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15 Delicious Quinoa Recipes You Won’t Be Able to Resist!

Particularly for people trying to eat gluten free, quinoa is a delicious, unique, and totally nutritious ingredient. In fact, quinoa is so versatile that you can make it more than just an ingredient… it’s good enough to be the whole meal!

Check out these awesome quinoa recipes that will have to racing to the kitchen to get started.

1. Quinoa breakfast bowl

VIEW IN GALLERYQuinoa breakfast bowl

(Source: Bonafood)

Quinoa in a flavourful breakfast bowl like this one makes sure you’re all filled up and ready for your day!

2. Sweet potato and quinoa salad with soft boiled eggs

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet potatoe and quina salad with soft boiled eggs

(Source: Naturally Ella)

This salad is filled with nutrition, but adding sweet potato chunks and eggs to the quinoa base also makes it 100% yummy.

3. Sweet potato, Craisin, and pecan quinoa salad

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet potato, craisin, and pecan quinoa salad

(Source: Chantelle Grady)

This combination of foods is totally packed with flavour! Adding quinoa makes it satisfying and gives it some great texture.

4. Garlic and thyme quinoa patties

VIEW IN GALLERYGarlic and thyme quinoa patties

(Source: Cook Republic)

Are you trying to eat vegetarian or vegan? These quinoa patties are a flavourful alternative to regular beef patties at barbecues.

5. Buffalo chicken quinoa bites

VIEW IN GALLERYBuffalo chicken quinoa bites

(Source: Nature Box)

Just because you’re eating something a little healthier doesn’t mean it can’t be fried and delicious!

6. Crispy Quinoa sliders

VIEW IN GALLERYCrispy Quinoa sliders

(Source: How Sweet It Is)

Sliders are the perfect meal because you can have a lot or you can have a little! Keep them healthy and diet-friendly with this crispy quinoa recipe.

7. Taterless tots

VIEW IN GALLERYTaterless tots

(Source: The Smart Cookie)

Some people prefer to avoid heavy good like potatoes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy classic comfort snacks! These quinoa tots are just as delicious as the ones made with ‘taters.

8. Broccoli, cheddar, and jalapeno quinoa fritters

VIEW IN GALLERYBroccoli, cheddar, and jalapeno quinoa fritters

(Source: Jilly Inspired)

These might not be your favourite classic potato fritter recipe, but we promised the delicious combination of cheese, quinoa, broccoli, and jalapeno will make you forget that they’re anything but great!

9. Quinoa crusted chicken with peanut sauce

VIEW IN GALLERYQuinoa crusted chicken with peanut sauce

(Source: Labat 56)

Do you love battered or breaded recipes but find that the gluten content makes you feel sick? Batter them with quinoa instead!

10. Quinoa chili


(Source: Teach. Eat. Love)

Replacing ground beef or pork with quinoa lets you enjoy that same flavourful chili taste without the meat.

11. Turkey quinoa meatloaf

VIEW IN GALLERYTurkey quinoa meatloaf

(Source: Bon Appetit)

Quinoa doesn’t always have to be a replacement for meat! Sometimes the two taste great together. Using quinoa in meatloaf gives you great texture and great taste.

12. Quinoa sushi rolls

VIEW IN GALLERYQuinoa sushi rolls

(Source: Wholesome Cook)

Do you love sushi but wish there was less rice and carb content? Replace it with quinoa instead!

13. Chicken stew with butternut squash and quinoa

VIEW IN GALLERYChicken stew with butternut sqaush and quinoa

(Source: Fearless Homemaker)

Sometimes the best stew is a thick stew with lots of ingredients to munch on. The quinoa in this recipe gives you just that without taking away from the flavourful of the other ingredients.

14. Quinoa pudding

VIEW IN GALLERYQuinoa pudding

(Source: Honest Fare)

Have you tried tapioca pudding and chia seed pudding but decided you don’t like the texture? Quinoa pudding might be a little more up your alley!

15. Coconut, almond, and quinoa breakfast cakes

VIEW IN GALLERYCoconut, almond, and quinoa breakfast cakes(Source: The First Mess)

What’s better than a breakfast that’s nutritious and delicious? We can’t think of a single thing.