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How to Make a Gorgeous Coiled Rope Basket at Home

You must have come across lovely rope baskets before and wished you could get a similar one for your entry, laundry room or even in that lovely corner in the living room. Often coiled rope baskets can be expensive and since the custom, handmade ones really pull pretty hard on your purse strings. But with the awesome DIY we have today, you can make all the rope baskets that you need and in sizes and colors of your choice!

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The DIY coiled rope basket is all about spending some time n your sewing machine and getting those zigzag stitches just right as you coil the clothesline.

Materials You Need:

  • One spool of cotton clothesline
  • One large spool of cotton thread
  • Size 90/14 Universal needles
  • All-purpose foot with marked center

We discovered this awesome DIY on We All Sew and it contains complete instructions along with a series of images that will guide you through the entire project. While it might seem a touch difficult to get the stitches right at the start, ease into it slowly and do not give up after just a coil or two. Remember that as the rope basket takes shape, the task actually gets easier!


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For those who either are not too keen on sewing or might not have a cool machine to get the stitching done, here is another way of crafting the coiled rope basket by simply using some glue to hold it all together. You can obviously dip the basket in a bucket of dye of give it a cool color that you love and even go for the hip ombre look, by adding water slowly to dilute the dye gradually.

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We like the unassuming, natural look, but feel free to improvise and share the coiled rope basket you crafted with us.