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Emoji Takeover: Cheerful DIY Emoji Projects for True Millennials  

Can we still text and message without using emojis? Barely! They have become a huge part of the online culture and continue taking over all of our communication channels! We all have a favorite emoji, don’t we? The one we use the most, the one that captures our personality down to a T and the one we always resort to when we don’t know what to reply! If you want to celebrate the emoji world domination, these DIY emoji projects are the best way to do so!

Emoji Bookmarks


Hello there millennial bookworm! Let’s bookmark your favorite pages with these funky emoji bookmarks we found at Schooling a Monkey! Get creative and make a whole variety of them, so you can specifically mark the happy, sad and romantic chapters!

Emoji Masks


What’s the one emoji that totally personifies you? Maybe it’s the cool one with the sunglasses or the one that’s crying because it’s laughing so hard! Make it into a big mask and host an emoji party! The tutorial is waiting for you at Alice and Lois!

Emoji Purse


Everyone needs a cheeky purse in their accessory collection! The one piece that represents your bubbly personality and showcases that you don’t take fashion all too seriously! It’s all about having fun! This offbeat emoji purse by A Beautiful Mess is a must-have!

Wrapping Paper


Are you tired of store-bought wrapping paper that looks the same every year? Let’s be honest, they all have the same colors, the same patterns, sometimes even the same words. Ditch the boring wrapping paper for the emoji wrapping paper that actually has  unique personality! Find instructions at Notey!

Emoji Balls 


Warm summer days are all about being outside, going to the beach and having some fun under the blue sky and hot sun! A beach ball is definitely a great thing to bring along, as it’s always ready to bounce around and be the center of fun for kids and even adults! Find out how to make an emoji beach ball at And We Play!

Emoji Ornament Wreath 


If you are a true emoji devotee it’s only fair that you make emojis a part of your living space! Let everyone who steps into it know that you are a person with a wide rage of emotions and facial expressions, all represented by the emojis! An emoji ornament wreath is the perfect piece to own and Aww Sam will teach you how to make it!

Emoji Pillows 


If you are a frequent visitor to this website, you know we love a good throw pillow! These emoji pillows are giving us all the feels! If you have ever wanted to snuggle with your favorite emoji (no shame in that!), DIY Crafts Ideas & Gardening is the place you need to be!

Emoji Backpacks 


It’s such an annoying feeling when you settle for a really cool outfit but then worry if your backpack will go along with it. An emoji backpack by Trash to Couture is a charming and versatile accessory that brings an element of playfulness to any outfit you wear it with!

Emoji Balloons 


Everybody loves balloons! They are a fun addition to every party and celebration! If you’ve never taken a chance on making DIY balloons, these emoji balloons are the perfect ones to start with! We can’t wait to see how surprised your guests will be! Check out Studio DIY for the details!

Emoji BFF Necklace 


All the best things are meant to be shared, so share the love of emojis with your best friend and surprise her with an emoji BFF necklace that will represent your eternal friendship and the one emoji that always pops up in your texts! You’ll find the tutorial at Brit + Co!

Emoji Cake Toppers 


Hosting a party sometime soon? First you gotta make sure you have a delicious cake to serve your guests! Then, turn it up with these epic emoji cake toppers that will add a unique decoration that will forever stay in people’s memories! Check out the tutorial at a A Subtle Revelry.

Emoji Jackets 


Here’s another bestie emoji craft that you should totally do together with your ultimate BFF! Matching jackets are totally back in style, so pick out an emoji that best describes your friendship and proudly show it off on your brand new DIY jackets! Charlotte Ruste has the inside scoop!

What is your all-time favorite emoji? Share with us below!