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15 Awesome DIY Kids’ Goodie Bags

Throwing a kids’ party is a lot of fun in itself. Whether it’s a birthday party or any another type of celebration, kids’ parties are always full of games, toys, great snacks, and lots of laughter. There are, however, a few ways to really make your child’s party stand out from the crowd. One of our favourite details is the idea of giving each child a goodie bag before they go home!

Goodie bags can contain just about anything, from yummy snacks to cute little trinkets, toys, or games. Check out these 15 goodie bag filler ideas that are easy to make yourself and will keep your little guests excited even when the party’s over!

1. Rice Krispy treat dipping pops

VIEW IN GALLERYRice Krispy treat dipping pops

These little Rice Krispy balls are easy to put in goodie bags because their simple shape and small size makes them easy to throw into little decorative baggies by the handful and seal up! Rice Krispy treats are also usually rather allergy friendly. If none of the guests have allergies, try dipping the Krispy balls in chocolate and sprinkles to make them even more delicious! Celebrations at Home shows you how to make them.

2. Pipe cleaner bubbles

VIEW IN GALLERYPipe cleaner bubbles

Bubbles are an awesome goodie bag gift! They’re fun and, in the right environment or with kids the right age, not too messy. You can find little bottles of bubble solution at your local toy, dollar, or crafting store, but bulk bags don’t always come with good wants that kids won’t lose inside the bottle. Make them a cuter wand shaped like a heart or a star by bending pipe cleaners into fun shapes,then pop the set into their goodie bags, just like Ewe Hooo did!

3. Homemade Play Dough

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade Play Dough

Everyone knows how much kids like play dough! Parents probably also know, however, that it can be expensive to buy brand name Play Dough in bulk for the purposes of giving it away. Instead, save a bit of money but give kids a dun goodie bag treat by making homemade play dough! Minie Co has a great recipe and a cute shaping idea for you! This recipe is also natural, just in case very small children get their hands on it and think it’s a snack.

4. Push pop and candy airplanes

VIEW IN GALLERYPush pop and candy airplanes

Do you want to give each kid a few candy treats, but you’d like to get a little more creative than just throwing some candies in a bag? Try making little airplane toys instead! Armelle made these ones from sticks of gum, Lifesavers, Push Pops, and elastics. Kids can play with their planes before they eat them!

5. Homemade finger paints

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade finger paints

Easie Peasie guides you through the process of making tiny jars of cute, kid-friendly homemade finger paints! Putting a jar in each kid’s bag shares the love of DIY with them. Just make sure each jar you put in is sealed very tightly to avoid spills until their parents can help them with it when they get home!

6. Chocolate mustache pops

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Chocolate mustache pops

Chocolate is always a great treat, but we think it’s even better when it’s a cute shape! Amy is The Party shows you how to make these hilarious little chocolate mustaches on sticks. Can’t you just picture kids holding them up in front of their lips and pretending to waggle their “mustaches” before they take a bit bite?

7. Funny character glasses

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful Funny character glasses

BKids suggests making some of your goodie bag treats part of the party itself by incorporating some crafts! These awesome little glasses sets and funny character faces are something kids can make together at the party, wear for some silly pictures, and then pop into their goodie bag to take home with them to play with again later.

8. Goodie goodie gumdrops

VIEW IN GALLERYGoodie goodie gumdrops

You might have heard of gumdrops in silly kids’ songs before, but have you ever actually tried them? We can assure you that these ones from Bakerella are actually delicious. They’re also completely adorable and fun to eat, all colourful and covered in sugar! Make each kid a little bag of gum drops for their goodie bags.

9. DIY alphabet crayons


Drawing and colouring are also a great time for learning, but they’re also really fun to do! Combine all of those concepts by making each child a bag of letter shaped crayons for their goodie bag. Life in Grace shows you how they’re made!

10. Named birthday crowns

VIEW IN GALLERYNamed birthday crowns

I Make Stuff suggests helping each kid make a crown with their own name on it. If they’re very small, make the crowns for them beforehand. As they come through the door, crown them like a prince or princess! Kids and adults alike will love them because they’ll be able to learn each other’s names, adults will know each child’s name, and they’ll also have a crown to take home with their other goodie bag treats at the end of the day!

11. DIY cherry Kool Aid lip gloss

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY cherry Kool Aid lip gloss

Are the kids you’re hosting a little bit older and starting to get into things like makeup, nails, and hair? Give them something that makes them feel very grown up and pretty! These DIY lip glosses are allergy friendly, kid friendly, and actually delicious if you lick them up off your lips, so they’re kind of like giving each kid a treat too. Meet the Dubiens shows you how to make them.

12. Glow in the dark slime

VIEW IN GALLERYGlow in the dark slime

Perhaps the kids at your child’s birthday are very hands on and like to get a little messy? Give them something they’ll love squishing around but that doesn’t actually make a huge mess for you to clean up! This glow in the dark “slime” is the perfect goodie bag treat. Find out how to make it on Domestic Charm.

13. Mini jello aquarium

VIEW IN GALLERYMini jello aquarium

If we’re being honest, we all know that the thing kids want most when they get a goodie bag is candy. That’s why we’re in love with this little candy aquarium in a jar idea from Confessions of a Cook Book Queen! Rather than just giving them a handful of packaged candies, create a fun little under-the-sea scene that looks awesome and combines a bunch of different treats in a delicious way.

14. Personal pinatas

VIEW IN GALLERYPersonal pinatas

Does the idea of giving everyone a goodie bag appeal to you, but you’d rather do something a little more interesting than a “bag”? Try One Charming Party‘s extra creative idea instead! They walk you through the process of making “personal pinatas” so that each kid can not only enjoy their own treats, but have the fun of breaking a little pinata as well!

15. “I Spy” in a jar


Besides candy, the best part of getting a goodie bag for kids is getting random little games and toys that they probably wouldn’t get anywhere else. Get really creative with that idea by making them a little I Spy game in a jar! Objects like beads in different colours and shapes make great things to “spy”, while food colouring dyed dry rice makes cheerful filler for those things to hide in. Kids can give their jar a shake and play with their friends! See how to make them on Counting Coconuts!