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15 DIY Candles That Will Light Up Your Life

Nothing feels quite as relaxing as lighting a scented candle and taking a bath or curling up with a good book. Buying candles, however, isn’t half as fun as making them yourself. Between the adorable DIY displays and the deliciously scented recipes, your store bought candles won’t hold a candle to (get it?!) the ones you make at home!

Check out these fun homemade and DIY candle ideas.

1. Funfetti candle

VIEW IN GALLERYFunfetti candle

Beth Cakes shows you how to make a delicious birthday cake scented candle complete with rainbow sprinkles!

2. Stacked ombre heart candles

VIEW IN GALLERYStacked ombre hearts candle

Hands Occupied gives you not only the recipe to make the candle wax, but also the instructions for making adorable, stackable heart cutouts from it!

3. Citronella candles 

VIEW IN GALLERYSummer citronella candle

Grab some floating candles, some mason jars, and some fresh herbs! Adventures in Making walks you through the process of making these gorgeously decorative candle displays that smell better the  more you let the candle burn.

4. Chai latte candle

VIEW IN GALLERYChai latte candle

Soap Queen‘s chai latte candle tutorial doesn’t just smell like a deliciously spicy chai latter… it looks like one too!

5. Lavender mason jar candle

VIEW IN GALLERYLavender mason jar candle

Shallow mason jars are the perfect size to make relaxing lavender scented candles that will help you clear your mind and de-stress. Get the recipe on A Pumpkin and A Princess.

6. Lemon beeswax candle

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon beeswax candle

The lavender recipe isn’t the only good mason jar candle on A Pumpkin and A Princess! If you prefer fresh citrus scents to floral ones, try their lemon candle instead.

7. Altoid tin candles

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy to make Altoid tin candles

One Good Thing shows you how to make adorable candles in Altoid tins that you’d never suspect! They make great father’s day gifts for dad’s who like a little warm glow.

8. Pumpkin spice mason jar candle

VIEW IN GALLERYPumpkin spice mason jar candles

She Uncovered walks you through the process of making a pumpkin spice infused candle that will make your entire house smell like fall.

9. Lavender rosemary candle

VIEW IN GALLERYLavender rosemary candles

Lavender is relaxing, but it smells even more appealing with just a hint of rosemary added. Live Simply shows you how to make your own.

10. Geometric candle

VIEW IN GALLERYGeometric candles

How Did You Make This not only shows you the process of creating this awesomely angular geometric candles, but also provides you with a template to make it easy!

11. Cinnamon spice candle

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon spice candle

Homemaking Rebel shows you how surrounding a regularly scented candle with cinnamon sticks can give the room a lightly scented aroma that’s comfortable rather than overpowering.

12. Seashell candles

VIEW IN GALLERYseashell candles

Burkatron‘s instructions for turning little seashells into adorable candle holders will help you transform your bathroom into a relaxing seaside getaway.

13. French vanilla coffee bean candles

VIEW IN GALLERYVanilla coffee bean candles

Hello Glow‘s tutorial for creating French vanilla candles containing coffee beans will have your home smelling like a freshly made latte whenever you want!

14. Teacup candles

VIEW IN GALLERYTea cup candles

This is the perfect way to use cracked or thrifted tea sets that still have charm! My Kitchen Antics walks you through the process of turning each tea cup into a candle holder.

15. Gold-dipped log candle holders

VIEW IN GALLERYGold tipped log candle holders

Everything Etsy has all of the tips you need to create these holders that are the perfect juxtaposition between rustic and chic!

Do you have a friend who always has a candle lit in every room? Make them one of these as a gift or share this post so they can make one themselves!