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12 DIY Accessories That Look Like Your Favorite Food

Gather around food lovers, we have brought you a selection of accessories that celebrate your love of food! The number of self-proclaimed foodies has vastly grown in the last few years and if you truly want to show your friends that you are serious about honoring food on every step, make sure your favorite food is represented within your collection of accessories! Check out these 12 DIY food accessories and let us know which one gives you the biggest cravings!

1. Waffle Necklaces 


This necklace celebrates two of our favorite things: friendship and breakfast food! Everybody knows that breakfast food is the best kind of food, so why not turn the best breakfast of all times (waffles!) into a piece of jewelry you and your friends can always wear around your neck? Studio DIY shares the tutorial!

2. Donut Necklace 


Donuts are our weak point. We can hardly control ourselves around them, firmly believe eating only one donut is impossible and forget about our diet plans as soon as we smell them from a mile away. Join us in making this cute donut necklace by eHow!

3. Donut Earrings 


Every person has their own favorite piece of jewelry and if necklaces aren’t your thing but donuts sure are, make donut earrings instead! Idunn Goddess has a tutorial for mini donut earrings that are super cute and almost look like the real thing!

4. Macaron Necklace 


Get a fancy macaron necklace to match your chic daily fashion and showcase your love of the famous French dessert. Maybe you thought that food accessories can’t look very classy, but we can assure you that this necklace by Ice Pandora is no random piece of jewelry!

5. Avocado Friendship Necklace 


This avocado friendship necklace is so incredibly adorable, if you make it for your best friend it’s sure to make them cry! Avocados can be paired with almost any meal, from smoothies to pasta! Their versatility makes them so awesome and we’re glad A Cup of Cake TV turned that awesomeness into a necklace!

6. Cookie Necklaces 


Cookies are one of the first desserts we try as kids and they are usually our first childhood love. Everything starts to revolve around cookies and parents often use them as a bribe, knowing their sweet value! Celebrate cookies with this unique necklace by Decorate You!

7. Ice Cream Earrings


Summer is the time when we all eat an embarrassing number of ice cream cones! If you are really serious about ice cream, make sure it’s a part of your outfit as you set out to buy some more cones! These charming little ice cream earrings can be found at Nerd E Crafter!

8. Pizza Necklace 


When you love your tribe of friends as much as you love pizza you know you’ve found friends who are here to stay. Express your gratitude to them by surprising them with a handmade pizza necklace that symbolizes your love of pizza and each other! You’ll find instructions at Candi Ware!

9. Breakfast Earrings 


Here’s another project that you will not be able to pass up if you love breakfast food as much as Leslie Knope does. Think of the waffles you’d love to eat right now and the toppings you would choose – then visit Cute Sweet Home and turn your vision into earrings!

10. Watermelon Earrings 


Real talk: could we ever survive summer’s hot and humid days if it wasn’t for watermelon’s sweet and watery meat? We don’t think so! Add some watermelon love to your everyday style with these colorful watermelon earrings. Visit DIY Crafts TV to find the tutorial!

11. Cake Earrings 


Would you eat cake every day if you could? No judgement here, we’re right with you friend! Cake is simply irresistible and so are these adorable tiny cake earrings! Put your favorite food on display and maybe somebody feels called to invite you over for a slice of actual cake. You never know! Gentleman Bunny shares the step-by-step!

12. Burger and Fries Necklace


Share this necklace with a friend that is the burger to your fries. Ketchup to your hotdog. Cheese to your pizza. You can easily make just one of these two necklaces, but since things are always best enjoyed when shared, we encourage you to conquer this project in the company of  your dearest friend! A Cup of Cake TV will show you how!