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Industrial Shelves and Racks to Make for Your Home

Industrial style for the home decorating is currently a popular choice among homeowners. And contrary to popular perception industrial style is not just limited to masculine spaces, but can also look good in a modern, rustic or chic homes as well. Instead of buying expensive industrial style shelving, though, you can simply make your own depending on what you need and the look you’re after. So, if you have some free time this weekend why not dedicate it to creating industrial shelving that will instantly transform your home.

1. Rolling Industrial Shelving

VIEW IN GALLERYRolling Industrial Shelving

If you are limited on space and don’t like the idea of fixing shelving to a wall, you can opt for rolling shelves that are cool and functional. This creation from Blue Roof Cabin offers exactly that designing the perfect solution that can easily be moved around depending on where you need it.

2. Industrial Pipe Shelving

VIEW IN GALLERYIndustrial Pipe Shelving

This easy-to-make industrial pipe shelving from Hello Lidy creates a lovely shabby-chic feel in any interior it adorns. This shelving solution would look great in a bathroom where space is a factor, as it delivers enough space to keep all your essentials in one place.

3. Industrial Book Shelving

VIEW IN GALLERYIndustrial Book Shelving

If you want to combine an industrial look with a modern feel, then this lovely industrial style book shelf from The Style Eater provides the ideal solution. Even though it might look tricky to assemble this design is pretty easy to replicate.

4. Easy Industrial Shelving

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy Industrial Shelving

Nowadays, it’s open shelving look in kitchens is a trendy choice that is aesthetically great even while giving you instant access to your various herbs and spices. This easy industrial shelving from Tatertots and Jello replicates a $1,500 shelving unit at a fraction of the cost; creating a superb design that will make an instant impression in your kitchen.

5. Large Industrial Wall Unit

VIEW IN GALLERYLarge Industrial Wall Unit

If space isn’t an option or you have a large, blank wall that you want to utilize, this creation from The Brick House offers a practical and striking solution. The finished design will be something that you can be proud of.

6. Industrial Floating Shelves

VIEW IN GALLERYIndustrial Floating Shelves

These floating shelves give the impression that nothing is supporting them while appearing robust and sturdy at the same time. To make your own floating shelves, check out Vintage Revivals and get started right away.

7. Industrial Office Shelves

VIEW IN GALLERYIndustrial Office Shelves

Create the ideal office space with these fantastic industrial shelves from Sylvie Liv. There’s nothing more rustic and industrial than shelves that use wood and piping, giving you the perfect set of shelves to use in your home office.

8. Entertainment Shelving

VIEW IN GALLERYEntertainment Shelving

What better way to produce an effective entertainment system than with your very own industrial shelving at the heart of it all! These impressive shelves from Simplified Building will make a striking impact in your living space, serving all your entertainment needs with absolute ease.

9. Industrial Shelving with Plumber Pipes

VIEW IN GALLERYIndustrial Shelving with Plumper Pipes

Anythingology have created these industrial shelving units with the help of wooden planks and pipes and this does look like a smart way to fully utilize that long hallway. One can also display their favorite items and collections with this shelving, to create the perfect gallery-styled focal point that wows everyone.