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11 Nifty DIY Ways To Organize Your Jewelry

Aren’t you tired of tangled necklaces? Lost bracelets? Earrings without a pair? Funny how we only notice those things when we’re getting ready to go out, are in a rush and then need solid 15 minutes to get our jewelry situation under control. Enough is enough! Commit to organizing your jewelry section once and for all – here are 11 DIY ways to organize your jewelry!

1. Jewelry Blocks


With these simple jewelry blocks you’ll always have your jewelry on display! It’s a good idea to make more of them, then have one for rings, one for bracelets and one for necklaces – just like Emily Henderson did!

2. Wall Display

VIEW IN GALLERYwall display

Yep, it’s that simple – just put all of your jewelry up on the wall, so you can quickly decide what you’re going to wear by simply glancing at all of your pieces! See how Sugar Bee Crafts made it happen!

3. Terra Cotta Stand

VIEW IN GALLERYTerra Cotta Stand

Believe it or not, this jewelry organizer is made out of stacked (and turned upside-down) terra cotta pots! It’s a brilliant idea if you’re looking for something simple, cheap and effective! Artsy Fartsy Mama has the tutorial!

4. Repurposed Frame


If you have an old frame lying around making clutter, this is the perfect project to repurpose it into something bright, beautiful and useful! Visit Monaluna and find out how you can make it into a chic jewelry organizer!

5. Jewelry Cabinet


Do you have so much jewelry you think you’d need a whole cabinet to properly store it? Now you can have it! Shanty2Chic spills the secrets on how to make a proper jewelry cabinet that will serve anyone with a big jewelry collection!

6. Peg Board


This peg board jewelry organizer has will make sure none of your accessories ever go missing again! Keep them all on display and move them around at will; thanks to The 36th Avenue, organizing has never been simpler!

7. Driftwood Necklace Holder


For a more natural and rustic vibe, go with this necklace holder! The combination of driftwood with the vintage knobs really gives it a unique look, so if you want something extra special, head over to Visibly Moved and read the instructions!

8. Window Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYwindow frame

When you find an old window frame at the flea market you might not immediately picture it as a jewelry organizer, but once you see this project by The Borrowed Abode, you will totally see it! It’s wide and spacious, so your favorite pieces won’t have to be crammed on top of each other ever again!

9. Antique Set Tray

VIEW IN GALLERYantique tray

Some things are meant to be – like this antique set tray was always meant to be a jewelry organizer! Of course, it needed some upgrading at first, but lucky for you, Tonya Staab documented the entire thing!

10. Arrow Jewelry Holder


Follow the step-by-step at Lemonade Makin’ Mama and you’ll be richer for this this adorable arrow jewelry holder! Arrows have really gained in popularity – perhaps it’s about time we all jump on the bandwagon as well!

11. Repurposed Jenga Set


Maybe regular, straight jewelry holders bore you – if so, this one is here to make you happy! Repurpose an old Jenga set and turn it into a colorful, dynamic rack that will keep all of your accessories at bay! Find out how at Brit+Co!