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15 Delicious Fall Pie Recipes

We’re always sad to see summer go, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love autumn too! Fall is a time for the kinds of delicious, warm treats that summer evenings are sometimes just too hot for. It’s also a time for spicier flavours and savoury-sweet mixtures in the place of the sweet, sugary things you’ve been enjoying all summer. Okay, we’ll get straight to the point: we’re excited for fall because we really like pie.

Check out these 15 mouthwatering pie flavours that are perfect for easing your taste buds into fall!

1. Banana tart tatin

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade banana tart tatin

Banana might sound like a summery flavour but fruits are  good for fall pies too! This particular recipe gives you a warmer, autumn spin on the classic flavour by including vanilla beans. Check it out on Country Living.

2. Classic pecan pie

VIEW IN GALLERYClassic pecan pie

Talk of the House shows you how to make a delicious pie that’s perfect for nut lovers. Its deep, rich flavour will make you think of the warm feeling you experience leading up to Thanksgiving and it’ll also fill your belly with warm pecan goodness!

3. Classic pumpkin pie

VIEW IN GALLERYClassic pumpkin pie

Okay, so maybe it’s only the very beginning of fall, but who says that’s too early to start thinking about pumpkin pie? We sure don’t think it is! There are lots of different ways to make pumpkin pie and its delicious variations, but we’re pretty big fans of this classic recipe by Yummy Laura.

4. Rose apple pie

VIEW IN GALLERYRose apple pie

Everyone loves a good apple pie and there’s no better time for that than a chilly fall evening, but sometimes we like our classic favourites even better when there’s a fun spin on them! Imagine how excited we were, then, when we discovered this version from Mila-Cat with delicious apple slices cut into roses!

5. Butternut squash pie

VIEW IN GALLERYButternut squash pie recipe

One of our favourite ways to make a baked dessert distinctly fall-flavoured is to create a sweet treat from a vegetable! Summer sweets don’t often use things like squash the same way, so take advantage of those delicious opportunities as the weather cools down! Serious Eats shows you how it’s done.

6. Fig mascarpone tart

VIEW IN GALLERYFig mascarpone tart

Are you looking for something even more fall themed than the average warm apple pie? Then figs are the way to go! Besides tasting absolutely delicious, this recipe for fig mascarpone tart pie from Minty Chai looks like something out of a gourmet magazine.

7. Pecan cranberry pie in a maple peanut butter crust

VIEW IN GALLERYPecan cranberry pie in a maple peanut butter crust

Some pie recipes just (dare we say it) take the cake. That’s how we feel about this idea from I Love Peanut Butter! Instead of just showing you how to make a delicious pecan cranberry filling, they also teach you how to take your pie to the next level by making a mouthwatering peanut butter crust.

8. Pomegranate mousse pie

VIEW IN GALLERYPomegranate mousse pie

Do you love mousse pies more than any other kind? Many mousse pie recipes are sweet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find some great fall flavoured mousse pie recipes out there! This pomegranate mousse, for example, is less citrus-y sweet and more richly fruity than many others. Check it out on Cake Spy!

9. Gruyere pear pie

VIEW IN GALLERYGruyere pear pie

What’s one of the best ways to make a fruit pie less sweet and more autumn time savory? By adding cheese, of course! If you’ve never had cheese with pears before then you’re missing out, and we can hardly think of a better way of introducing yourself to a new flavour combination than within a pie! Check out this one by Blondie and Brownie.

10. Pear and chocolate tart

VIEW IN GALLERYPear and chocolate tart.jpg

Do you love the idea of a classic chocolate and fruit pie, but you’re looking for something other than a summery berry medley to pair the chocolate with? Pears are still fruity but far less sweet and summery than many other chocolate pie options. The Messy Baker shows you how to make your own.

11. Dad’s sweet potato pie

VIEW IN GALLERYDad's sweet potato pie

Did you love the idea of making a yummy fall pie from a vegetable but squash isn’t exactly your favourite option? Sweet potato works just as well and, although the two are similar, it will give you a whole different flavour experience once it’s baked! Get the recipe from Joy the Baker.

12. Salted caramel apple pie

VIEW IN GALLERYSalted caramel apple pie

Remember when we were talking about apple pie variations? Did it make your mouth water too? Well, here’s one of our very favourites! Adding caramel usually makes a dish sweeter, but that was before we all realized how fantastic salted caramel tastes, especially with apples. Get the whole sticky-salty-sweet story on The Daily Meal.

13. Rosemary caramel apple pie

VIEW IN GALLERYRosemary caramel apple pie

Perhaps you like the idea of apples and caramel but you’re not the biggest fan of sweet-salty flavours? There are other ways to make the combination taste less like a caramel apple and more like a fall pie, and one of them is herbs! This unique recipe from Saveur suggests adding rosemary!

14. Fudge bottom pumpkin pie

VIEW IN GALLERYFudge bottom pumpkin pie

We already talked about the beauty of classic pumpkin pie, but we all know how much fun it is to switch things up. Imagine how much our mouths started watering when we came across this recipe from The Brown Lounge. Instead of using just a delicious pie crust as the bottom of the pie… they added fudge!

15. Passion fruit meringue pie with macadamia crust

VIEW IN GALLERYPassionfruit meringue pie with macadamia crust

Passion fruit is a pretty summery flavour, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be adapted! Adding a flambeed meringue top and some macadamia nuts makes it not just taste more appropriate for autumn, but also just plain more delicious. Check out the recipe on King Arthur Flour.