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15 Cute DIY Plush Toys for Homemade Buffs

Like us, have you always been a big fan or adorable plush toys, whether they’re meant for kids or not? Sometimes in stores we see a toy that makes us think our kids would love to play with it and other times we see one that just brightens our day and makes us want to put it on the corner of our work desk to keep things that way. Of course, we always get a little more satisfaction out of making things ourselves than buying them, which is why we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for DIY plush toy tutorials that might help us make a few adorable ones of our own, for us or our kids.

Check out these 15 fantastic and adorable plush toy ideas that really made us excited to get down to business in our search!

1. Koala sock plush


Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who always loves the process a little more when you get to upcycle something at the same time, just cause it repurposes something and feels more productive? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love the way Maqaroon made these super cute plush koala bears from fuzzy socks!

2. Laying cat toy


Has whoever you’re planning on making the little plush toy for always loved cats more than just about anything else? Well, there are actually lots of different DIY plush cat toys out there for you to choose from but we really like this little lounging cat for adults and kids alike because you can set it anywhere or play with it! Get the full details for making one of your own on Teacup Lion.

3. Fancy octopus plush toys


Maybe the person you’re planning on making a toy for has actually always been a huge fan of sea creatures and the seaside, so you’re hoping to find something that will help them celebrate that? Then we’re pretty sure Flying Mio has just the tutorial for you! We love these adorable plush octopus friends that look very dapper indeed.

4. Easy bear plushie


Are you actually looking for something a little more classic? Then we’d definitely suggest making an adorable teddy bear instead! We’re particularly fond of the way The Crafty Muffins made this one because it’s very simple, making it a good starter project even if you’re still a sewing or patterning beginner.

5. 30 minute fuzzy bears and bunnies


Have we really caught your attention now with both the idea of making a teddy bear and the idea of upcycling something in the process? Then you should definitely take a look at this tutorial from Maqaroon. They show you not only how to make both a little teddy bear and a matching bunny friend for it, but also how to do so from a fuzzy sock that makes them even cuter.

6. Skinny plush sheep pattern


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across something a little different than what you’ve made before, which has mostly been fluffy stuffed bears and the like? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to appreciate the way Little Things to Share made this super fun skinny sheep that looks like a fun cartoon!

7. No-sew stuffed sock animals


Have we really caught your attention with the idea of not just making plush toys but doing it by upcycling socks, but the issue you’re having is that you don’t have very much sewing experience? Then Handmade Charlotte has the perfect tutorial for you! Check out how they made cute dogs, cats, and bunnies from socks and felt without sewing anything at all.

8. Adorable crocheted stuffed sheep


Has your most practiced handicraft always actually been yarn best because you really like to crochet? Then we think you’ll be rather pleased indeed to learn that you can actually make plush toys using those skills too and not just sewing! This completely adorable crocheted sheep is the perfect example of what we meant. Get the full pattern on All About Ami.

9. Easy cashmere bunnies


Has the most interesting part of seeing these tutorials for you been the sheer range of materials and things you can use to make cute, squishy plush toys? Well, we don’t mean to overwhelm you with possibility, but here’s another idea for your consideration! We love the way Betz White made these adorable little bunnies out of cashmere, making them extremely soft on top of squishy.

10. Crocheted amigurumi monkey


Did we really pique your curiosity when we started talking about the idea of crocheting yourself an adorable plush toy rather than sewing one, since that’s almost always your craft of choice, but you’d rather make something a little bigger than the cute sheep we showed you earlier? Then we think this adorable monkey pattern featured step by step on Dione Design might be a little more up your alley!

11. DIY felted pig


Has your favourite idea so far in terms of materiality definitely been the idea of making something out of felt because you’ve always found it easier and fun to work with and your kids already have lots in the craft room? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Martha Stewart made this adorable little felt pig that stands up on its own once it’s stuffed properly.

12. Huge DIY Loch Ness monster


Do you actually have quite a lot of practice sewing toys already so you’re hoping for something that’s a little bigger and perhaps more challenging, just to really make use of your skills? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how We Lived Happily Ever After made this giant Loch Ness monster that’s big enough for your kid to sit on.

13. DIY scrap fabric penguins


Are you actually the kind of person who does quite a lot of sewing, so you’re not only interested in making something that takes a little more technique but you also have a stash of scrap fabric that’s ready to be used for something neat? Then we think you might get a kick out of the way Purl Soho made these cute penguins from colour coordinated but pattern contrasting scraps!

14. Cute pointy kitty


Since you’ve got the skills to spare and you’re experienced with shaping, would you rather make a toy that looks a little more stylized than the average, rounded squishy plushie like the ones you’ve seen mostly in stores and in a lot of the DIY patterns you’ll find? Then we have a feeling you’ll appreciate the way Wee Wonderfuls‘s pattern outlines the steps for making this funny pointy kitty that has a lot of personality.

15. DIY stuffed superheroes


Just because you’re making plush toys doesn’t actually mean you have to make an animal! We’re huge fans, for example, of the way Tuts Plus made these funny little superheroes that are simple in their shape and a whole lot of fun to embellish. Use scrap fabric, felt, ribbon, and whatever else you think works best from the things you have.

Have you made other kinds of adorable stuffed toys before that were a huge hit with your kids but that you don’t see here in our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!