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15 Delicious Squash Recipes and Flavour Combinations

If we had to pick a single fall vegetable to stick with forever, from here on our, we’d pick squash with no questions asked. There’s just something so satisfying and delicious about it, as well as about just about everything we’ve ever tried making with it! Now that the autumn season has arrived, we’re constantly in the lookout for delicious squash recipes that we’ve never tried before, just to keep things interesting when it comes to enjoying our favourite foods.

If you’re a huge squash lover just like we are and you’re also feeling just as interested in learning how to make some new, unique squash recipes, here are 15 of the very best ideas, recipes, and flavour combinations we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. Spaghetti squash lasagna with broccolini


By this point in your cooking experience, you’ve probably made and tried both spaghetti squash and also lasagna, but you’ll know just as well as we do that they’re two very separate things- or are they? If you ask Eating Well, however, those things all go together in one delicious place! Take a look at their recipe for spaghetti squash lasagna with broccolini to learn how.

2. Baked parmesan yellow squash rounds


If you ask us, cheese suits just about anything, and squash is no exception! One of our very favourite recipes to make when we’re craving both squash and cheese (which happens surprisingly often, believe it or not) is absolutely this recipe from Five Heart Home. Their tutorial teaches you all the simple steps you’ll need to make baked parmesan yellow squash rounds!

3. Oven roasted squash with garlic and parsley


Perhaps you’re actually a bit of a beginner in the kitchen and you don’t have much experience cooking with squash but you’re hoping to learn and you need great flavouring suggestions? In that case, we’d suggest starting with something simple but delicious, like this recipe from Eating Well for oven roasted squash with garlic and parsley!

4. Cinnamon roasted butternut squash


Just in case you’re still in the market for a simple recipe that’s very beginner friendly but you’ve never liked parsley, here’s an alternative idea for your consideration! We’re big fans of the neat, clear way Well Plated walks you through the process of making cinnamon roasted butternut squash that has just the right amount of spice to taste amped up rather than overpowered.

5. Vegetarian stuffed acorn squash


If you ask us, stuffed squash is possible one of the most delicious things you can make with the vegetable in question but we do find that the majority of the recipes available for it involve meat. That’s not a problem for us, but we have several friends and loved ones who have dietary restrictions that don’t include meat at all. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this delicious recipe from Cookie + Kate for vegetarian stuffed acorn squash!

6. Parmesan pesto spaghetti squash with shrimp


Rather than a recipe for stuffed squash filled with either meat or just vegetables, would you rather find one that’s got a seafood element since that’s one of your other favourite kinds of food? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Peas and Crayons made this delicious parmesan pesto spaghetti squash topped with shrimp!

7. Spinach tuna salad with delicata squash


Have you actually been scrolling through our list thinking about how squash seems like a great opportunity to include the foods you love in a diet plan that involves slightly healthier foods, since you’re looking to be a little more calorie wise in coming weeks? Then we’d definitely suggest giving this meal from Table for Two a try! Their tutorial shows you how this spinach tuna salad with delicata squash was made in just a few simple steps.

8. Butternut squash and Swiss chard tart with olive oil crust


We’ve known about large dessert tarts for a number of years now and even tried making some ourselves, which turned out very well indeed. Did you know that you can make a savoury version of the exact same thing, though? We didn’t originally but then we came across this fantastic recipe from My Recipes for a butternut squash and Swiss chard tart, complete with instructions for making your own olive oil crust and now we’re obsessed with both kinds!

9. Six ingredient butternut squash noodles


If you’ve never tried making vegetables based noodles before, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’re missing out on something really delicious, especially when there are sweet potatoes involved! Here’s a great place to start; these six-ingredient butternut squash noodles outlined on Foolproof Living are surprisingly simple to make and unbelievably great tasting.

10. Butternut squash quinoa casserole


Are you the kind of person who adores rich and creamy recipes because you find them the most satisfying but you can’t help wondering whether you might balance out how heavy the sauce is by choosing some healthier alternatives to a few of the other classic casserole ingredients, like the noodles or potatoes that are often used as the base? Then we think you’ll be very pleased indeed to learn that that’s precisely what Trial and Eater did! See how it’s done in their recipe for butternut squash quinoa casserole.

11. BBQ chicken spaghetti squash


Were you actually really feeling the idea of making a filled spaghetti squash recipe like we mentioned earlier but you just haven’t quite seen the flavour combination that has held your attention? Then here’s another alternative for your consideration! Take a look at Peas and Crayons to see how this BBQ chicken spaghetti squash was made!

12. Steamed pork ribs with butternut squash


We’ve already talked about some recipes that have nothing to do with meat and are great for people with dietary restrictions, but what if you’re someone who is actually all about the meat and specifically wants to pair your squash with something juicy? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along very well indeed with this recipe from Red House Spice for steamed pork ribs with butternut squash!

13. Brown butter butternut squash pasta


Did we actually catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making some kind of squash and pasta dish, but you’d rather make sure there are lots of noodles involved rather than replacing them with quinoa? In that case, we have a feeling this next recipe from Damn Delicious is just the kind of thing you’re looking for! Their tutorial teaches you how to make brown butter butternut squash pasta that tastes creamy and rich.

14. Vegetarian butternut squash chipotle chili with avocado


Perhaps you’re feeling intent on making something very warm and satisfying that will make you feel thoroughly warmed, but you’re still in the market for something vegetable based and free of meat? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to get along very well indeed with something like this vegetarian butternut squash chipotle chili with avocado! Get the full details for making your own on Cookie + Kate.

15. Pad Thai spaghetti squash


Just in case you’re still looking for something spaghetti squash based but even more unique than what you’ve already seen so far, here’s one last dish that we’ve actually tried and simply can’t get enough of! Check out this recipe from Tasty to learn how wonderfully simply squash and all the flavours of pad Thai can be combined in a way that tastes great as either an entree or a side to something else.

Do you have another very favourite squash recipe that you love making and that your family always enjoys eating as well, but you don’t see it here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe in the comments section so we can try it out as well!