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Edgy Embellishments: DIY Studded Crafts for Everyday Fashion 

Decorating your most basic accessories or clothes with some beautiful studs turns them into trendy and fashionable pieces that are absolutely timeless and able to be styled with countless other pieces! Studs are very simple to add onto items, so you don’t have to be a DIY guru or have hours of free time in order to update a couple of your favorite accessories! Dive into these DIY studded crafts and get inspired!

Studded Heels 


Upgrading your old pair of heels is always so much fun! If you want to give them a shiny and edgy twist, studs should definitely be leading the transformation! They are a great way to give the classic polished black heel just a bit of free-spiritedness and rebelliousness! Visit I Spy DIY for the details!

Studded Dress


When you’ve had a dress for years and begin wishing for a fresh design, the easiest path to a new trendy dress is by upgrading the old one! Embellish the dress with an abundance of golden studs and watch how the outfit gets a completely new charm! Check out the process at Lulus!

Studded Corset 


A corset is a unique and seductive piece to wear that celebrates the fashion of past historic eras and incorporates it into current trends. To make your corset stand out from the rest, a DIY studded trim is the best way to do so! Find the tutorial at Park & Cube!

Studded Bracelets 


Fully studded cuffs used to be incredibly popular, but as minimalism has been influencing people there is a wish for something more simple, although still edgy! Brit + Co has an incredible tutorial for stuffed bracelets that make the best of a couple of studs without seeming overwhelming!

Studded Denim Jacket 


Jackets are those evergreen pieces that we almost never get rid of, but rather store somewhere in the back of our closet because you never know when a particular trend will become popular again. If you have an old jacket that could do with some revamping,  Frugal Nomics has the perfect tutorial!

Studded Cutoffs


Adding cuffs to a garment doesn’t mean they have to take over and turn even the simplest piece into something over-the-top. Not at all! You can totally embellish your favorite shirts and shorts in a very subtle way, using just a few studs. BLDG 25 will show you how!

Studded Slippers 


You’ve bought plain slippers because they were on discount but now you hate that they don’t hold any decorations. Play around with some studs and before you know it, your discounted slippers will look like a million bucks! Find out how Luv from Amy made it happen!

Studded Clutch 


When you have an incredible DIY clutch, you want to make it as noticeable as you possibly can! The first step should be choosing a vibrant color, such as bright red, but the second step is all about the decoration. Draw attention to your best fashion accessory by using studs as embellishments, as shown by Refinery 29.

Studded Sneakers 


These studded sneakers were made to impress! They are perfect for people who truly want to push boundaries with their fashion and consider their everyday pieces to be a form of creative expression. Stock up on studs and visit Honestly WTF to learn how you can create these bomb sneakers all by yourself!

Studded Backpack 


A backpack is becoming very popular as an accessory, seeing as it can be styled in many different ways and is also more convenient than a small purse if we need to carry around a lot of items. Give your backpack a little makeover by decorating it with tiny studs that give it just the right amount of sparkle! You’ll find the tutorial at Mr. Kate!