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Boring No More: Creative DIY Light Switch Plates 

Why should anything in your home be left to chance? Just because a small element on the wall isn’t as visible, doesn’t mean it’s not important; you are, after all, in contact with it almost every day. What are we talking about? Light switch plates, of course! They are just as valuable as any other element, so make sure they’re decorated properly! Need some ideas? Check out these DIY light switch plates! 

Fabric Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric light switch plate

Fabric is always at hand and you can pick exactly the one you want, both by the way it looks and feels like! This is a really fast way to give your light switch plate a makeover, so settle on the choice of fabric and off you go to Tidy Mom chasing the how-to!

Glitter Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYGlitter light switch plate

Make it sparkle! This glittery light switch will do wonderfully in a bright room that calls for some twinkle! Crafting with glitter is always fun, so get your tutorial at Faithfully Free and start creating a light switch plate that shines!

Scrapbook Paper Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYScrapbook paper light switch plate

Scrapbook enthusiasts will love this light switch plate! Choose the scrapbook paper that really feels like home and set out on a light switch plate decorating mission. Making of a Mom will give you the instructions, then it’s up to you to turn it from boring to beautiful!

Framed Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYFramed light switch plate

An upgrade can often be as simple as adding a small frame – can you believe what a difference does it make? Sometimes more is less and that’s definitely the case with these light switch plates we found at Me, Myself & DIY!

Washi Tape Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYWashi tape light switch plate

Washi tape is always there to save the day. If you are running short on time or just don’t feel like taking on a bigger crafting project, get some washi tape and let your imagination run wild. Anything you can dream up, washi tape can help you create. Look at how Washi Tape Crafts got it done!

 Geometric Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYGeometric light switch plate

For a youthful and modern light switch plate, go with some geometric shapes and golden color tones. Even the smallest details count and as you turn your lights on and off every single day, you will be thankful that you decorated this little detail as well.  Silhouette Inc has all the information you need!

Steampunk Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYSteampunk light switch plate

Maybe you’re not one to play it safe and like to add things to your living space that have a bit of edge. This steampunk light switch plate fits the description quite perfectly. It’s completely unique and stunning to look at! Nobody will expect to see a light switch plate quite like it! Start setting it up by checking out The Steampunk Workshop.

 Spray Paint Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYSpray paint light switch plate

There’s nothing a can of spray paint couldn’t fix! Looking for a quick solution that doesn’t look cheap? Rock Paper Feather knows what’s up! These light switch plates look like they were made in a professional green series, but only you will know their true secret!

 Gold Leaf Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYGold leaf light switch plate

Simplicity; something that always surprises us. It’s easy to get caught up in flashy projects and want to push our limits. But what if the perfect solution is more simple than we could possibly imagine? It sounds poetic, but really it’s just how this light switch plate by Sarah Hearts makes us feel.

Gift Wrapped Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYGift wrapped light switch plate

The gift wrapping season never has to end! If you always want the season the be jolly, Curbly has a little present for you. It’s a gift wrapped light switch plate and my-oh-my it’s already making us miss Christmas! 12 months to go, right?

Glitter Chevron Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYGlitter chevron light switch plate

If you don’t want your entire light switch plate to be covered with glitter, but still want to bring that sparkle element to the table, try out this brilliant hack by HGTV. They made a chevron pattern on the plate and filled it with glitter. Smart!

Decoupage Light Switch Plate 

VIEW IN GALLERYDecoupage light switch plate

To end on a simplistic note, if you often indulge in arts & crafts you surely have loads of leftover materials, especially paper. We’re guessing this decoupage light switch plate isn’t going to be much of a challenge! Especially when you have Jones Design Company to give you the tutorial!