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10 DIY Phone Holders for Creative Users

Nowadays, smartphones are practically essential to the basic things most people do in a modern day. If they’re not essential, they’re at least extremely helpful in making things a whole lot easier! That partially explains why they cost so much, which absolutely explains our preoccupation with keeping ours as safe and undamaged as possible.

Sure, you can buy cases and screen protectors, but we still feel most comfortable keeping ours in a holder of some kind that covers even these things. We could buy that too, but we’d rather make it ourselves for the satisfaction!

Do you feel just as intrigued as we do by the idea of making your very own DIY phone holder, if not more? Check out the top 10 fantastic ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Cell phone and essentials carrier


If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make a case for your cellphone, would you actually really like to make a little pouch that’s smaller than your purse but still holds your essentials? In that case, we think you might really appreciate the way Make Something Mondays shows you how to sew this very simple pocket that’s useful for when you only need a few things and not your whole day bag.

2. Homemade stroller phone carrier


Do you find that you’re always either forgetting which pocket or part of the diaper bag you put your phone in when you push your kids around in the stroller during the day, or risking putting it down somewhere because you need your hands? Then we think you’ll find this next idea from Made to Be a Momma quite helpful indeed! They show you how to use a metal curtain ring and some fabric in order to make yourself a hanging stroller phone pocket that loops onto the stroller handle and gives you a perfectly sized and safe place to put your phone each and every time.

3. Padded phone pouch with wrist strap


Are you really into this whole hands-free but still close by concept that we just talked about but you’d like to have that all the time and not just when you’re pushing a stroller? Then we have a strong feeling you might get more use out of something like this DIY phone wristlet outlined in awesome detail on Pattern Pile! This design is even lightly padded for a little extra protection.

4. DIY cell phone pocket for leggings


Do you actually find that the number one time you wish you had a way to keep your phone on you without having to hold it is during your morning run, but none of your favourite workout gear has pockets? Well, if you’re not afraid of the idea of doing some clothing alterations then we’re pretty sure you’ll have success with this tutorial from The Petite Sewist that shows you how to sew a nice, secure spandex phone pocket into the thigh of your leggings, where it won’t bother you and won’t let your phone fall out!

5. Armband phone carrier made from a sock


Are you very interested indeed in phone holder solutions for your morning run but you’re a little to intimidated by the sewing skills it takes to make the leggings pocket idea we talked about earlier? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ll have better luck with something like this DIY phone armband instead! Take a better look at the tutorial on Hot Glue and Sparkle to see how they made this easy one from an old sock, nice and simple.

6. Two-colour running belt with a phone zipper


Are you quite intrigued by the simplicity and usefulness of some kind of phone band but you’re also not sure you’d like the feeling of having such a thing around your arm while you’re running? Then maybe you’d get along a little better with this more ergonomic and comfortable version of a fanny pack that’s designed specifically to carry a smartphone nice and flat. Brit + Co. shows yo how it’s done step by step!

7. Single colour running belt with a phone zipper


Did you really love the idea of making some kind of running belt but you also can’t help wondering whether there isn’t a sligtly more simplified version out there, since you’re still a beginner when it comes to using a sewing machine? In that case, we’d suggest looking at this alternative DIY tutorial from Me Sew Crazy that’s all one piece but still has a zipper to keep your phone in place in the belt.

8. Cool studded phone purse


Did you really enjoy the idea of making yourself a little essentials purse for days where you only need a few things, but you’re having trouble finding a design that’s both well sized for your phone and has edgy style like yours? Then maybe you’d prefer to try something like this studded phone carrier with a body strap featured in awesome detail thanks to Home Garden and Fashion!

9. Crochet cell phone case with a pocket


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make your very own phone case, would you rather put your best yarn skills to good use, and you’ve always been skilled with a crochet hook? Then we’re pretty sure Yarnutopia has the perfect pattern for you! Check out their tutorial a little better so see how this buttoning phone pouch complete with a little pocket for a few extra things like your bank cards was made.

10. Patterned zipping phone pouch


Have you actually rather enjoyed quite a number of the designs you’ve seen so far on our list but there are several features from each that you wish you could combine into one idea to get what you’re really picturing? Then here’s one more useful alternative for you before we go! Check out Sew Can She to see how they made these little pouches with top flaps, secure zippers, useful straps, and a bit of extra padding, just to be sure.

Have you made another kind of awesome phone case that will give you a good place to carry it and stop you from dropping it while you’re busy, but you don’t see anything quite similar to what you made here? Tell us all about it and how you made it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!