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Keep Track of Your Plants with These Cute DIY Garden Markers

Whether you have a garden that covers half your backyard or a few potted herbs on your windowsill, these DIY garden markers offer a stylish yet practical way to label your plants.

Mason Jar Markers

VIEW IN GALLERYseed packet markers

If you like to save your seed packets, encase them in mason jars for quick and easy garden markers. Idea courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Stamped Metal Markers

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Garden-Plant-Marker

These industrial chic DIY garden markers are made from old soda cans. Head over to Grey Luster Girl for the tutorial.

Forks and Can Lids

VIEW IN GALLERYForks and Can Lids

If you like the look of metal stamping, but want something a little sturdier than the soda can markers, this project is a good choice. Can lids are paired with old forks for decorative yet practical DIY garden markers. Learn more at Pin and Paper.

Painted Wooden Spoons

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted Wooden Spoons

Paint wooden spoons with acrylic craft paint to create charming markers for your herbs and veggies. Playground Parkbench explains how.

Dinosaur Garden Markers

VIEW IN GALLERYDinosaur-Garden-Markers

Put your child’s unwanted toys to good use by turning them into whimsical garden markers. This example uses dinosaurs, but horses, cows, or other animal figures would work as well. Totally the Bomb has the details.

Wine Cork Garden Markers

VIEW IN GALLERYWine Cork Garden Markers

Love wine? Save those corks and give them a second life as garden markers. Head over to A Thrifty Mom to learn more.

Painted River Rock Markers

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted River Rock Markers

If you pride yourself on your artistic skills, decorate river rocks with veggie graphics for eye-catching garden markers.  West Valley Moms has the tutorial.

>VIEW IN GALLERYbrick markers

Flimsy garden markers might not last the entire season, but these painted bricks are a sturdy way to label your plants.  Simple Details explains how to make them.

Twig Markers

VIEW IN GALLERYgnome twig markers

Paint twigs to look like garden gnomes for markers that will make you smile every time you look at them. Swallow’s Heart has the details.

Mod Podge Spoon Markers

VIEW IN GALLERYMod Podge Spoon Markers

Mod Podge vintage illustrations on old mismatched spoons for cute yet sturdy markers. Visit Artsy VaVa to learn more about this project.

Clay Garden Markers

VIEW IN GALLERYClay Garden Markers

Show off your perfect penmanship with these minimalist white clay garden markers. Photo courtesy of Raised Urban Gardens.