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Getting Ready for Chill: Easy Ways to Keep Warm and Healthy During Winter

Every year, we find ourselves getting colder and catching more germs than we ever think we will at the beginning of the season. Of course, we’re always doing out best to take good care of ourselves and our health, but something about winter just required that little extra effort to stay healthy, energized, and toasty when snow comes and the temperate drops! That’s why we’ve been on the lookout for helpful tips and tricks lately to do an even better job of all that this year.

Just in case you could use some advice on staying warm and healthy this winter too, here are 15 effective ways to be extra mindful of your body and mood this winter.

1. Stay active to avoid sore joints in temperature changes


This might sound a little backwards, but making sure you stay moving can actually help prevent aching joints! When the temperature rises and drops and changes drastically day to day, there’s a higher chance that old injuries might get a little sore. Pain Hospital tells you why that is and how staying active despite the cold weather can help make it less intense.

2. Cook and eat delicious soups


Here’s a tip that’s a little more common sense based, but that also has a lot of science and fact to it! It makes complete sense that making yourself deliciously warm soups will help keep you warm, but Home Jobs by Mom explains how they also help keep you healthy if you make the right kind, since soup can be packed full of extra nutrients that fight off the other kind of winter cold; the one made of germs!

3. Keep your plants warm too


Believe it or not, humans and animals aren’t the only things that get really cold in the winter! Plants actually feel the cold too and, if you have ones that can theoretically survive the winter, they’ll need a bit of extra care to make sure they actually do. Check out how MI Gardener kept their plants warm by turning ziplock bags into little individual greenhouses.

4. Go winter hiking, but dress right


One of the very best things to do in order to stay active in the winter like we walked about, if you ask us, is to go hiking! Winter hiking brings a new appreciation for the beauty of the season, letting you enjoy it rather than just dreading it or thinking negatively about the snow. Just make sure you dress right so you stay warm! Hiking for Her teaches you how to layer properly.

5. Make sure you get enough sun


Whether you do this while you’re hiking or rather you’re just taking a walk around the block, getting enough sun is actually very important to both your mental and physical health in the winter. Sunlight is one of the main sources of vitamin D for humans and, as Fitness Cosmo explains, becoming vitamin D deficient can affect your mood in the winter in a big way. We know how tempting it is to stay in side all the time when it’s cold, but try to get out in the fresh air and sunlight sometimes!

6. Dress baby right for winter carseat travel


This information from The Carseat Lady is actually some of the most important winter info we’ve come across but we’re always surprised how many people don’t know about it. In order to make your baby’s carseat fit as safely as possible, it’s actually important to dress them in warm, effective layers rather than just putting them in a thick coat. The extra inches provided on a coat might be detrimental in the event of an accident, so check out this resource to learn about better options that will be safe but still keep them very warm.

7. Keep your dog warm and active too


Just like you and the plants in your home, your pets will get cold in the winter too! Doggie sweaters might sound like a novelty thing that people just put on their small pooches for fun, but some dogs actually do have trouble staying warm on winter walks. Putting an extra layer on your furry friend could keep them healthier. Fetch Pet Care has more info for you.

8. Help keep neighbourhood cats warm


Speaking of animals staying warm in the winter, have you seen some neighbourhood cats around this fall that you’re feeling concerned for now that the snow is here because you don’t know if they have a safe place to go back to when they’re not in your yard? Then making a warm, safe cat hut from a plastic tub and lid or an old cooler is definitely a good idea. Check out how Madly Odd filled theirs with useful things that might save an outdoor kitty’s life on a particularly cold night.

9. Treat yourself to a bubble bath


Here’s another option that seems like common sense but that’s so tempting we just couldn’t pass up the chance to include it! Particularly if you’re experience those joint aches and pains that we were talking about before, taking the time out of your day to enjoy a nice warm bath can really boost your mood and make you feel warmed through, just like Business Services Week says here.

10. Help others with snow removal


In city’s that get a lot of snow, keeping the roads and sidewalks safe can be a community effort. If you’re able, helping neighbours remove snow from their walkways can help keep everyone safe. Celebrate Every Day With Me reminds us that excess snow can melt, freeze, and turn to ice, putting everyone at risk. Help people out and they’ll help you back!

11. Get the right vitamins and supplements


In the event that you do feel like you’re not getting enough sunlight, you can stop that from taking quite such a drastic toll on your body and mind by taking the right combination of vitamins and supplements in the winter. Cold weather and long nights might feel less difficult to deal with if you make sure you’re getting enough Omega 3, probiotics, and vitamins C+D, according to Orgali.

12. Garlic to boost immune systems


In addition to getting the right supplements and vitamins, there’s another way to boost your overall health: by eating foods that naturally help boost your immune system! Optimistic Mommy is here to walk you through all the beneficial, immune system-related health reasons to eat more garlic in the winter (besides the fact that garlic is delicious).

13. Take care of your skin to avoid dryness


We’ve already talked about avoiding dryness in the air by getting an air humidifier, but what if that’s not enough? The Mom of The year suggests also making sure to take care of your skin (and the rest of your body) by staying hydrated and drinking enough water, using body lotion regularly, and applying lip balm throughout the day to stop your lips from getting chapped and cracking.

14. Be kind of yourself during the winter blues


We’re actually really big fans of winter, but there are still dark, cold days where we find ourselves feeling some winter blues. That’s normal, but it’s important to keep track of how often those days happen and take extra good care of yourself when they do! Inhabitat suggests a few ways to practice kind self care during the winter in order to boost your mood. One of our favourite options is putting a few cheerful looking green plants in your living space!

15. Stay hydrated (especially the kids)


We kind of mentioned this tip above rather briefly but it’s an extremely important one, so we’re here to tell you again: make sure you stay hydrated in the winter! Drinking a healthy amount of water each day counteracts dryness, helps flush germs from your body, and boosts both your mood and your immune system. Find more information on Continental Hospitals.