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Amazing Rustic Photo Frames You Can Make Yourself

Rustic photo frames can make a home feel cozier than normal and is a great way to show off your family photographs in a simple, but cute way. What’s even better is that you don’t need a whole lot to make a rustic photo frame and it takes absolutely no time! Photo frames can be incredibly expensive, so it’s no surprise that more people are starting to make their own with materials that are easily available and don’t cost a penny. Check out our list of amazing DIY rustic photo frames to get started right away –

1. Wooden Planks Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYWooden Planks Frame

It’s amazing how simple it is to make a photo frame with the most basic of materials available. This rustic looking photo frame from Cotton and Cottage has been made using old wooden planks and wood stain. This quick-to-make photo frame is the ideal project for those who want to finish a project in a short amount of time even while adding a rustic appeal to their home.

2. Old Windows Picture Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYOld Windows Picture Frame

Do you have an old window or two hanging about? Then why not turn them into a unique photo frame for your home? A window frame has the ability to look completely different giving your home a true rustic feel. To make your own, check out this idea from Keeps On Ringing.

3. Log Photo Frame


There is nothing more rustic than wood to make your photo frame out of. This smart idea was conjured up and brought to life by Log Cabin Directory and demonstrates how easy it is to create a rustic style photo frame with the simplest of materials.

4. Twig Photo Frame


This photo frame crafted by Carolyn’s Home Work uses twigs to create a cute picture frame. All you need here are a few twigs and even collecting them on a lazy weekend is bound to be a fun experience that you can share with everyone in the family. Understated beauty!

5. Clipboard Photo Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYClipboard Photo Frames

This clipboard photo frame design by Love Grows Wild is a superb creation. The hand weathered boards produce an effective rustic style that makes them look old instead of new. These will make great additions that bridge modern and rustic styles effortlessly.

6. Rustic Photo Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYRustic Photo Frame

If you are searching for a simple rustic photo frame that is super-easy to make, this lovely creation from The 36th Avenue is the perfect choice indeed. You don’t have to spend much on materials here, but the end result is a lovely looking photo frame, that looks as good as any.

7. Rustic Frame with Twigs

VIEW IN GALLERYRustic Frame with Twigs

Get your kids involved with making their own photo frame this weekend with this lovely design from HGTV. All you need are some fallen twigs to create this handmade rustic photo frame. They will have lots of fun picking up fallen twigs and turning those twigs into a smart photo frame will be literally child’s play!