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15 Delicious Recipes for Grape Jelly Enthusiasts

When it comes to classic foods that basically everyone has tried, peanut butter and jam sandwiches are pretty much a worldwide classic. If you ask us, however, the old classic is even better if you make it with sweet grape jelly instead of jam. Did you know, though, that a peanut butter sandwich isn’t the only absolutely delicious thing you can enjoy grape jelly on? In fact, there are almost innumerable creative ways that you can include grape jelly in dishes of all kinds and lately we’ve been obsessed with trying as many of them as we can!

Just in case you love grape jelly as much as we do, here’s a list of 15 awesome recipes that incorporate the delicious sticky sweetness of grape jelly in some way.

1. Southern grape jelly meatballs


If you’ve ever had meatballs, then you already know how delicious they are whether you enjoy them plain or with sauce. We find, however, that even though we usually like our meat best in savoury dishes, meatballs are an exception and we quite enjoy them in sweet dressings as well. Of course, if you’re going to make something sweet and you’re a grape jelly lover, you might as well use grape jelly to do it! These meatballs marinaded and served in grape jelly sauce from The Spruce are the perfect example of what we mean.

2. Jelly doughnut cupcakes


Perhaps your favourite way to enjoy grape jelly is in a sweet bake good, just in case the jelly itself wasn’t sweet enough? Besides grape jelly, our latest baking obsession has been combination recipes, like cronuts or cinnamon rolls that taste like cupcakes. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we found this recipe from Cole Jasmine that combines our two obsessions perfectly! They show you how to make cupcakes that taste just like jelly donuts and, as if that’s not enough, the jelly they filled these cupcakes with is, of course, grape jelly!

3. Mini smoked sausages in grape jelly and chili sauce


Did you really like the idea of savoury meat marinaded in sweet grape jelly sauce, but you’d like something with a little more of a kick than the meatball recipe we showed you before? Then perhaps you’d prefer these grape jelly and chili sausages from A Year of Slow Cooking! You’ll get that sweet grape taste you love but with an edgy after taste that really amps things up.

4. Chopped pecan and grape jelly toast


Is your honest to goodness favourite way to enjoy grape jelly mostly just on a simple piece of toasted bread? Well, just because you like things the classic way doesn’t mean you can’t at least try putting a yummy spin on things! Why not add just one ingredient to try something new? We love the way Food Network sprinkled chopped pecans on top of a piece of toast so that they nestle perfectly in the jelly for a bit of crunch.

5. Homemade jelly doughnuts


We’ve already told you about cupcakes that taste like jelly donuts, but what if simplicity is more your style? If you’re craving a jelly donut, why not just make yourself a homemade jelly donut? Food Network guides you through the process of not just making your own deliciously sweet donuts by hand, but also filling them with grape jelly for maximum flavour.

6. Grape jelly chicken


We’ve talked about all kinds of other meats flavoured with delicious grape jelly based sauces, so it only makes sense that we’d get to a chicken version of that wonderful concept eventually! Frugal Family Times guides you through the process of making a grape jelly sauce from scratch that has lots of flavour but isn’t too sweet, making it just right for a well cooked chicken breast with a veggie side.

7. Peanut butter and jelly cinnamon rolls


Remember earlier when we were talking about how much we love things that taste just like other yummy treats? It’ll come as no surprise, then, that we’ve managed to find another recipe that manages to incorporate both that and grape jelly! Leelalicious teaches you how to make perfectly gooey cinnamon buns that have all of the regular goodness of a cinnamon bun, but with extra peanut butter and grape jelly on top to really give you a whole flavour experience!

8. Grape jelly and prosciutto bruschetta


As you’re scrolling through our list, are you finding yourself the most interested in recipes that combine sweet and salty flavours in one place? Well, we love those flavours too, but you can probably guess that we love them the most when the sweet factor is grape jelly based! That’s why we were so excited to find these awesome grape jelly and prosciutto bruschetta featured on Modern Honey! They give you an awesome combination of flavour and texture with every bite.

9. Grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches


Has this entire post really just made you start craving a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich but you’re still kind of intent on finding a recipe that gives you a new twist on things? Well, perhaps you’d be really into Twingle Mommy super simple variation instead! They’ve grilled their peanut butter and jelly sandwich just like you would a grilled cheese.

10. PBJ pancakes


Pancakes are basically a heaven food because they’re great with almost any topping. You can eat them sweet or savoury. You can enjoy them dry or with syrups and sauces of all kinds. You can make them plain or with treats stirred right into the batter before you put them in the pan. It’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we’ve found a delicious pancake recipe that’s made with- you guessed it- grape jelly syrup! Check the whole idea out in more detail on Saucy Girl’s Kitchen.

11. Peanut butter and jelly fudge


If you’ve ever had peanut butter fudge, you already know that it’s basically the best thing that ever existed. It’s sweet but not too sweet and it’s also full of flavour that tastes like more than just sugar (not that we ever have a problem with things that taste like sugar). On top of that, Martha Stewart shows you how to put a dollop or grape jelly in the centre for even more flavour than all of the glory we’ve already listed!

12. Crockpot grape chili chicken


Did you really love the idea of making grape jelly chicken but, similarly to the sausage recipe we shared with you, you’d prefer it to have a little bit more of a kick? Then check out this recipe that combines a few ideas you’ve already seen in once place on top of some delicious, easily made crock pot chicken! Crystal and Comp lays all the steps out for you.

13. 5 minute peanut butter and jelly oatmeal


Do you love grape jelly toast, but you’re the kind of person that needs a big, satisfying breakfast every morning or you’ll be hungry again in no time and have trouble getting your day started? Then try incorporating that jelly flavour love so much into something that’ll last a little longer in your belly than a couple pieces of bread! We absolutely adore this peanut butter and grape jelly oatmeal from A Pretty Life in The Suburbs and we make it for our kids at breakfast time probably about once a week!

14. Crackers topped with grape jelly and cream cheese


Have you been scrolling through this list admiring all of the mouth watering recipes you’ve seen here but knowing that you’re not a big cook, so you’ve been hoping to come across something easier to put together that you can enjoy as a simple snack? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this simple cream cheese and grape jelly crackers from Making Time for Mommy! They’re the perfect after school snack because they’re just a little bit sweet but they won’t spoil dinner.

15. Peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwiches


Have you been holding out throughout this entire post looking for the perfectly decadent recipe that’s a combination of things you love and so sweet that it’ll really be like making yourself a special treat? In that case, the wait is over. These peanut butter jelly ice cream sandwiches from Perpetually Hungry are an awesome summer treat with a familiar taste that would make anyone happy.