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Delicious Ravioli Recipes That Will Make You Drool

Ravioli is one of those meals that tastes delicious no matter who made it or how it’s done. Whether you’re eating instant ravioli from a can or ravioli cooked by a gourmet chef, you’re probably going to enjoy it! The warm little pasta pockets full of delicious fillings and smothered in sauce are hard to dislike.

Instead of  eating the same kind of ravioli all the time, though, why not chance it up? Check out these delicious and unique ravioli recipes that you just won’t be able to get enough of!

1. Pear and cheese ravioli

VIEW IN GALLERYPear and cheese ravioli

(Source: Saveur)

There’s nothing quite so good as a recipe that combines richness, savoury, creaminess, sweetness, and a touch of tart in just a few simple ingredients. Combining pears and cheese does just that!

2. Crab ravioli with lemon butter

VIEW IN GALLERYCrab ravioli with lemon butter

(Source: Martha Stewart)

Seafood lovers won’t be able to get enough of this delicious crab filling. Instead of a creamy or tomato based sauce, this recipe involves lemon butter, just like eating a real crab dinner does!

3. Spinach and ricotta zucchini ravioli

VIEW IN GALLERYSpinach and ricotta zucchini ravioli

(Source: The Healthy Maven)

Are you living with celiac disease or gluten intolerance? There are many gluten free pasta options out there for you, but not everyone likes them. Instead, try making healthy, delicious ravioli using zucchini slices as “noodles”!

4. Coloured ravioli

VIEW IN GALLERYColoured ravioli

(Source: Crumb)

Making your own coloured pasta is a great way to enjoy a fun twist on ravioli for holidays and themed occasions, without altering the taste of your favourite classic recipe!

5. Goat cheese and sweet pea stuffed beet ravioli with walnut and pesto

VIEW IN GALLERYGoat Cheese and Sweet Pea Stuffed Beet Ravioli with Mint and Walnut Pesto

(Source: Pass the Pepper)

This recipe switches up nearly everything about the classic ravioli recipe… and yet we just can’t get enough. Sometimes change is great!

6. Ravioli with goat cheese and spinach filling in parmesan cream sauce

VIEW IN GALLERYRavioli with goat cheese and spinach filling in parmesan cream sauce

(Source: Julia’s Album)

If rich, creamy pastas are your thing, you’ll absolutely adore this recipe. The spinach gives the whole thing a boost of nutrients and of delicious flavour.

7. Mini meatball and cheese ravioli soup

VIEW IN GALLERYMini meatball and cheese ravioli soup

(Source: Diary of a Recipe Collector)

Are you a big fan of noodles in soup? Then these stuffed ravioli noodles in soup will have you jumping for joy!

8. Corn and chipotle ravioli lasagna

VIEW IN GALLERYCorn and chipotle ravioli lasagna

(Source: Food Network)

Baking your stuffed ravioli like lasagna is an opportunity for more yummy vegetable ingredients, more flavour, and perhaps most importantly… more cheese!

9. Shrimp scampi ravioli

VIEW IN GALLERYShrimp scampi ravioli

(Source: Framed Cooks)

10. Cheesy ravioli and Italian sausage skillet

VIEW IN GALLERYCheesy ravioli and Italian sausage skilley

(Source: The Comfort of Cooking)

Baking the noodles all together like a lasagna is fun, but baking them together like a dinnertime version of a breakfast skillet lets you add even more delicious things! Italian sausage really tops the flavour off in this recipe.

11. Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sauce

VIEW IN GALLERYButternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce

(Source: QVC)

Brown butter sauce makes any stuffing taste delectable, but this butternut squash recipe is a particularly delicious partner for it!

12. Crispy ravioli

VIEW IN GALLERYCrispy ravioli

(Source: Vodka and Biscuits)

Are you a sucker for any new, cool twist on a classic favourite recipe? These crispy little ravioli bites make a perfect trendy appetizer while still letting you enjoy that good ravioli flavour.

13. Ravioli with sautéed asparagus and walnuts

VIEW IN GALLERYRaviloi with sauteed asparagus and walnuts

(Source: Green Valley Kitchen)

Sometimes changing the recipe up has less to do with what you put in the ravioli and more to do with how you serve it! Sautéed asparagus and walnuts are a delicious treat.

14. Ravioli with creamy sun-dried tomato and basil sauce

 VIEW IN GALLERYRavioli with creamy sundried tomato and basil sauce

(Source: Cooking Classy)

Creamy tomato sauce makes everything better! The fragrant taste of sun-dried tomatoes will balance perfectly with fresh basil to take your favourite meal to the next level.

15. Cheesy baked ravioli casserole

VIEW IN GALLERYCheesy baked ravioli casserole

(Source: Chew out loud)

This recipe is kind of like making a delicious ravioli lasagna… but with even more delicious cheese!

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