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10 DIY Faux Marble Projects That Will Take Your Breath Away

Marble gives us the feeling of nobility and elegance. It’s a very popular choice of décor and understandably so; it has a clean look to it, but stands out at the same time. We dare say that the majority of the pictures in your ‘Dream Bathroom’ or ‘Kitchen Goals’ Pinterest boards include some marble pieces, be it countertops, planters, or just wall art. You can’t (and shouldn’t) escape marble! It’s time to add it to your house décor! Here are 10 DIY faux marble projects that will make everyone believe they’re the real thing!

1. Marble Wall Art

VIEW IN GALLERYmarble-moon

Moon reminds us of the necessary changes in life and gives us something to blame when she is at her fullest. (Thanks moon)! Dedicate a place on your wall to our only natural satellite and create this stunning moon phase wall art that looks as if it’s made of marble! Head over to Almost Makes Perfect for the details!

2. Paper Marbling

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Goodbye boring stationary, hello colorful marble! You will officially love sending snail mail and writing notes a whole lot more! These marbleized papers and envelopes are a true treat, but the best part is that you probably already have all the necessary items to make it happen! Check in with Honestly WTF and see how it’s done!

3. Marble Mugs

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Can you imagine starting your Mondays with these?! Makes the start of the week a whole lot easier! If you’re bored with mugs that all look exactly the same, play around with them and create marble-like mugs that will be absolutely unique, each one for itself. Discover the secret ingredient at Babble!

4. Marble Jewelry Display

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Display your jewelry with the utmost style and elegance. Forget cramming your precious necklaces into dark boxes where nobody can see them – try out this faux marble jewelry display instead! You only need 5 supplies to make it, so hurry over to With Relish and see the tutorial!

5. Marble Necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYmarble-necklace

Speaking of jewelry, you can’t scroll past this glorious marble necklace! It has a misty vibe to it and it’s the perfect accessory to accompany your on both your day-to-day errands and to fancy events! Fall For DIY has the instructions!

6. Marble Kitchen Utensils

VIEW IN GALLERYkitchen-utensils

Even the smallest traces of marble will make your kitchen look more glamourous. Start by decorating you plain utensils with faux marble and see how they immediately lift your desire to spend more time in the kitchen! If you’re not an avid cooker, this might be the motivation you’ve been waiting for! Details at A Joyful Riot!

7. Fabric Marbling

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Gather all the fabric in your house that is making you unhappy; napkins, place mats, T-shirts, tablecloths etc. It’s marble time! In just a few steps, Sugar & Charm will show you how you can transform your fabric from dull to dashing in no time!

8. Marble Hexagon Coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYmarble-coasters

Honestly, who could resist these? Having these in our kitchen would actually make us feel like we have our adult life together! They are très chic, so don’t hesitate to visit Homey Oh My and learn all about the tricks of making them!

9. Marble Table Top

VIEW IN GALLERYmarble-table-top

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your prayers have been answered. You can finally have a marble table without going bankrupt and it’s all thanks to Apartment Therapy! The result is so dashing you won’t be able to take your eyes off it!

10. Marble Planters

VIEW IN GALLERYmarble-planters

Another gem from Fall For DIY are these marble planters! It’s unbelievable what a little faux marble can do for an old planter! Even your plants will look happier! Never worry about finding planters that will go with your interior ever again; these are your golden ticket!

Tell us, how are you incorporating marble into your living space?