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Wonderful DIY Slipper Boots From Sweater

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How to turn an old sweater into a pair of cute slipper boots? I have many old sweaters, I will be busy this summer. 🙂  Following the directions below.

You will need:
– old sweater;
– scissors;
– needle;
– yarn;
– pins;
– cardboard;
– pencil.

1. Draw the shape of your foots on the carboard, then cut the pieces out.
2. Place them on the body-area of the sweater and cut out the pieces fore soles.
3. Stick your foot into the sweater’s sleeve through the opening at the wrist and check out the boot length. Snip around your foot. Take soles and connect them to the leg pieces using pins.
4. Start sewing from the top (where the toes will be). Apply your own technique of sewing or the one presented in the images: firstly, pass your needle through both layers of fabric, then pull the yarn through until only a small loop remains; after that, bring your needle back down through the loop and pull the yarn tight.

You can decorate it with fabric flower or others , Enjoy your slippers!VIEW IN GALLERYSweater Slipper Boots F