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Comfort Meets Productivity: DIY Lap Desks 

If you have the option of working from home, you know how easy it is to just stay in bed some days and turn your bedroom into an office for the day. We can definitely relate to reading your morning emails from the comfort of your blankets while still in your pajamas! Here are some DIY lap desks that will help you be the most productive while also being the most comfortable!

1. Foldable Wooden Lap Desk 


Making your own lap desk means you can customize it to fit your needs down to the last details and if you’re somebody that already knows you’ll be using your lap desk for a variety of different purposes (breakfast tray anyone?), you’ll definitely want to check out the lap desk at The House of Wood with foldable legs!

2. Pillow Lap Desk 


eHow shares one of the simplest and most recognizable lap desks that can help you work from home without the dangers of your laptop overheating on your legs or you feeling discomfort because of the hard surface. The soft bottom surface will keep you comfy and the hard top surface will protect your laptop. Win-win! 

3. $10 No-Sew Lap Desk 


Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew or have a tight budget – Shanty 2 Chic‘s amazing creations are ever the saving grace! Here’s a lovely lap desk that requires absolutely no sewing at all and will only cost you about $10! What a blessing!

4. Cupboard Door Lap Desk 


You don’t need to buy any new materials for this one because chances are you already have everything you need at home. If there’s an old cupboard you don’t use anymore you can repurpose the doors to create a stunning lap desk, following the example by My Repurposed Life!

5. Cookie Sheet Lap Desk 


Another way to make a lap desk by utilizing materials you already have at home is to repurpose one of your cookie sheets! This is a way cheaper option than if you had to buy all of the materials and it also reduces the clutter in your kitchen. Get the how-to at Hobby Mommy Creations!

6. Shabby Vintage Lap Desk 


Do you love to get inspired by all things vintage? White Lace Cottage has the perfect lap desk for you! It has a shabby vintage look and is going to create a nostalgic ambiance while you’re lounging and working at the same time. A scene right out of a dream!

7. iPad Catcher Lap Desk 


Considering the various range of different tech devices we all have, our work isn’t limited to laptops anymore. A lot of us love to stay in bed with an iPad and either read some articles or catch up on work. This cool lap desk by Inspiration Made Simple comes with an iPad catcher!

8. Pillowcase Lap Desk 


No need to go fabric shopping for this one if you have a beautiful pillow case at home that isn’t serving its original purpose anymore but could definitely still be very useful to you. Check in with DIY Passion to learn how a pillowcase can lead to a lap desk!

9. Striped Pastel Lap Desk 


Even a lap desk deserves to have a beautiful appearance and a unique design. A part of what makes a work day productive is being surrounded by products and colors that inspire you. Here’s a gorgeous lap desk by Rust-Oleum that comes in a pastel coloring and a striped pattern!

10. Couple’s Lap Desks 


Do you and your partner both work from home? Make these couple’s lap desks we found at A Beautiful Mess to make the experience much more comfortable for you. Nobody likes to have their laptop on their legs for hours at a time and a mutual crafting project can be a lovely bonding experience!

11. Neck Pillow Lap Desks 


Lap desks aren’t just for adults – kids can benefit from them as well! The Scrap Shoppe is going to show you how a neck pillow can be used to create super functional lap desks for your kids. They can finally conquer their homework from the comfort of the couch!

12. Hidden Storage Lap Desk 


Sometimes working from bed results in a messy environment because you don’t have any drawers to store your pens and notebooks in. If that’s an issue that’s coming up for you, don’t miss out on The House of Wood‘s lap desk with a hidden storage that’s going to keep your office-for-the-day neat and clean!