to use as many of those projects as you can as opportunities to help them learn new techniques and crafting skills? Then maybe you’d be interested in helping them try their hand at this simple dying craft featured on Molly Moo Crafts! On top of showing you how to turn an old wooden clothespin into a little character, they guide you through the surprisingly simple process of dying the fairy’s paper wings so they look like a wonderful watercolour painting.

12. DIY fairy busy bag


When we were very young, our own crafty parents used to make us “busy bags” filled with trinkets and fun little toys to keep us busy in scenarios where we had to amuse ourselves for a bit while they got some work done. These usually included little games, homemade things that we could play pretend with, or groups of toys themed after stories and fairytales they knew we liked a lot. You can probably imagine, then, just how excited we were when we came across these adorable DIY fairy themed busy bags featured on Little worlds, as well as how quick we were to immediately start crafting and collecting bits and pieces to put some together for our own kids now that we are the crafty parents!

13. Mason jar fairy house


Just in case you’re still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making your very own fairy houses with your kids but you still haven’t come across an upcycled supply that you have available right now, here’s another design for your consideration, this time made from a mason jar! We love the way The Decorated Cookie did a slightly more detailed job of their little cottage, using faux plants and clay to really build the aesthetic in a completely stunning way.

14. 3-Ingredient fairy dough


No matter how much your kids do enjoy fairytales and playing games with their pretend fairy toys, do you know that the kind of crafting they much prefer is really the kind where they can get very hands-on indeed and sometimes make a bit of a mess? Then perhaps they’d prefer to create something like this Laughing Kids Learn recipe that is simply themed after fairies but is really still just super fun squishy slime! Check out how they used bright pink colours and sparkles to make awesome “fairy dough”.

15. Embellished nature fairy wands


Are your kids actually the kind of big imagination lovers that prefer to transform themselves right into whatever it is they love, rather than just pretending that that’s what their toys are? Then maybe you’d be better off helping them make things they can use to play fairy themed dress up games instead! We’re actually huge fans of the way Where Imagination Grows used natural things found in their own backyard, like flowers and sticks, to make beautiful fairy wands that would make any kid feel like they have magic powers.

Do you know a fellow crafter or DIY enthusiast whose kids love fairies just as much as ours do, if not more? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of different magical fairy crafts to try out on a crafternoon!