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11 DIY Geometric Clocks You Can Make Even If You Failed Math

 Maybe you slept through your math classes when the teacher was talking about geometry, but you can’t ignore the beauty of the geometric decor that is taking the interior trends by storm! Every home can make use of a wall clock and if you really enjoy the modern decor, you can bring the two together by making a DIY geometric clock that will not only tell time, but also add much dynamic your living space!

1. White and Turquoise Geometrical Clocks 


If your home is decorated in bright and gentle tones of white, a white geometrical clock will fit right in, without drawing too much attention to itself. But if you want to make it bolder and more noticeable, while still staying within the latest trends, turquoise is the way to go! We’ll let Brit + Co be your guru!   

2. Starburst Clock


A starburst clock is a great way to incorporate some geometrical shapes into your home while still keeping the decor on a certain level of luxury. This clock is absolutely exceptional and if we didn’t see the tutorial at Reality Daydream, we wouldn’t believe it’s DIY!

3. Fabric Hexagon Clock 


Hexagon DIY projects are overflowing the Pinterest boards, so now is as good a time as any to bring in some hexagon vibes! This fabric clock we found at Owen’s Olivia is the perfect choice if you are wishing for a unique, trendy and geometric time-telling element on your wall!

4. Wooden Triangle Clock 


Triangles have a very noticeable look with their clean shapes and minimalist approach. A plain wooden triangle clock is the ideal choice for a home with natural, rustic interior or one with a modern design that needs spicing up with wooden elements! Check out Hello DIY for a tutorial!

5. Hexagon Marble Clock 


If wood is befitting for rustic homes, marble is the lover of modern households! This clock will add the energy of glamour to your home and will impress anyone who lays eyes on it. While the main purpose of the clock is to tell time, this one does just fine being a decor element in and of itself! Find the how-to at Pure Sweet Joy!

6. Octagon Cork Clock 


Sometimes the simplest designs are the ones that can greatly influence the space! This octagon cork clock is incredibly simple to make, but don’t be fooled by its modest and clean look; it is exactly what makes it so very unique! If you want to see it in your home, Hello DIY has the intel!

7. Geometric Copper Clock 


Geometric shapes undoubtedly bring dynamic to the table, but it’s the colors that you choose that truly determine whether your clock will look contemporary or old-fashioned. For those who can’t bear the the thought of a colorless clock, A Joyful Riot has the instructions for the coolest, bicolored clock ever!

8. 15 Minute Geometric Clock 


Forget the hours spent wandering the stores or browsing the online shops looking for the perfect clock that won’t ruin your entire home’s styling. Thanks to Proper, you can now make your very own clock in 15 minutes’ time and – wait for it – make it look precisely how you want and need it to!

9. Geometric Clay Clock 


Do you like to craft with clay? Always Rooney has a challenge for you! Make this geometric clay clock that is the poster child of minimalism and see how it nonetheless has the power to bring that geometric dynamic into the room! Wishing it would look more lively? Paint it with your favorite bright colors!

10. Geometric Color Block Clocks 


The explosion of colors always results in modern pieces that leave us in awe! Brit + Co happens to have another tutorial for geometrical clocks, this time color blocked clocks with intense color pairings that will thrive in any modern setting. Are you ready to go crazy on the color matching and shape creating? Let’s do it!

11. Stacked Square Clock


No, this is not some sort of “clock inception” – it’s just a really brilliant square clock by Doodle Crate! This clock has a charisma like no other! Its brilliant design gives the illusion of movement, securing a trendy look for your lively home!

Now call your math teacher and tell them you are using geometry in real life after all!