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DIY Plate Rack: The Best Way to Stack Your Plates

Once you become a homeowner you quickly realize how many things inside the home need their own designated space. Finding the proper place to neatly store all the things can be a challenge, especially in the kitchen. Do you just stack all the plates on top of each other or is there a better way to approach this? Take a look at these DIY plate racks and judge for yourself!

1. Budget Friendly Plate Rack 


Building a plate rack may seem like a super pricey project, but we promise you that’s not the case. You can build an elegant and super functional plate rack with some creative thinking, smart shopping and the detailed instructions from Eleven Magnolia Lane!

2. Inside Cabinet Plate Rack 


The space inside the kitchen cabinet where you would normally stack the plates on top of each other can easily be turned into a plate rack. This is a much better storage option and it keeps your plates safer! Find out all about it at Remodelando la Casa!

3. Shutter Plate Rack 


When you look at an old window shutter you don’t normally think about your dinner plates, but Laurie Anna is totally going to push you out of your comfort zone with this DIY shutter plate rack! It’s a wonderful way to repurpose an old shutter and give your home a little vintage charm!

4. Bird Feeder Plate Rack 


Plate racks that are sold in stores can be very pricey, but you know what’s super affordable? A bird feeder! Nope, we didn’t make a typo here and we didn’t lose our marbles either! Check out how A Spotted Pony turned a rustic bird feeder into a unique plate rack!

5. Mini Plate Rack 


A plate rack doesn’t only have to be a storage solution, it can also double as wall decor. If you’re willing to spice up your interior, build a mini vertical plate rack that can only display three plates and use it to fill the empty wall in your kitchen! You can find the instructions at Shanty 2 Chic.

6. Industrial Pipe Plate Rack 


What we love most about Shanty 2 Chic is that they always have something for every taste. If a mini plate rack just doesn’t cut it for you, this big industrial plate rack should do the trick! The combination of dark wood and industrial pipes makes it a truly fascinating element!

7. Simplistic Vertical Plate Rack 


We’re always emphasizing the importance of vertical space in the home and a plate rack is really one of those elements that can bring out the best of your vertical space. Instead of staring into an empty wall, you can rest your eyes on the beautiful selection of your plates! See the building plans at Hymns & Verses.

8. Built-In Plate Rack 


You’re looking around your kitchen with concern because there is no way you could possibly add another element to it. It’s already too crowded with cabinets and shelves! Thankfully, Oliver and Rust shares a space-saving idea for a built-in plate rack that is a genius solution for an overcrowded kitchen!

9. Recipe Wall Plate Rack 


Even though a plate rack’s most important job is to keep your plates stored safely, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some creative fun with it! Your kitchen deserves to have some personality, so we encourage you to make this special recipe wall plate rack by Thistlewood Farms!

10. Over the Sink Plate Rack 


If you’ve quickly scrolled over all the other ideas right to the bottom of this roundup it’s probably because you can’t be bothered with the fancy plate racks that look more like plate displays – you need your plates to always be at hand, quickly accessible but safety stored! Remodelaholic‘s plate rack built over the sink will totally suit your needs!