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Upcycle Jeans: What to Do With Old Jeans (DIY Denim Projects)

If there’s one thing we love almost as much as we adore crafting itself, it’s using our DIY skills to upcycle other things we’re not using anymore in order to give them a new lease on life!

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What to do with old jeans?

Recently we went through our family’s closets and cleared out a bunch of old clothing and we found ourselves with a surplus of old jeans that no one wears anymore. They’re pretty worn, so we’ve debating between donating them so someone else can wear them or just using them to make something. That’s we’ve had our eyes peeled for awesome DIY tutorials for projects that are made from old jeans.

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Upcycle Jeans: 15 DIY Denim Projects

Are you feeling just as intrigued as we were, if not more, about the idea of making awesome DIY projects and crafts out of old jeans? Check out these 15 awesome ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Funny stuffed jeans planter


In addition to being an avid planter are you also a gardening enthusiast? Well, what if we told you that you could combine those two things together in one place for some extra creative fun? This hysterical DIY planter from Buffawhat that shows you how to stuff jeans into a standing position with flowers blooming from the waistband might be our favourite option on this whole list.

2. Denim and tin can planters


Have we really caught your attention with the whole idea of making some kind of planter based project but you don’t actually have an outdoor garden with the space for fully standing jeans like you saw above? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like these denim wrapped tin can planters that would fit on a side table instead! See how they’re done with soup or coffee cans and jean seams on Pillar Box Blue.

3. Floral denim purse


If you had to choose one accessory to be your absolute favourite out of all the options, would you absolutely choose purses? Then we think you’ll really appreciate the way Ivy Mosquito outlines the surprisingly simple steps for making an adorable little rounded purse from the denim of old jeans! They even show you how to embellish the front with fabric flowers.

4. Old jeans to a handbag


Did we almost make you feel convinced when we started talking about the idea of making a purse from old jeans but you really need something a lot larger than the little rounded purse we just showed you? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make something a little larger, like this denim tote made from the top of a pair of jeans. Find out how it’s done in more detail on Knotty Threadz.

5. Edged denim apron


Rather than being a gardening enthusiast when you’re not crafting, are you much more of a kitchen lover and foodie? Well, whether you’re baking or working the barbecue, we think you might get a real kick out of the way Creative Green Living shows you the full steps for making this adorable overall style apron that has a cute ruffled fabric trim all around the edge.

6. Denim pocket wall organizer


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make some kind of new upcycling craft out of denim, would you prefer to also make it something practical or organizational? We’re big fans of projects that are also helpful too which is why we loved this jean pocket organizer so much! Pillar Box Blue shows you how to make it like a patchwork wall hanger.

7. Stripped denim rag rug


If you’ve never made a knotted rag rug before then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve really been missing out on something very fun indeed! This particular DIY tutorial from All Free Crafts shows you not only how to make a simple rag rug using the basic technique, but more specifically how to do it with denim, which feels a little different to work with.

8. Denim and plaid picnic blanket


Have we actually really piqued your interest with our very brief mention of of patchwork and quilting but you’re rather make a more classic version than a wall hanger? In that case, we have a strong feeling you’ll get along better with a tutorial like this one from Double Nickel Quilts that teaches you how to do some basic quilting in order to make a picnic blanket from squares of both denim and plaid upcycled from old jeans and shirts.

9. Beautiful DIY denim duffel bag


Have we still got you thinking about how much you’d like to make some kind of bag from your hold jeans but the purse is too small, like we mentioned before, and you wish the tote we showed you closed more securely at the top? Then we’d be willing to bet that something like this impressive zipping tote will be more up your alley! All Day Chic gives you the full pattern and instructions, as well as specific tips for sewing with denim.

10. Fully upholstered denim chair


Are you the kind of crafter who never shies away from a challenge and is also looking to make more of a statement piece? Well, if you’ve got any experience reupholstering older furniture or are looking to learn, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Between Naps on The Porch shows you how to do precisely that in a beautiful patchwork of multi-shaded denims!

11. Denim and leather strap rolling lunch bag


Are you actually still thinking about how much you like the idea of making a denim bag, but you don’t need anything large right now? Then maybe you’d benefit more from making something like this old fashioned lunch bag! Between the Lines shows you in detail how to make a denim meal sleeve that rolls down and fastens in place with a leather belt and buckle.

12. Patchwork denim pouf stool


Have we actually still got you feeling quite intrigued by the idea of making a patchwork denim piece of furniture for your living room but you’re just not sure an entire puffed armchair is quite a manageable goal for you right now? Then perhaps you’d rather try your luck on this smaller patchwork denim pouf stool from Michele Made Me instead!

13. Denim pot holder mitts


Are you still thinking about how much you’d love to make yourself something denim and useful for the kitchen because you are also a cooking enthusiast, but you’re just not sure that you’ll use the apron we showed you earlier? Perhaps you’d just like something else to help make it a complete set. Either way, check out how Alisa Burke made these country chic inspired DIY denim pot holder mitts!

14. Recycled jeans wine bag


Are you the kind of crafter who till take essentially any opportunity to share your work with friends and family in little ways? Well, if you also like bringing something with you when you go to dinner, then maybe you’d prefer to make this country chic wine bag outlined step by simple step on Cathie Filian! We love the way they kept the jean pocket on the front just in case you just want to take anything small and extra, like a wine cork.

15. Upcycled jean flip flops


Have you been in the market for a pair of easy slip on shoes that you can just pop on quickly and use to fetch things from the garage or the backyard, but you don’t really feel like spending money to buy such a thing new? Then maybe you’d rather make them instead! We thought these upcycled jean flip flops featured in step by step detail on Laniqua & Kaniqua looked like a useful project.

Have you made other awesome DIY projects of all kinds out of old denim but you don’t see your favourite handcrafted option on our list? Tell us all about how it’s done or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!