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15 Best Christmas Cookies Recipes that Taste Delicious

In our house, cookies are one of the very best parts of Christmas. You’ll definitely find us making Christmas cookies before the big day but, because we love them so much, you’ll actually probably find us making even more Christmas cookies in the days right after! Because we’re usually off work between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, that’s prime baking time for us and we’re very festive, so we’ll take any excuse to prolong the holidays a little further by continuing to make holiday treats. Because we make so many Christmas cookies some years, though, that sometimes we feel like we could use new ideas for kinds and flavours. That’s why we took to the Internet to find some new flavours!

Just in case you could use some new Christmas cookie recipes to try out in the next few days too, here are 15 of the best kinds we’ve come across so far!

1. Candy cane Christmas cookies


Have you always loved the idea of making teat recipes that remind you of or taste like other sweet things you really enjoy as well, just for maximum taste? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll be a big fan of these candy cane cookies from My Ideas Bedroom. Besides being delicious cookies and giving you awesome minty candy cane flavour, they also let you enjoy some flavorful Hershey kisses too!

2. Fun iced sugar cookies


In your family, is half the fun of making cookies always in decorating them with your kids? Then it’s probably just a simple cookie recipe you’re using or looking for but maybe you could use some inspiration when it comes to shapes and designs! We love this suggestion from Dishmaps for making different classic Christmas shapes and characters and icing them in fun holiday colours to give them features and fun patterns.

3. Chocolate mint cookie cups


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about cookie recipes that involve Hershey kisses but there are so many good flavours out there that you think it’s a shame to settle for just candy cane? Well, who ever said you can’t make other kinds of mouth watering chocolate cookies too? We love the way Creations By Kara made simple chocolate thumbprint cookies but filled each spot in the middle with a different kind of chocolate kiss!

4. Cream cheese pinwheels


Maybe you’re very into the idea of making cookies with flavoured centres but you’ve been eating a lot of Christmas chocolate lately so you’d rather make a baked sweet that tastes like something else? Then we’d definitely suggest giving these cream cheese pinwheels from Backsplash a try! We love the way they filled the centre prints in their cookies with different types of delicious fruit jam. You could use whatever kind you like best!

5. Christmas swirl sugar cookies


Is your taste in cookies actually a little simpler and you’re not sure you’ll have time to get very fancy with the decorating so you’re looking for something simple that’s still delicious and somehow festive? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love these multi-coloured Christmas swirl cookies from Sarah’s Sweet Treats! Besides adding the colour, the fun in these ones is making the swirling shape before you bake them.

6. Peanut butter pretzel reindeer cookies


Have you always loved the flavours of sweet chocolate and salty snacks in one place but you don’t often find cookie recipes with that particular flavour combination involved? In that case, we just  know you’re going to absolutely love these reindeer cookies from Budding Baketress! They show you how to make peanut butter cookie dough and decorate the cookies to have features and antlers using M&Ms and chocolate covered salted pretzels. They’ve got a satisfying crunch with every bite!

7. Chocolate snowfall cookies


Are you okay with making a cookie recipe that doesn’t really look too overly Christmas-y as long as they taste completely delicious? Well, if you’re also a chocolate lover, then you’re going to completely adore these “snowfall” style cookies from Aaron’s Sweet Spot! Besides showing you how to make a delicious cookie batter, they also show you a great technique for rolling and sprinkling them with sweet powdered icing sugar so that they both taste and look wonderful.

8. Vegan Christmas cookies


Perhaps one of the guests you have staying with you over the Christmas holidays these year has some dietary restrictions when it comes to eating animal products because they’re vegan and you’ve been looking for ways to make them feel included when it comes to your cookie making? In that case, these delicious sugared chocolate chunk cookies from Big City Vegan are here to save your day!

9. Christmas mint chocolate chip cookies


Were you pretty intrigued by the idea of making minty tasting candy cane Christmas cookies but you’ve actually always been a little more partial to chocolate cookie batters than you have been to other kinds? Well, we certainly can’t say we blame you! Luckily for all of us, Bradley Kitchen has an awesome chocolate alternative to the recipe we showed you earlier on our list. The crushed candy cane chunks give each cookie a satisfying crunch with every bite.

10. Coconut snowball cookies


Perhaps you’re not too picky about the way your cookies taste as long as they’re sweet and delicious because your real priority is making them look like cute holiday cookies made of snow? Then we can’t wait to show you how adorably seasonal shredded coconut cookies like these ones from Sugar Loco look! They made theirs round to look like snowballs but they added extra favour by putting differently flavoured jam thumbprints in the centre of theirs.

11. Christmas ball powdered sugar cookies


Have you been thinking about the chocolate snowfall cookies since we showed you the recipe earlier on our list but you’re worried that the combination of chocolate batter and powdered sugar might actually be a little too much sweetness for you? In that case, here’s a slightly less rich (but still deliciously sweet) alternative idea from Cooking With Sugar! Add as much or as little “snow” as you want.

12. Italian Christmas cookie


Do you feel like you’ve tried just about every Christmas cookie recipe out there so now you’re wondering whether you might start looking at Christmas classics from around the world instead? Well, anyone with Italian family members will tell you that this delicious recipe from Taste of Home is a great alternative to your regular family recipe if you’ve already made those once or twice this year! We love the lightly sweet glaze drizzled on top.

13. Santa Claus Nutter Butter cookies


Perhaps you’re really looking for a cookie idea that your kids can decorate with their cousins to keep them busy on a chilly winter afternoon but you’re not sure you’ll really have time in the next couple days to make homemade cookie batter for them to get creative on? Then check out how The Simple Parent helped their kids using icing, sprinkles, and M&Ms to make some Nutter Butter cookies look like miniature Santas!

14. Sugared almond cookies


Perhaps your taste in cookies is a little less rich and decadent and a little more uniquely flavoured, so you’re still scrolling hoping for something a little less chocolatey …but still covered in sugar? Then we have a feeling these sugar dusted almond cookies with perfectly roasted coffee beans nestled right into the middle of each cookie might be a lot more up your alley. Find out how they’re made on Design Your Lifestyle!

15. White chocolate cherry cookies


For us, the flavour of the cookie is the real priority, so we’re totally fine with the only “holiday” association being the colour of the cookie! That’s why these white chocolate cherry cookies featured on Creations by Kara caught our eye. This is also a great recipe for people who love the sweetness of chocolate but find milk and dark chocolate too rich. White chocolate is delicious too!

Do you have another favourite kind of Christmas cookie that you love making for your family every year but you don’t see a similar recipe on our list? Tell us all about how they’re made in the comments section or link us to recipes and pictures of your finished cookies!