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DIY Pinwheels You Can Make Together With Your Kids

Pinwheels are one of those things that always bring out the child in you. Most of us probably have a pinwheel related childhood memory – whether it’s how we used to make them in kindergarten or how we kept blowing into them to make them spin. Recreate these memories together with your kids by making pinwheels together!

Here are some fantastic DIY pinwheel ideas that will spin your mind!

Giant Flower Pinwheel

VIEW IN GALLERYgiant flower

Kids love giant things, as it usually makes them feel like they’re living in an actual fairy-tale where dimensions are all mixed up. These giant flower pinwheels won’t just make your kids feel special – they will also be loads of fun to make! Visit The House That Lars Built for the step-by-step instructions!

Unicolor Pinwheels


Stock up on some colored paper, read the tutorial on Instructables and start crafting! Now you can have a pinwheel of your favorite color, perhaps even more of them! This idea also makes for a wonderful gift, so if your little human is invited to a friend’s birthday party, now’s the time to teach them about the beauty of DIY presents!

Outdoor Pinwheels


You can make these out of simple vinyl place mats and then keep them outside in your back yard and watch them spin all day long! They will make you love the windy days, trust us! See how Nellie Bellie made them happen!

Floral Pinwheels


These look so incredibly lovely and chic it’s almost unbelievable how simple they are to make! Andrea’s Notebook shares with you a free template; then all you have to do is cut it out and assemble it together! If we may borrow the CoverGirl slogan, it really is easy, breezy, beautiful!

Dotted Pinwheel


This one contains all colors of spring – from blue skies and yellow sun, to green trees and brown soil. It looks warm and welcoming, but it’s the little dots that make it perfect! Go to Style Me Pretty to see the tutorial!

Leaf Pinwheels

VIEW IN GALLERYLeaf pinwheel

In this day and age it’s important for kids to still have a contact with nature, so this project is a perfect way to ensure they don’t grow up into people who’re too afraid to get their hands dirty! Go out on a walk together, gather some big leaves and you already have the first item on the list! See the rest at Mother Natured.

Fourth Of July Pinwheel

VIEW IN GALLERY4th of july

If you celebrate the 4th of July, these pinwheels will make an excellent decoration for the festivities; and if you don’t – make them anyway! They’re bright, fun and will occupy the kids! Modern Mami will tell you how to make them!

Watercolor Pinwheel


Experiment with watercolors to make yourself a unique, one of a kind pinwheel! This is also a wonderful project for your kids to freely express their creativity; no rules, no boundaries. Whatever they come up with – make it in a pinwheel and watch the colors blend while it spins in the wind! Find the details at Childhood 101.

Brass Pinwheels


If you’re interested in stepping up your pinwheel game, leave the paper behind and jump onto the brass bandwagon! Julep made these stunning and elegant brass pinwheels, then used them for cake decoration! Major points for thinking outside of the box!

Mini Pinwheel Bouquet


Last but not least, if you absolutely cannot get enough of pinwheels, make yourself a whole bouquet of them! I Try DIY did it and it’s safe to say that this bouquet is as unique as they come! Tip: if you have a pair of tiny hands to help you make this, the whole process will be much quicker and more fun!