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Quick & Cute: Lion King Crafts for Adventurous Kids  

It’s the circle of life; no matter how much time passes, Lion King will always be a favorite among the kids. We loved it when we first saw it and now our children get to enjoy the same magic! Anyone who has toddlers running around the house knows that they tend to take a Disney movie obsession to another level! They like to pretend they are their favorite character and play out the famous scenes over and over again! Here are some incredibly cute and unbelievably easy Lion King crafts for your adventurous kids!

Simba Felt Ears 


In the first Lion King movie we have a chance to see Simba as a brave lion cub who doesn’t shy away from getting into trouble and knows how to have fun on the way!  If you have a little mischievous human in the house, these Simba felt ears by Disney Family will likely inspire them to be brave, bold and just a little devilish!

Simba Party Platter 


While you’re already visiting Disney Family and gushing over Simba, don’t miss out on this incredibly creative Simba party platter! This is a really smart way to get your kids interested in the party food on any celebratory occasion and become #momgoals on Instagram!

Lion Megaphone 


A lion’s roar shows off his pride, courage and strength! It’s no wonder children try to imitate it! Do your little ones crawl around the house trying to roar like a lion? Make this task a little easier for them and surprise them with a lion themed megaphone by Buggy and Buddy! Side effects may include them abusing the megaphone to get your attention.

Lion Mane  


Another thing a lion can’t go without? A mane, of course! Fantastic Fun and Learning will show you how you make an adorable lion mane out of a paper plate and some paper stripes! Get ready to take a thousand pictures of your sweet kiddo with a mane!

Lion King Stencil 


This Lion King apparel is suitable for kids who love the movie and their parents who likely love it even more! It’s always a cute situation when you and your little mini-me have matching outfits, so these stenciled T-Shirts will definitely be a hit! Check out Disney Style for instructions!

Lion King Upholstered Stool 


Lion cubs are an incredibly cute motive to include into your home. Whether it’s for a kids room or a nostalgic living room piece, this Lion King upholstered stool is an absolute must-have! Get your daily dose of cuteness at As The Bunny Hops!

Cupcake Liner Lion 


Alright, it’s time for your kid to roll up their sleeves and help you with the making of this one! I Heart Crafty Things has a very kid friendly craft – it’s a lion made out of cupcake liners! Making it will encourage your children to be creative and they’ll get a beautiful piece to hang on their bedroom wall as a reward!

Foam Cup Lion 


Got a simple foam cup at hand? So did I Heart Crafty Things – and look what a stunning thing they turned it into! This little lion has a bright orange mane and kind eyes, two features that your child will totally adore! Let this lion teach them they can be outstanding, brave and kind all at the same time!

Lion King Graduation Caps


Maybe your kid isn’t a toddler anymore – Lion King came out about 23 years ago, so the first generation of kids who fell in love with the epic story aren’t kids anymore! Check out this incredible Hakuna Matata graduation cap by Disney Style and make it for your awesome graduate!

Scar Makeup 


Each year, Halloween gives us and our kids the opportunity to transform into anyone we want – villains included! Scar is the ultimate villain and he’s definitely super scary! Tiani will show you how to transform into a real-life Scar with an awesome makeup tutorial!

Tiny Crochet Lion 


From villains back to cute things! Maybe your child isn’t a mischievous toddler or a graduate yet. Maybe they are just a baby who has yet to watch Lion King but knowing already how much they’ll love it once the time comes, you can make them a tiny warm lion blanket by The Little Pomegranate!

We say Hakuna, you say Matata!