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Bright and Bold: DIY Projects for Neon Maniacs

Bright colours are always fun but neon shades give everything an extra kick of cheerfulness. Neons are also totally easy to incorporate into your personal style and home decor when you’re a DIY lover!

Check out these neon DIY projects that will brighten up your whole day!

1. Clay neon ring

VIEW IN GALLERYClay neon ring

(Source: Hello Glow)

Crafting clay is easy to work with and you’ll be able to make all kinds of statement pieces out of these bright neon colours!

2. Neon shoe embroidery

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon shoe embroidery

(Source: Paper & Stitch)

Trabsform a smart, sensible pair of shoes into a pair that’s still work appropriate but with a little bit of stylish flair.

3. Neon striped shirt

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon striped shirt

(Source: Hello Glow)

Everyone needs a plain white shirt or two for matching outfits, but if you have too many then make better use of with some fabric paint and tape to make straight neon lines!

4. Neon stud clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon stud clutch

(Source: Miss Kris)

A bright neon clutch is the perfect way to give an otherwise monotone outfit a pop of colour. Making it yourself lets you choose whatever neon shade you like best!

5. Neon triangle jewelry

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon triangle jewelry

(Source: Creme de la Craft)

You might never guess just by looking at it, but his chunky neon jewelry is made using drinking straws!

6. Neon glitter clock

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon glitter clock

(Source: Sister’s Suitcase)

Neon glitter paper is a great way to turn a boring old clock into a much more fun decor piece.

7. Neon pottery


(Source: Shop Sweet Things)

Rather than painting your entire teapot, paint just the lid or the handle. The effect is a sort of minimalist pop of colour that looks totally vintage chic.

8. Neon dip dye furniture

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon dip dye furniture

(Source: For The Love Of)

White furniture is nice and sleek looking, but it’s also a great blank canvas for a little bit of subtle neon decor! Dip dye the feet of your white chair or table and let the colour brighten the room.

9. Neon wrap bangle

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon bangle bracelet

(Source: Saved By Love Creations)

All you need to make this neon accessory is a dollar store bracelet and some brightly coloured embroidery floss or string!

10. Neon toe pumps

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon toe pumps

(Source: Remarkably Domestic)

Instead of getting rid of your old neutral heels because the toes are scuffed, give them a neon makeover to make them good as new!

11. Neon tape purse

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon tape purses

(Source: All Things Thrifty)

Using an old purse as a template make it very easy to create a neon striped bag out of brightly coloured and patterned duct tape.

12. Neon stripe tank top

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon stripe tank top

(source: Shrimp Salad Circus)

Do you have an old black shirt that you like the style of but that you think could use a little bit of updating? Choose a few neon colours and paint stripes that fade up from the bottom for some subtle flair.

13. Wood and neon necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYWood and neon necklaces

(Source: Martha Stewart)

The contrast between the clean, smooth wood and the bright neon colours creates a look that can be worn casually or classes up with a more formal outfit.

14. Neon rhinestone belt

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon rhinestone belt

(Source: Trinkets in Bloom)

Neon strings braided together make the perfect base for upcycling an old rhinestone brooch into a stylish new belt.

15. Neon striped table

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon stripe table

(Source: Hey Wanderer)

If dip dying the legs of your plain furniture wasn’t quite enough of a statement piece for your room, try using neon paint to create geometric patterns across flat surfaces. Talk about brightening up the space!

Do you know someone who just adores neon?