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9 Amazing Ways to Use Your Sharpie Markers

Sharpie markers are an office supply staple, but they’re good for so much more than labeling file folders and color coding your calendar. This roundup of clever Sharpie craft projects showcases just a small sampling of the many different ways these markers can be used.

1. Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirt

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The traditional method of making a tie dye t-shirt is time consuming, messy, and not very precise. However, Sharpies can be used to create a similar effect with much less effort. If desired, you can even make shirts with floral tie dye patterns. Alisa Burke shows you how in her detailed blog tutorial.

2. Galaxy Print Sharpie Sneakers

VIEW IN GALLERYGalaxy Print Sharpie Sneakers

Turn inexpensive plain white canvas sneakers into a stylish fashion statement by decorating them with a galaxy inspired print. Visit Time for Tea to learn how to complete this fun project, which would be fabulous as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special.

3. Sharpie Nails

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Finish off your Sharpie-inspired t-shirt and sneakers outfit with nail art created using Sharpie markers. Head over to Seize the Nail to learn more.

4. Sharpie Phone Case

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A designer phone case can be expensive, but a simple plain white case can be customized anyway you wish using your favorite colors of Sharpie markers. This fun Aztec print is a bit time consuming, but the results are striking. Denise Heredia has the details on her blog.

5. Stained Glass with Sharpies

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This project is easy enough for a child to complete, but the results can be quite sophisticated when done by an adult. You can use empty glass jars from your pantry or purchase new containers specifically for the project, depending upon your needs. Happy Holigans has the complete instructions.

6. Dots & Doodles Sharpie Storage

VIEW IN GALLERYdots and doodles jar

If the stained glass look isn’t your thing, you can try a doodled pattern on empty jars to make pretty storage containers that are absolutely free. They can be used to organize craft supplies, cotton balls, paper clips, wrapped candies, or whatever else your heart desires. Visit Moms and Crafters to learn more.

7. Sharpie Coasters

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Ceramic tile coasters decorated with Sharpie markers make a stylish accent piece for your home. Rubbing alcohol is used to give your doodled designs a soft watercolor effect. Head over to The Kraft Shack to learn how to complete this project.

8. Sharpie Light Bulbs

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Doodle a design on a plain white light bulb, then add it to your favorite lamp for an expected decorative touch. If desired, you could even decorate burnt out light bulbs and display them in a bowl as a pretty table centerpiece. Learn more at Eclectically Vintage.

9. Sharpie Bookmarks

VIEW IN GALLERYSharpie Bookmarks

Bookmarks decorated with colorful Sharpie patterns are a wonderful kid-friendly project that can be used as a gift for avid readers of all ages.  Happy Hooligans has the complete instructions.