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Make Your Own Curtains and Window Coverings: 15 DIY Curtains Ideas

Now that spring has finally started to peek around the corner since daylight savings time, we’re loving the longer sunny hours we’re afforded on a day to day basis! We’re also finding, however, that we’re losing a little bit of sleep in the mornings because that early sun is just so bright and we never put up any kind of curtain or window covering after we moved this winter.

Clearly, now is the time to change that! We know we could easily just go out and buy a set, but where’s the fun in that when we could put our DIY skills to good use and make our own? There are so many helpful resources online that show you precisely how to create homemade curtains and we intend to make that our next DIY project.

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How To Make Your Own Curtains

Just in case you’re feeling equally enthusiastic to us, if not more, about the idea of making your own curtains or window coverings, here are 15 of the very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. How to make traditional curtains


Are you feeling confident enough in your sewing skills to handle making a simple set of curtains but you’d still like to keep things quite easy because, in the grand scheme of things, you’re also still a bit of a beginner? In that case, we’re pretty sure we’ve found just the kind of tutorial you need right off the bat, all thanks to Two Twenty One and their clear, concise instructions and tips!

2. Bedroom blackout curtains


Is the daylight peeking through your window actually something that wakes you up constantly because you live in a place that gets 20 hours of light for half the year, or because you work night shifts and have to sleep during the afternoons? In either case, we think you might really appreciate this tutorial from View Along The Way that guides you step by step through the process of purchasing the correct materials for and also making total blackout curtains!

3. Quick and easy no-sew cafe curtains


Are you feeling quite determined indeed to make curtains of your very own but you’re not actually very confident in your sewing skills at all and you can’t help wondering whether there isn’t an alternative method that won’t actually require you to do any? Then we think you’l be rather ecstatic indeed to learn more about these quick and easy no-sew curtains featured in detail on Cut Out + Keep! They show you how to make the half-length “cafe curtains”, but you can easily adjust the steps to make longer curtains if that’s what you really need.

4. How to make tab top curtains


Are you feeling ready to tackle the project of DIY curtains but you’re also feeling a little skeptical of the whole idea of putting a tube or through-piece in the top to be strung along the curtain rod? Well, what if we said that you don’t actually have to do that? Instead, check out how Online Fabric Store made these lovely curtains with a tab top rather than an intimidating tube!

5. DIY grommet curtains


Tab tops aren’t the only alternative to tubes at the top of curtains. In fact, some people prefer not to put tabs in because they require accounting for a few inches extra in length. If you don’t mind a bit of metal finish being involved in the finished look of your curtains (we actually feel quite enthusiastic about that idea), then maybe you’d get along better with this tutorial from Crafting Really Awesome Fun Things that shows you how to make DIY grommet curtains instead!

6. DIY no-sew window valances


Do you actually already have a blind or chiffon piece in place that you’re quite happy with the practicality and effect of and that you don’t want to swap out entirely, but you also can’t help wishing that the overall look of the piece had a little more colour, patterning, or personality? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that you’ll have more success with something like a window valance instead! Marty’s Musings is here to show you how surprisingly easy they are to do.

7. Pretty faux Roman shade


If you’re going to have any kind of blind in place, would you rather make yourself something that has a little more character and unique style to it than the average store-bought roller shade? Well, luckily for all of us, that’s precisely the kind of window covering Effortless Style is here to show you how to make! Take a closer look at their tutorial to learn about making your very own faux Roman shade.

8. Custom Stencilled drapes


Are you actually already quite experienced in the basic process of sewing your own curtains in terms of their shape and dimensions, but you’re feeling interested in making your own in the first place because you can’t find a pre-printed fabric that’s quite what you want so you’d like to customize your own? Check out how Southern Hospitality did just that using straight forward but very effective stencilling techniques!

9. Corrugated metal indoor window awning


Did we really pique your interest when we started talking about the idea of creating a covering solely at the top, just to add some character to the blinds or sheer curtains you already have, but you’re more of a multi-media craft lover who prefers using unconventional materials to get the look you’re really going for? Well, if rustic or reclaimed chic is where you’re aiming, then we think you’ll love this tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic teaches you how to make an angled indoor awning from corrugated metal!

10. DIY curtains from tablecloths


Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who really loves to turn essentially any project you take on into an opportunity for upcycling? Then we’re pretty sure this next tutorial from Just A Girl might be the perfect one for you! Besides show you how to make basic curtains in just a few easy steps, they give you all kinds of useful tips and tricks for doing it using old tablecloths.

11. Beautiful DIY flutter curtains


Rather than making something that will really black out the sunlight or anything, are you actually more interested in making a beautiful window piece that adds a lot of character to your space, or maybe even gives the room a sense of whimsy? In that case, particularly if you love making your own affordable versions of expensive label designs, we think you might adore the way Kojo Designs outlines these stunning “flutter curtains” that look just like a pricy piece sold by Anthropologie!

12. Custom Sharpie doodled no-sew drop cloth curtains


Is the room you’re in need or curtains for actually a space that primarily belongs to your kids, so you’re looking for a way to make the whole project a little extra fun for them? Well, what if we told you that you could make it fun looking but also fun for them to make with you, all at the same time? You simply need to check out the way Nellie Bellie made easy no-sew drop cloth curtains but let their kids doodle whatever they wanted all over them in permanent marker before hanging them up. Talk about personalization!

13. Creative no-sew window valance from knotted scarves


Are you really interested in making yourself some kind of small, easy window valance because your window frames are simply too bare, but you’re an avid upcycler and you’re also working on a pretty strict budget? Well, if you’re also an accessories enthusiast then we think you might get a real kick out of the way AHRN created a valance effect across the top simply by knotting chiffon scarves of similar lengths all along a curtain rod!

14. Funky curtain from old CDs


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make some kind of curtain, would you actually rather make it something totally unconventional and maybe even a little whacky? Well, if you’ve got an old CD or DVD collection that you’re not using anymore, we’d suggest considering some upcycling into something like this awesomely reflective disc curtain outlined in simple steps on Education.com!

15. DIY photo slide curtains


Are you feeling the most excited so far with the really unique and unconventional curtain ideas we’ve shown you, but you’re also a totally nostalgic person who usually chooses whichever option involves some kind of memory element? Well, if you can get your hands on some old photo slides (whether they’re ones your family got converted and were going to get rid of or even random ones you found at a thrift store), then we think you’ll love the appeal of these awesome photo slide curtains conceptualized and created by DIY Cozy Home!

DIY Curtains, Other Ideas?

Have you made another kind of homemade curtain or window covering before that you were very happy with indeed and might still even have on display but that you don’t see here on our list?

Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!