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15 Cute Fall Pumpkin Crafts

Halloween is over and the time for carving Jack-O-Lanterns has passed, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve missed your opportunity to craft with pumpkins! There are still plenty of generally fall appropriate projects you can make that are both themed after pumpkins and even made with pumpkins, as long as you’re willing to get a little bit creative! Some of these ideas are so cute that our kids and families almost enjoy them even more than the pumpkin carving they did last month.

Just in case you love the look of pumpkin décor pieces and themed things long after Halloween and on into fall, here are 15 awesome fall pumpkin crafts to get you through until full blown winter arrives!

1. Pumpkin juice bottle favours


Do you absolutely love making your kids super fun school lunches so that they’re really encouraged to eat all of their healthy snacks and stay hydrated throughout the day? In that case, we think both you and they will love these cute pumpkin juice bottles from Bacon Time with The Hungy Hypo. They show you how to decorate an upcycled plastic bottle with ribbons and buttons before filling it with orange juice to make it look just like a pumpkin.

2. DIY felt mini pumpkins


Have you always loved both making things from scratch and working with felt? In that case, we have a feeling these adorable little felt pumpkins are precisely the kind of craft you’re looking for! We love that they hold a shape so that you feel like you’re sculpting something, but that they’re still very plush and soft. Find out how they’re made in just a few surprisingly easy steps on American Felt and Craft.

3. Yarn and gift ribbon pumpkins


Are you an avid yarn crafter who has lots of different kinds and colours of spare yarn sitting in your stash, waiting to be used? Well, even though we love knitting and crochet, sometimes we find that we’ve held onto yarn for far too long that we likely won’t ever knit with because we don’t remember what we bought it for or we’re not sure we’d really like how it feels if we wore it. That’s why we really liked this adorable yarn pumpkin idea from Lifestyle for Real Life! It let us get rid of some of our bright orange yarn- a colour that doesn’t really suit us- in a totally cute seasonal way. Use green gift ribbon as the curly pumpkin stems and to keep the orange yarn bundle “pumpkins” wrapped!

4. DIY gathered fabric pumpkins


Did you really like the clearly homemade fabric finish of the cute little felt pumpkins we showed you earlier, but there’s just something about the fuzzy texture of felt that you’ve never liked the feeling of so you try to avoid using it? In that case, we think you might prefer these adorable gathered fabric pumpkins instead! These are a really fun way to work with fabric even if you’re not very confident in your sewing skills yet. Get the full (and surprisingly simple) instructions on Sweet Little Ones.

5. Pumpkin and succulent centre pieces


Have you always loved gardening and arranging green displays that bring a little bit of nature inside and onto the centre of your table? Then we think we may have found the perfect DIY fall centrepiece out there for you! We love the way Living Locurto used an actual miniature pumpkin as part of their craft, affixing real succulents and berries to the top and centre.

6. Leaf and pumpkin turkeys


Are you intrigued by the idea of crating with actual mini pumpkins, and maybe even with the idea of making fall centrepieces that would look great on your Thanksgiving table, but you’d rather a version that’s a little more cute and fun for your kids to make? The take a look at these adorable pumpkin turkeys from Growing Up Bilingual instead! We love the way they made the turkey’s tail feathers from actual leaves that have turned all kinds of pretty fall colours and fallen from the trees in the yard.

7. Metallic gold dipped pumpkins


Perhaps you definitely want to work with actual mini pumpkins but you’d rather make a décor piece that’s a little more art nouveau and modern looking rather than kitschy or cute? Then we have a feeling you’d much prefer these awesome metallic gold dipped pumpkins instead! Cute Girls Hairstyles guides you through the process of using tape to get a clean edge line in your paint when you dip the pumpkin in the gold.

8. Mod Podge fabric strip pumpkins


Have you always adored seasonal décor that, even though it definitely makes sense with the month or holiday, looks a little bit different than the average DIY piece you’ll see elsewhere that time of year? Well, that’s precisely the kind of project you’ll get when you follow this cool pumpkin tutorial from Mod Podge Rocks. They show you how to decoupage strips of fabric to a foam pumpkin to make a very cool patterned craft that’ll look great sitting in your house or out on the porch.

9. Book page pumpkins


Do you have an old book that you inherited somehow but that has been ripped or spilled on, making it hard to read? Well, the thought of old books bring thrown out makes us sad, even if they’re damaged, so we prefer to upcycle them instead! We love the way The DIY Adventures turned a cut section of book pages into cute fall décor by cutting a pumpkin shape right into the middle of the book and bending the spine to splay the pages around so the pumpkin has shape. Grab some orange spray paint, a stick, and a green ribbon for detail and voila!

10. Glitter pumpkins


In our humble opinion, every single holiday, season, and DIY project is a great excuse to use glitter. Heck, we’ll use glitter every day if we can find a reason to! It’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we’ve found an awesomely sparkly pumpkin craft for you to try out this fall. Check out how Pinterest covered all or part of these miniature pumpkins in white glue or Modpodge for stickiness and sprinkled them with varying amounts of glitter.

11. 5-minute monogram pumpkin


We’ll fully admit it here and now: we’re completely obsessed with monograms. There’s just something about initialed décor pieces that make our place feel satisfying and homey in a way that we totally love, especially when the pieces are homemade! That’s why we loved this monogrammed fall pumpkin idea from Tips From a Typical Mom. The best part is that, even though it’s visually appealing, this craft literally takes five minutes to do.

12. Sweater pumpkins


Did you love the gathered fabric idea because you loved the way the soft material looked in your home, letting you include pumpkins in your fall décor scheme without introduce quite so much jarring orange into the room? We know, however, that working with fabric to create something from scratch isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do. That’s why we thought these sweater wrapped pumpkins were such a cool idea! The Happy Housie shows you how to get the look from some old upcycled sweaters you don’t wear anymore.

13. Pumpkin flower vases


Are you still thinking about how cute the idea of a miniature pumpkin table centrepiece would look at your Thanksgiving table but you really want to incorporate something cheerful and sunny looking into the scheme so things aren’t too dark and seasonal before winter arrives? Then we think you might rather make yourself a super cute pumpkin vase like the one from Sustain My Craft instead! You could get all different coloured flower bouquets and paint the pumpkins in different shades to match or contrast.

14. Owl pumpkin made with pumpkin pieces


Perhaps you actually didn’t get the chance to carve a spooky Jack-O-Lantern yourself this year and you’ve been feeling like you really missed out, so you’re searching for a DIY project that actually lets you use the pumpkins themselves to get creative? In that case, we think we might have found just the idea for you! Check out how Hey Look at My Art used a larger pumpkin as a base and sliced pieces of a miniature white pumpkin as the details to make a natural owl “sculpture”.

15. Tiny pumpkin fall wreath


Do you live in an area that’s surrounded by those adorable little orange Chinese lantern plants in the fall? We do too and, ever since we were little kids, we’ve always thought they looked like tiny pumpkins! That’s why we thought this “tiny pumpkin” wreath was such a good idea. HGTV shows you how to let the Chinese lanterns dry, as well as how to attach them around a foam wreath base so they look like teeny clustered pumpkins.

Have you made other little pumpkin themed crafts and fall DIY projects like these before but you don’t see any ideas that are quite the same as what you created on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!