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15 Funny Balloon Party Crafts to Make With Your Kids

Once you’ve thrown a number of parties throughout the year, you’ll certainly find that you have to get a little more creative than the average person if you’re going to keep the decorating process and the decor itself interesting. That’s why we’ve been looking up unique ways to get crafty with balloons, rather than just blowing up regular balloons, bunching them together, and calling it a day. Of course, if we’re going to get crafty with something as bright and fun to work with as balloons!

Just in case your family is as interested in getting creative with balloons for the next birthday party you have coming up as ours always is, if not more, here are 15 of the coolest DIY balloon designs that we’ve come across in our ventures so far!

1. Confetti dipped balloons


No matter how much you enjoy bright colours, have you always been a big fan of things that have a little more of a glamorous glint or fun shine to them as well? Then we have a feeling you’re going to get a pretty big kick out of the way Studio DIY made these awesome confetti dipped balloons using metallic gold confetti! Of course, with a technique as wonderfully simple as this, you could also create a colourful or pastel version simply by using different types of chunky confetti.

2. Confetti and rolled cash balloons


Are you actually a huge confetti fan because you love its brightness and the way it moves, since it reminds you of all the great parties you’ve been to, but you’re wary of the mess it can make because you have pets or little kids? Then maybe you’d prefer to put the confetti inside your balloons instead! We love the way Sugar and Charm used that basic concept inside some clear balloons but then also turned their design into a gift by rolling bills up tightly and slipping them into the balloon as well. Take your loved one outside and watch them pop the balloons and laugh as the rainbow confetti falls, collecting the cash from inside.

3. DIY balloon surprise


If you’re going to throw a cute birthday party or celebration for someone, would you rather surprise them? Then why not make your balloon display a surprise too? We love the way Studio DIY hid some helium filled balloons in a box marked with an exclamation mark so they float out and rise up from inside when the curious person arrives home and opens the box. Attach a message to the string to let them know who the surprise is from!

4. Hot air balloon cupcakes


Are you the kind of crafty party host who loves to go the extra mile and really drive a theme home if it means making things the most fun they can possibly be for your guests, especially the little ones? Then we have a feeling this awesome hot air balloon cupcake idea outlined step by step on Tip Junkie! They show you how to attach little paper made harnesses to a DIY bunting of balloons, each with a paper cup at the bottom for your cupcakes to “float” in until snack time.

5. Mickey Mouse balloon door wreath


Are your kids total Disney fanatics who love nothing more than a party full of their favourite characters, but their absolute favourite cartoon of all time has always been Mickey Mouse? Then we have a feeling you might get a pretty big kick out of the way Confessions of A Plate Addict got crafty with their balloons without even blowing them up! Check out how they made this funny door wreath by gathering the balloons in bunches and affixing a cute Mickey toy on one side.

6. Simple balloon yo-yo


Have you actually already had the party and now you’re looking for something to use all those extra balloons for, since they’re packets of colours that you don’t often use so you don’t feel like saving them for later events? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Tinkerlab turned theirs into funny bouncing yo-yos! We actually made these to go along with the party decor and gave each child at the party a homemade yo-yo to match the balloons dotted around the room. Our kids had a blast making them for everyone beforehand!

7. DIY balloon juggling balls


Have you actually found yourself with quite a random collection of of balloon sizes and colours from all the different parties you’ve thrown, so now you’re wondering what to do with balloons of all different kinds? Well, if the yo-yo idea doesn’t quite appeal to you, perhaps you’d prefer to try something like these fantastic weight juggling balls instead! Check out how Tip Junkie filled and weighted theirs and then used other colours of balloons wrapped around in layers to make them stronger and add a polka dotting effect.

8. Water balloon spoon race game


Is your fun party actually outdoors in the summer sunshine? Then your balloons hold an entirely additional layer of possibility than they did when everything was indoors! Now, you can fill them with water and play all kinds of fun, cool-down games, even coordinating them with the balloons you’ve also set up as actual party decor. Our kids love this water balloon spoon race game outlined step by step for you on Two Shades of Pink.

9. Candy pinata balloons


Are you still thinking about the ideas we showed you that involved filling your balloons with different things for an exciting sort of surprise effect, but you just haven’t quite seen the idea that grabbed your attention entirely yet? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Gunny Sack made super fun balloon pinatas by filling theirs with candy! We love the way they outlined their technique of using the top of an emptied pop bottle to stretch the balloon over and slide the candy through inside.

10. Frozen balloon ice marbles


What if the biggest party you’ll be throwing all year is actually in the winter but you’re still determined to use some fun balloons since they’re your favourite decor element? Well, we can’t say we blame you; we adore the way they add a punch of bright colour into just about any scenario too. That’s why we couldn’t get over how neat this ice marble idea featured on Queen Vanna looked! They show you how to make them happen and line them up in a welcome way, all using balloons.

11. Marshmallow and pom pom shooters


Just in case you’re still feeling enamoured by the idea of turning the balloons you didn’t use at your party into party games that the kids can use in the afternoon, here’s another fun idea for your consideration! Our kids loved the way Come Together Kids used knotted balloons with the tops cut off stretched over cut plastic cups to create funny little toy canons that will easily fire very light things like pom poms or mini marshmallows.

12. Balloon message invitation cards


If you love balloons as much as we do, then we have a feeling you’ll be rather intrigued indeed by the idea of involving them in the party process before you’ve even started decorating for the party itself! Cool Creativity guides you step by step through the process of writing the details of your event, like the date and time, on a balloon, deflating it, and attaching it to a party invitation so that the friends you pass them to can get a little interactive by blowing the balloon up to read the message on the front.

13. DIY rainbow confetti balloons


Are you actually still scrolling through our list hoping to find an awesome alternative balloon design that you might be able to use to amp up your easy balloon decor a little bit, but you’ve never tried it before so you’d like to keep it quite simple at the same time? Then we think you might appreciate the way Toby and Roo filled clear balloons with rainbow coloured confetti, letting the simplicity of the project and the colours speak for themselves. We love their added touch of metallic ribbons to keep them all in place!

14. Marbled baby shower balloons


Are plain white balloons the only ones you have left but you’d honestly prefer a look that’s a little more exciting and unique, even though you’d also like to keep things as cheap as possible? Then we have a feeling you’re going to adore this awesome balloon marbling technique outlined step by step on Balloon Time! This is one of those fantastic techniques that is surprisingly simple for how impactful the finished product looks. They’ve stuck to a pink and blue theme because they were decorating for a baby shower, but you could use this same basic crafting strategy to create any colour story you please.

15. DIY floral balloon bouquet


If you’re going to get creative with your balloons, would you actually prefer to make shapes and construct things, rather than just changing the surfaces of each balloon you inflate? In that case, we’re pleased to draw your attention to this tutorial from Martha Stewart that guides you step by step through the process of attaching your balloons in certain ways at their knotted ends in order to create an awesome flower shape that will brighten up any room no matter what colour scheme you’re working with!