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Delicious Delicacies: 15 Mouthwatering Chicken Marinades

When we’re thinking about what to make for dinner and we want something delicious but not high maintenance, chicken is almost always the answer. Besides the fact that our families love it, chicken is nearly always a health choice as well. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t put a fun flavour twist on your dinner every once in a while, just to keep things interesting so you don’t grow tired of your best dinner staple!

Check out these 15 absolutely scrumptious chicken marinade recipes that will save your dinner from being “just another chicken dinner” and take it to the next level instead.

1. Orange honey chicken


Are your favourite entrée options always the ones that have a little bit of kick to their flavour but, at the same time, leave you bit of a sweet after taste as well? Then you’ve probably already tried orange chicken and honey chicken, but have you ever tried combining the two together? Well, just in case you haven’t, here’s a mouth watering recipe from Amazing Sauces.

2. Sweet and spicy lime chicken


Perhaps you liked the sweet lingering flavour idea that we talked about above but you’re rather something with a more intense contrasting kick than what orange and other citrus tastes have to offer? Then we have a feeling you might prefer this sweet and spicy lime taste from Pass the Challah instead! It’ll give you a well rounded dinner experience with a bit of a kick.

3. Jalapeno lemon grilled chicken


Are you in love with the idea of having your chicken be a little bit spicy but you’d also like a bit of a contrasting flavour just to keep things interesting? Then we definitely recommend this jalapeno lemon chicken recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Café! The two flavours play off each other perfectly for great taste balance.

4. Spicy chipotle chicken


Okay, we know we’ve talked a lot about spicy recipes already and spice isn’t always everyone‘s favourite thing, but we think you’ll know why we couldn’t resist including this one anyways! After all, what’s a good chicken list without chipotle flavours? See how Grain Changer made this delicious spicy chipotle chicken in just a few simple steps.

5. Easy 3-ingredient chicken marinade


Are you intent on learning to make completely delicious chicken but you’re not entirely confident in your kicking skills just yet? Then you might prefer something with few ingredient and instructions but a whole lot of flavour value. That’s why we love (and actually regularly make) this simple but scrumptious recipe from Lauren Greutman.

6. Pineapple soy chicken


Are you still enamoured with the idea of fruit flavours coming through in your dinner but you’d like another flavour to keep things tasting balanced? Then soy might be the answer for you! The Spruce guides you through the process of using that and pineapple to create something absolutely delicious.

7. Moroccan chicken marinade


Have you been scrolling through this list and others trying to collect all of the different curried chicken recipes you can possibly get your hands on because that’s your favourite spice and flavour in just about anything you cook. Then we have a feeling you’re going to adore this Moroccan marinade from Follow Pics!

8. Ranch yogurt grilled chicken


When you think of the perfect chicken recipe, do you lean towards flavours that are creamy and rich rather than spices or citrus flavours? Then Greek yogurt might be your best friend for dinners from now on! We love the way Joy Filled Eats amped up the creaminess of their yogurt recipe by adding ranch for extra flavour!

9. Lemon garlic marinade


When you started searching for recipes, were you hoping to find the most delicious version of a classic flavour you possibly could, rather than something with lots of tastes that are a little more experimental in your eyes? Then Plain Chicken‘s lemon garlic marinade might be the answer to your prayers! It’s almost as if the site’s name was a clue that we might find the simple classic we needed.

10. Molasses chicken marinade


We’ve talked a little bit about sweet marinades, but so far we haven’t let sweet flavours take the stage on their own yet without combining them with another flavour as a contrast. We think it’s time we do! One of our very favourite sweet chicken marinades is this molasses recipe from Blackbird Ideas.

11. Apple mustard chicken marinade


Citrus fruits like oranges and pineapples aren’t the only fruits you can use to make chicken delicious when it comes to marinades! Apples are a wonderful way to add flavour as well, but we find that sometimes they need help really blossoming into a full flavour over the taste of the chicken itself. That’s why Lady Behind the Curtain combined them with mustard!

12. Bourbon chicken marinade


We all know that when you cook with alcohol, the actual alcohol content rises in the heat of the stove or oven and leaves the food, but that doesn’t mean it won’t leave an awesome taste behind on your entrée! This mouth watering bourbon chicken recipe from The Lean Green Bean is the perfect flavourful example!

13. Greek chicken marinade


When we said “Greek yogurt” above, did you get momentarily excited because you though we were going to talk about actual Greek chicken? Well, now is your time! This recipe from Budget Bytes is actually one of our favourite Greek chicken marinades in real life and we’d recommend it to anyone.

14. Cilantro honey lime chicken


Do you find yourself making chicken so often that you’re really just looking for a recipe that will give you the absolute maximum in flavour without being spicy? Then this cilantro, lime, and honey recipe might be exactly what you need! We love the way Recipe Critic combined them, using the honey to keep the other flavours grounded.

15. Coconut lime chicken


If there’s any single flavour that we love more than just about anything and incorporate to any meal we possibly can, it’s coconut. We like coconut even more when we get to combine it with other bold flavours that draw it out, like limes! That’s why we love this awesome recipe from Holistically Engineered so much.

Time for a sumptuous treat!