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15 Potpourri Recipes to Keep Your home Fresh

When we think of potpourri, we automatically think of the weird bowls of dried, perfumed leaves that we used to find in our grandma’s bathroom. This particular style of air freshener was very trendy a few years ago, but you might not have seen it around much since. In recent months, however, potpurri has actually started trending again! We’re never upset about another excuse to use our DIY skills, so you can bet that we’re hopping right on the fresh smelling potpourri bandwagon.

Just in case you’d like to come along for the ride, here are 15 of the best DIY potpourri recipes and crafts that we’ve been able to find so far!

1. Holiday mix potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYHoliday mix potpourri

Have you always loved that particular smell that reminds you of Christmas? To us, Christmas smells like cinnamon, pine needles, and cranberries. Now you can make your home smell like Christmas any time you want because those scents are exactly what this potpourri recipe from Delia Creates is made of!

2. Lavender and dried flower potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYLavender and dried flower potpourri

Free People knows that lavender is proven to be a nice, relaxing scent. It puts your mind at ease and calms you down after a busy day at work. That’s why they’ve posted this calming poutpourri recipe! Place it on your bedside table to help you mellow out before you sleep each day.

3. Lemon, cinnamon, and rosemary potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon, cinnamon, and rosemary potpourri

Delia Creates offers you a potpourri scent that’s especially fresh to help you feel a little more invigorated every time you walk by it! Lemon, rosemary, and cinnamon are strong scents that complement each other well without being overpowering.

4. Lemon, rosemary, cinnamon, and vanilla

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon, rosemary, cinnamon, and vanilla

Do you like the combination in the idea above this, but you feel like it’s missing something to make it just a touch sweeter? Try this recipe from Mother Thyme instead! It involves the same ingredients but with the added softness of vanilla lingering throughout.

5. Cinnamon, pine, and peppermint potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon, pine, and peppermint potpourri

Delia Creates has another holiday blend of potopurri for you, but this one has an especially refreshing ingredient added to the mix: peppermint! We love how the mint scent wakes you up while also blending well with the cinnamon and pine.

6. Nuts and berries potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYNuts and berries potpourri

Are you looking for a potpourri recipe that smells woodsy and natural, the way a forest might smell in the morning? Look no further than this nuts and berries blend from Hello Glow. You could even customize this recipe to include another type of berry that you also love the scent of.

7. Orange, ginger, and almond potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYOrange, ginger, and almond potpourri

The Yummy Life is chalk full of different potpourri recipes that might tickle your fancy! Our favourite combination blends orange, ginger, and almond for a healthy, fresh smell that’s pleasant but not overwhelming.

8. Winter spice potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYWinter spice potpourri

Julie Blanner reminds you that, as lovely as the Christmas and holiday blends are, Christmas smells aren’t the only great scents of winter! Instead, try combining apple, orange, cinnamon, and dried star anise to get the smell of a fresh winter’s morning.

9. Pine, bay leaves, and nutmeg potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYPine, bay leaves, and nutmeg potpourri

You might be used to the smell of nutmeg and bay leaves primarily in cooking, but they’re not often ingredients in standard air fresheners. That’s part of the reason we love potpourri so much! This recipe from The Yummy Life will leave a lingering scent that hearkens back to home cooked meals.

10. Flower power sleepy potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYFlower power sleepy potpourri

Did you like the idea of the relaxing lavender potpourri, but you’re not sure the scent of lavender alone is enough to lull you to sleep? That’s where this sleepy time recipe from Mountain Rose Blog comes to the rescue! It blends several types of flowers whose scents are proven to be calming and relaxing.

11. Lavender, nutmeg, clove, cardamom, and cinnamon potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYLavender, nutmeg, clove, cardamom, and cinnamon potpourri

Are you a big fan of scents that have a slightly spicy kick to them? This combination involving cardamom is just that, but with softer scents like lavender included to balance it out! Get the steps for making it from The Ktchn.

12. Recycled bouquet potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYRecycled bouquet potpourri

Were you given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers recently that you positively adored the smell of, but you know they won’t stay fresh forever? Popsugar guides you through the process of preserving that scent combination by making the flowers into potpourri!

13. Cranberry splash potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYCranberry splash potpourri

Do you find the scent of cranberries refreshing and delicious? This recipe uses them as its main ingredient, so we think it might be the one for you! It’s combined with orange citrus for extra freshness. Find out how it’s made from Rachel Schultz.

14. Ginger holiday potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYGinger holiday potpourri

We’ve included a few winter and holiday recipes on this list, but when we saw that this one has an added ginger element that the others didn’t, we just had to put it on too! Scoutie Girl teaches you how to make it in just a few easy steps.

15. Vanilla and anise seed potpourri

VIEW IN GALLERYGinger and anise seed potpourri

This recipe from Free People combines sweet and savory scents in a classic way that reminds us of the potpourri we were used to smelling when we were kids. Bring that vintage vibe back by placing this combination in a cute crystal dish on your mantle!

Have you created another awesome smelling potpourri combination that you love setting out in your house but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how you made it in the comments section!