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DIY Cat Collars That are Insanely Adorable

Whether you want one for Kitty’s identification or just because it’ll look adorable, cat collars are a practical thing for pet owners. They’re especially important if your cat spends time outdoors. Sure, you can buy coloured and bedazzled cat collars at pet stores and department stores, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, you could just make your own!

Check out these awesome DIY cat collar ideas that will make your fluffy feline look even more adorable than usual (and maybe even help you find your runaway).

1. Spare fabric cat collar

VIEW IN GALLERYSpare fabric cat collar

If you’re a sewing enthusiast of any level, you know as well as we do that the spare fabric ends pile up quick! We’re always on the lookout for unique ways to use pieces that are too small for the average project. This DIY cat collar by Night Owl Corner is a great, practical way to use at least a little bit of spare material!

2. Fancy cat collar

VIEW IN GALLERYFancy cat collar

Makeover Meow‘s pattern takes the concept of making a cat collar very literally indeed! Check out the tutorial to learn about making your cat a fancy shirt collar that’s bound to make him look like a dapper little gentleman.

3. Crocheted kitty cat collar with a bell

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet kitty cat collar with a bell

Are you looking for a quick crochet project that you can actually use? This collar pattern involves simple stitches and you’ll have it done and ready for Kitty to wear in no time! Check it out on Carrie Wolf’s Ravelry.

4. Christmas cat collars

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas cat collars

Sometimes it’s fun to make your cat a collar just for a special occasion. Imagine how snazzy he’ll look at Christmas dinner dressed in his best just like the rest of the family! Practically Functional shows you how to to make these super seasonal collars, complete with jingly bells.

5. DIY padded cat collar

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY padded cat collar

One of the most important times that a cat needs a collar is when he’s just had surgery or has an injury that the vet doesn’t want him to irritate. Usually, vets will give you a big plastic cone to stop your kitty from scratching and licking the sore spot. Slide Kitty’s collar through the holes in the cone and voila- your cat looks likes a TV satellite. The Zen of Making, however, figured out a much nicer way to stop your cat from hurting himself. Check out this pattern for a padded collar that Kitty might even use as a pillow!

6. Cat collar revamp

VIEW IN GALLERYCat collar revamp

Maybe your cat already has a collar and you’re just bored with the pattern or material it’s made from? Instead of starting from scratch, try revamping the one you already have, just like Polly Danger did! It might save you a little bit of time.

7. Lope knot collar

VIEW IN GALLERYLope knot collar

If you’ve ever knotted friendship bracelets or learned any nautical skills, then you’ll probably be very into this idea! My Cat Goma teaches you how to knot a simple rope collar for your cat, with easy hooks to fasten and unfasten it. The funniest part? The tutorial also shows you how to make yourself a bracelet the same way so that you and your cat can match.

8. “Kitty cature” ruff collar


Are you the kind of devoted pet owner who gets portraits taken of your cats? Keep them looking their best for the camera with a fancy collar! This ruff design by Blow Up looks formal but still fun.

9. Button collar

VIEW IN GALLERYButton collar

Sometimes a simple alteration on a pre-made collar is the easiest and also the cutest solution! Freckled nest shows you how to create this buttoned design. Not only will your cat look flashy, but you’ll also be able to use the spare buttons you’ve collected in your sewing kit over the years.

10. Pretty kitty chokers

VIEW IN GALLERYPretty kitty chokers

Yumi King shows you how to make collars that are less like practical pet collars and more like kitty cat jewelry! Gab some ribbon and a bell and get to making your kitty picture-purrfect.

11. DIY leather cat collar

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY leather cat collar

If you’re up for a little more of a challenge, why not try creating your own classy cat collar out of leather? Guests in your home won’t believe that you made it yourself rather than buying it from a nice pet store! Check out the tutorial on Confetti Workshop.

12. Cat bow tie collar

VIEW IN GALLERYCat bow tie collar

Okay, so this idea is less of a collar and more of a fashion accessory, but it’s still adorable! Her Style Review shows you how to make a very simple kitty cat bow tie that will immediately make your feline friend look ready for a night out.

13. Bedazzled collar

VIEW IN GALLERYBedazzled collar

This post on She Knows is technically a tutorial for making a dog collar, but who says you can’t apply the same skills to a collar that’s just a little smaller to fit a kitty? Adding some bling will definitely keep your cat visible!

14. Belt cat collar

VIEW IN GALLERYBelt cat collar

This video tutorial by 87Bearama shows you how to reuse your old belts by upcycling them into snazzy car collars! Add a jewel or two and you’ll really make Kitty a statement piece.

15. Kitty cat necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Kitty cat necklace

There are lots of great ways to put broken necklaces to use, but Oggy’s World has a great idea for ways to upcycle the charms! Pair them with a nice, stretchy strip of sock fabric to create a decorative cat “necklace” just like this one.

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