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Four-Legged Love: 10 DIY Ideas That Honor the Special Paws in Your Life 

Dogs are often more than just our companions; they are our best friends, family members and closest confidants! Their presence is an enrichment to our lives and it’s only fair that we show them some extra love by engaging into fun DIY projects that honor their playful spirit and their cute little paws! You’ll see what we’re talking about when you check out these 10 DIY paw print crafts! 

1. Paw Print Wall Art 


Teach your pooch a simple trick of stamping their paw onto a paper and turn it into a beautiful wall art! The process of crafting is just as important as the end result – have fun, make sure your dog is enjoying it and create unforgettable memories together! Visit Decor by the Seashore to learn more about this paw print wall art.

2. Paw Print Christmas Ornament 


Christmas is going to be here before you know it and it’s only right that your dog gets a place on the Christmas tree as well! Crafty Morning has an amazing idea for creating a totally unique paw print Christmas ornament that is going to be everyone’s favorite piece this year without a doubt.

3. Paw Print Carved Pumpkin 


When you’re making jack-o-lanterns this Halloween, don’t forget to make one for your dog too! It might not be the most scary carved pumpkin, but it’s definitely going to earn you many points with the neighborhood’s kids. Discover the details at Heartprint Pets!

4. Three Ingredient Paw Print Ornament 


Ornaments are always good to have on hand, not just on special occasions and festivities but in the daily life as well when we’re decorating our home out of pure passion and giving gifts to our loved ones. Collectively Christine has a lovely idea for a paw print ornament that only requires three ingredients!

5. Paw Print Canvas Art 


One of our favorite things about dogs is their childlike personality. They love to run, play and be messy without any worries! Schedule a messy day with your pooch this week and help him create a big paw print canvas art. Once completed, it’s going to be the most precious piece on your wall! Find out how Treats a la Bark conquered this project!

6. Framed Paw Print 


If your walls are already full and don’t need any more decoration, a framed paw print art is the next best thing. You can make several framed paw prints, each in different color, in case you have a multiple-dog household! Southern Wag Pet Accessories was kind enough to share the whole process.

7. Crochet Paw 


It’s time to put your favorite crochet hook to work again! Mary J. Handmade has a simple tutorial for an adorable crochet paw that is the perfect project for those who love the sound of paws running up and down the house! It’s the little things that we cherish the most, no?

8. Paw Patrol Badges 


Children generally adore dogs which is why Thrifter in Disguise‘s paw patrol badges are just the crafting project you’ll need for your little one’s next birthday party! Encourage the kiddos to create their own badges that are proudly displaying paws and so pronounce them as guardians of all dogs in the neighborhood!

9. Paw Towel 


Puppy paws don’t just look cute, they also need a lot of care and nurture, especially during the cold and wet months. When your pooch comes back from the walk with muddy paws, you’ll want to clean off the dirt to avoid a messy house and an unhappy pup! American Kennel Club shares the tutorial for a personalized DIY paw towel!

10. Paw Print Treats 


Do you like to spoil your dogs with homemade dog treats? Make them by Martha Stewart‘s recipe and give them a classic paw print look! It’s a good idea to label them as “dog treats” after they’re done, to make sure your family members don’t accidentally eat them. They look so incredibly delicious, nobody would blame them!