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15 Fantastic DIY Headboard Projects

Headboards certainly give a special element to your bedroom and the bed itself – it gives them a general energy; rustic, modern, free spirit, royal, minimalist etc. They set the tone for the entire room and the ideas are endless.

We put together our favorite 15 DIY headboard projects for every type of bedroom and every taste or style!

1. Tufted Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY tufted headboard

A very classic and elegant look. It does require some work, but all good things do! It’s almost unbelievable that you can achieve such elegance from a DIY project! But Sarah M. Dorsey Designs knows all the secrets to making this headboard and she happily shares them with you!

2. Frame Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYFrame headboard

Amazing idea by The DIY Club! The headboard makes the room look especially beautiful if its colors match the colors of the bed and bedding. The whole thing looks like it was completely meant to be! Sweet dreams guaranteed!

3. Pallet Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY pallet headboard

Pallets are a very useful thing, they always come in handy. And now you can even bring them to the bedroom! Who knew?! Well, Rice Designs sure did.

4. Repurposed Door Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYRepurposed Door Headboard

Maybe you’ve been renovating and have an old door at hand that you were going to throw out, or you’re always eyeing old, rusty doors at the flea market. Either way, we have a great idea for you, found at Country Living! Turn the old door into a brand new headboard! Nobody will ever be able to tell!

5. Barn Door Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYBarn Door Headboard

Speaking of doors, we cannot pass this idea! If you’ve always dreamed about having a barn of your own, start with the bedroom! Go country-style and follow the instructions at Shanty 2 Chic!

6. Upholstered Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYUpholstered Headboard

This idea is so simple the hardest part about it is probably deciding on a fabric! Head over to Lou Lou Girls and see how you can make this beauty of a headboard all by yourself!

7. Shutter Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYShutter headboard

Clean up some vintage shutters, paint them to your favorite color and there’s your headboard! Yes, it’s that easy! Want more details? See how Samantha Elizabeth made it happen!

8. Antique Window Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYAntique window headboard

Unique ideas always leave us in awe! Leave your house guests in awe, too, by trying out this innovative headboard idea; find all the instructions at Liz Marie Blog.

9. Distressed Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYDistressed headboard for the shabby chic bedroom

This dynamic and distressed look is absolutely gorgeous! But don’t take our word for it, Live Simply can probably convince you herself!

10. Chalkboard Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYUltra-cute chalkboard headboard DIY

Kids will adore this idea, but if you’re an adult chalk-lover, go for it! This way, you can start your every day with a witty or inspiring message you write for yourself the previous evening! (Or use it as a to-do list, whichever is more efficient). Go to Sparkle Power to see the instructions!

11. Mantle Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYMantle headboard

You know that feeling when you’re admiring a gorgeous mantle? Why not bring that feeling into your bedroom and have it every time you look at your bed?! Mandi from Vintage Revivals turned an old mantle into a fabulous headboard – visit her blog to see the tutorial!

12. Shelf Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYShelf for the headboard wall

If you love simplicity and minimalism, this is for you! The idea comes from Happy at Home, but none of us are responsible if you put something on the shelf that ends up falling on your head!

13. Book Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYCustom headboard crafted from books

Book lovers, you’re welcome! Honor old books by making a headboard out of them! Design Every Day shares the instructions!

14. Aluminum Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYIngenious homemade aluminum headboard

This one is for all the daring souls that don’t fit into any other category! Renew Redo tells you how to make this fantastic headboard that will definitely bring a whole new element to the room!

15. Woven Headboard

VIEW IN GALLERYWoven headboard

Such a fun and simple project that looks like a proper headboard! Do you already have a special color in mind? Or maybe more colors? Whatever you decide on, Little Bit Funky guides you through the process.

Not only will your chosen DIY project provide you with a dashing headboard, but it will also offer an excuse to spend more time in your bed, guilt free. And we all need a bit of that!