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15 Awesome DIY Comic Book Themed Projects

Are you an avid comic book lover who just can’t get enough of your favourite super heroes? Do you and your friends debate which alternate universe has the best characters and stories on a regular basis? Do you dress as your favourite villain every Halloween? Well, the number of comic book themed DIY projects you can make yourself to incorporate your obsession into your every day life is about to blow your mind.

Check out these 15 comic themed crafts that are almost as amazing as the super powers you wish you had!

1. Decoupaged comic book pumps

VIEW IN GALLERYDecopuaged comic book pumps

Iron Spy shows you how to keep a playful element of geekiness even when it’s time to class things up a little! These decoupaged pumps are an awesome statement piece that will pop against your more formal outfit.

2. Decoupaged comic book flats

VIEW IN GALLERYDecoupaged comic book flats

Do you love the idea of mosaic-style comic book shoes but you’re not so sure you’ll survive the whole night in those pumps? Check out these adorable decoupaged comic book page flats by Cut Out and Keep!

3. Sparkled decoupaged comic book bangle

VIEW IN GALLERYSparkled decoupaged comic book bangle

Don’t Eat the Paste guides you through the process of creating a graphic bangle by repurposing an old piece of jewelry and putting your Mod Podge skills to good use. We love the idea of picking a specific image to feature on the surface of the bangle, though a collage aesthetic would look very neat as well!

4. Comic book paper beads on a bangle

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book paper beads on a bangle

Do you remember making colourful rolled paper beads for costume jewelry as a kid? Well, you can do the same thing with strips of colourful comic book paper! Tanith shows you how to use those fun new beads to make a graphic bangle.

5. Comic book page origami hair flower

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book page origami hair flower

Are you looking for something a little bit pretty and feminine but still true to your comic book roots? Try following this tutorial on Craftster to create adorable folded hair flowers attached to simple bobby pins!

6. Comic book page origami wallet

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book page origami wallet

Did you have so much fun making the origami comic book flowers that you’d love more paper folding projects? We love this simple paper wallet made from the pages of your favourite comic book! Get the full folding instructions on Instructables.

7. Comic book page clutch purse

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book page clutch purse

Do you like the idea of a comic book wallet but you also need something to carry that wallet, along with your cell phone and keys? Comic book DIY can still be your answer! We love this little envelope clutch made, of course, out of illustrated comic book pages. Get the tutorial from Offbeat Bride!

8. Comic book page covered light switch plates

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book page covered light switch plates

Craftster reminds you once again how wonderful your decoupage skills are when it comes to customizing your decor to the things you love! Cut pictures of your favourite super heroes from old comic books and paste them on the covers of your light switches for a fun but subtle touch.

9. Wooden comic book covered letters

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden comic book covered letters

Do you love customizing things with your or your child’s name? Wooden letters from your local craft or dollar store are a great way to add a personal touch to the room, but they need a bit of sprucing up. Follow in the footsteps of Cherished and Bliss and cover the letters in your favourite scenes from your favourite comic books.

10. Decoupaged comic book page tabletop

VIEW IN GALLERYDecoupaged comic book page tabletop

Are you so dedicated to your love of comic books that you’re ready to make them a primary part of your home decor? This completely comic book themed table top is probably our favourite project on this whole list and it’ll certainly be a conversation starter when you host dinners! Check out how it’s done on Instructables.

11. Comic book paper origami flower bouquet

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book paper origami flower bouquet

Did you like how the comic book origami hair flowers looked but you’d rather make a version that can be used as home decor rather than part of your personal style? Wild for Wednesdays shows you how to make a whole bouquet from comic pages. They make a great centre piece!

12. Decoupaged comic book page drink coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYDecoupaged comic book page drink coasters


Mod Podge Rocks suggests choosing scenes or pictures that you like the most from some old comic books and making them into drinking coasters! Sealing the paper with mod podge will stop the condensation on your glass from ruining the image.

13. Comic book page dress

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book page dress

Are you feeling very crafty and extra dedicated? Then BellsTheByrdie has a fun challenge for you! This entire dress is made of comic book pages and we’re absolutely in love with it, even if it’s not the easiest option.

14. Decoupaged comic book cell phone case

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Decoupaged comic book cell phone case

Do you want people to be able to tell that you’re a huge comic book lover at all times? Tip them off by decorating your phone case with clippings from comic books, collage style, just like MMGN did! People will notice and appreciate it whenever you check a text.

15. Comic book page sneakers

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book page sneakers

Are you still not over the idea of custom comic book themed shoes, but neither pumps nor flats are the style for you? Don’t worry! Jonathan Fong Style has you covered with this tutorial.