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15 Super Warm Fall Knitting Patterns

Where we live, there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it- fall is cold. That’s why we’re so grateful to be avid knitters! There’s nothing quite like thick, warm knitwear made from nice, bouncy wool to counteract that fall chill that always takes us so long to get accustomed to again after warm summer months. That’s why we always have or eyes peeled for new, extra warm looking fall knitting patterns each year that we haven’t tried yet!

Just in case you love making and wearing super warm fall knitting just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the toastiest and most comfortable looking autumn patterns that we’ve discovered anew so far this year.

1. The Big Cable oversized sweater


Maybe it’s our minds playing tricks on us but we’ve always found oversized knitted garments to feel even warmer than ones that fit more snuggly, even though we’re pretty sure there’s no sciences behind that. Perhaps it’s just because we can wrap them around us like a blanket that we love them so much. In any case, this large and wonderfully cabled sweater featured on Lete’s Knits is the perfect example of what we mean!

2. Super sized sampler scarf


This scarf is called a “sampler” because of the way the stitch pattern and detail changes with each section and we’re absolutely in loved with that whole concept and visual! We’re also, however, very pleased indeed with the large size of this scarf, letting us wrap it nice and high around our faces in cold wind thanks to its thickness. Get the full details for making one of your own on The Knitting Niche.

3. Super Cozy cabled beanie


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about making fun fall cables but you’re not actually feeling up to the challenge of knitting something quite as large and time consuming as a whole sweater right now? Then we’d suggest starting with something like this beautifully cabled hat from Love Knitting instead!

4. Calafia brioche scarf


In addition to making a scarf that is “thick” in terms of how much width it has, would you actually rather make one that is genuinely thick in terms of its weight? Then brioche stitch just might be the answer to all your knitwear prayers! Check out how Noble Knits made this wonderful double thick brioche scarf with a fantastic colour striping pattern to it.

5. Quick twist cowl


Have you always prefer cowls to scarves or shawls because you like that they go all the way around and stay there, but you don’t really like pulling them over your hair, no matter how thick and cozy they are? Then we have a feeling this wonderfully warmed buttoning cowl design featured on Knitting Matters, which you can fasten and unfasten at the neck, might be a little more up your alley.

6. Plaid super scarf


Here’s another fantastic jumbo scarf pattern to give you extra warmth, but this time it’s perfect for people who adore doing simple colour work! Check out how Hands Occupied used two contrasting shades and a simple square pattern with some wrap stitches to mimic the beauty of plaid up the full length of a scarf that’s very long and wide indeed.

7. Smoky Mountain hat


Are you actually still thinking about the idea of making a cabled hat but you’d prefer a thicker pattern, rather than one with various sized cables like you saw before? Well, particularly if the idea of working in more than one colour really interests you, then we have a feeling this wonderful hat designed by Cerulean Orchid just might be the perfect pattern for you.

8. Zebra mittens


Just to make sure you have toasty options for keeping every part of your body warm now that the weather is so chilly, here’s one of the best mitten patterns we’ve ever knit! Knitting With Rowan guides you step by step through the process of making a set of zebra inspired colour work mittens that are beyond interesting both to see and to knit.

9. Toddler keyhole scarf


Perhaps it’s actually you’re little ones that you’re more worried about keeping warm with your knitwear this fall rather than yourself, so you’re looking for something kid sized… that will actually stay on properly? Then we have a feeling this fantastic keyhole scarf design outlined in detail on Little Girl Designs might be just the kind of thing you’re looking for.

10. Winters Chunky easy knit pullover


Perhaps you’re still thinking about how much you enjoy the idea of knitting a big, cozy fall sweater but you’d rather not have it be a cardigan because you find the space at the front of those still lets you get pretty cold? Well, if you’re looking for very simple construction, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Mama In A Stitch made this fantastic chunky pullover that’s specifically designed to just be nice, warm, and easy.

11. Linden hat


Just in case you’re actually still looking for a nice, cozy hat to keep warm in this fall but you’re prefer not to have cables at all, here’s an awesome pattern from Whirls and Purls that still has some interesting patterning and stitch definition, but just doesn’t require you to get the cable needle out!

12. Big Knit scarf


Have you actually been feeling rather intrigued by the thick, cozy scarf ideas you’ve seen but you’ve always really preferred circle or infinity style scarves to the classic straight, long ones? Then we think perhaps we’ve found a pattern that will be just about perfect for you! Get the full details for making this huge, comfortable scarf on Mama In A Stitch.

13. Fast and easy thick socks


What about your feet? We’ve spent all this time now talking about keeping the different parts of your body warm and we haven’t given you any ideas for your feet yet! To make that right, here’s one of our very favourite (and very easy to do) slipper sock ideas thanks to iKnits. These are so thick and cozy that we honestly can’t stop making them in all different colours.

14. Chunky, slouchy leg warmers


We’ve always loved making slouchy leg warmers because we find our legs go quite forgotten when we’re bundling up warm for chilly weather. With this chunky, slouchy pattern featured on Small + Friendly, we have the option of pulling the leg warmers higher up our legs if we start feeling a little too cold past the point where our coat ends!

15. Arm knitted super chunky throw blanket


Just in case you’re looking for a project for this fall that’s very different indeed, here’s a neat idea for the home thanks to Heart from Hazel! They show you how to use jumbo plied wool to not just knit yourself a unbelievably toasty throw blanket, but to actually arm knit it using- you read that right- just your arms and hands! Their tutorial outlines the whole technique for you.

Do you have another favourite warm and chunky knitting pattern that you adore making for family and friends in the winter but that you don’t see anything quite similar to here on our list? Tell us all about how it’s done or link us to the pattern and photos of your finished work in the comments section!