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Personalize and Protect with 15 Best DIY Laptop Cases!

We’re always very careful with our gadgets and we’re actually quite proud to report that all of our gadgets have survived several years of use without any major disasters! If we’re being honest, though, we can’t take full credit for keeping things in a pristine condition. In case of laptops we have cases to thank for that! We say cases, plural, because a while back we discovered the joys of making DIY cases for our laptops at home and it opened up a whole world of coloured, styles, and designs for us that let us carrying our technology around in style. We’ve made tons of them over the years!

Just in case you’re interested in making your own laptop case (or cases, if you’re excitable like us), here are 15 of the best laptop case tutorials we’ve found so far. We know there are plenty of neat looking laptop cases already in stores, but making practical things ourselves is always a lot more satisfying!

1. Sliding Velcro laptop sleeve


Even though you do want to make yourself a laptop case to keep your computer in for safety, especially when you put it in your bag to travel, are you still pretty intent on having it easy to access at all times? Then why no skip the zippers and let Velcro help you out? The Gilded Hare has an awesomely simple pattern for flap-closing style case that makes a great project for sewing enthusiasts, even if you’re a beginner.

2. Patchwork laptop sleeve


Are you very into the idea of making a flap case that uses Velcro to stay closed but you’re more practiced at sewing and you’d rather make a version that’s a little more intricate? Then maybe this patched together version outlined on Photography by J Rose is a better option for you! We adore the mint and grey colour scheme they used here but we love that you could patch together any patterns and colours you please! This is a great way to use up the fabric scraps in your collection in a really practical way.

3. Fully sparkled laptop skin


Do you actually prefer hard laptop cases because you know your laptop is prone to experiencing a bump or two here and there, plus you like the fact that they act as décor since they stay on all the time? In that case, check out how Twinspiration made this super flashy chrome case using metallic paint an a glitter finish! Place tape in the centre in the shape of your computer’s logo and peel it off when your paint job is dry if you still want it to show.

4. No-sew folding laptop case


Were you pretty intrigued by the closing flap style laptop cases we showed you above but you don’t actually sew and you think a whole case is a bit too much to be your first learning project, even though still want a soft case? Well, we think we’ve found just the project and tutorial for you! DIYing to Be Domestic shows you how to make a fabric case that closes by folding it over your laptop and tying it with a leather lace. All you need to do is cut the right shape!

5. Buttoning padded laptop case


If you’re going to work with fabric and go to the trouble of patterning out and sewing yourself a new laptop case, would you prefer to give it as much cushioning as possible because you know you’re not always the gentlest with your things? Then we definitely think you should check out this padded laptop case that closes with a button to make sure the computer stays in! Find out how it’s done in surprisingly few steps on Project Krafted.

6. DIY zippered laptop case


Have you been scrolling through all of these different fabric laptop cases and loving the patterns and designs you’re seeing but you really aren’t sure that buttons, Velcro, and strings are quite hardy enough for the hustle and bustle routine you’re always carting your laptop around on? In that case, here’s a zippered alternative outlined in nice, clear steps on Snap On Buttons!

7. Felt envelope case


Perhaps you very much enjoy the idea of sewing your own case but you don’t have a sewing machine and the idea of hand stitching one of these fancy patched or lined cases is way too daunting a task for you? Then maybe using felt would be a better idea for you! It’s got a little more structure so you can still create your envelope and flap style case but you’ll have an easier time sewing the pieces together because you just don’t need as many! Get the step by step instructions from Craft Collective.

8. Leather tied horizontal envelope


Maybe you’re intrigued by the envelope style case indeed but you think perhaps you’d like the design better if it was a horizontal shape, where the flap opens along one of the long sides? We quite like this idea too because when you carry your computer around, it kind of looks like you’re carrying a big, stylish clutch! Find out how Sincerely Kinsey made this one that fastens closed with a leather tie.

9. Holographic adhesive vinyl laptop case


Are you still thinking about how much you’d love to customize your hard, click-on laptop case but you’re just not sure the sparkly design we showed you above is quite right for you since, believe it or not, your taste is actually a little more flashy? Then we just know you’re going to love this holographic cover idea from Lucykiins! We think you’ll be surprised to learn how simply and quickly this case can be made.

10. DIY laptop case with accessory pockets


Even though you most often use a laptop, do you still like to set it up wherever you’re going as though you have a regular desk area that you sit at? We know that feeling well because we also travel with a hard drive and a mouse with us, even when we’re on the go! That’s why we made ourselves this laptop case that has extra pockets for accessories! Find out how it’s done on Burda Style.

11. Pretty crochet lace laptop cover


Have your DIY and crafting skills actually always lied in yarn based skills like knitting and crochet, so you’ve been scrolling through our list just hoping to find a pattern that will let you use those instead of sewing or painting? Well, we’re proud to report that we’ve actually found you a laptop case pattern made from stunning crocheted lace! Get the full details for how to make it and put it on at Hummus Bird.

12. Sparkle and stripes painted hard cover case


Are you intrigued by quite a number of the ideas on this list but you’re having trouble choosing between them so you haven’t quite made a decision yet? Well, who said you have to choose? Instead, we’d suggest combining a few things, and we’ve got a tutorial that will show you how to do it! Grapefruit and Gold shows you how to paint straight, neat stripes across the top of a hard laptop case using sparkle paint that will catch anyone’s eye.

13. DIY cartoon patch laptop case


Were you a huge fan of the jacket patch idea we showed you earlier but you’re just never been a big fan of gluing things together, so the hard case project doesn’t really appeal to you? Then we not put them on a soft case instead! It doesn’t even have to be one you made; check out how A Beautiful Mess glued their super fun cartoon patches to a soft, foamy case to jazz it up a little bit in a really simple, quick way.

14. Simple folding leather case


A lot of the DIY laptop case ideas we’ve shown you so far have been a whole lot of fun and are very exciting looking, but what if you’re looking for a design that’s a little more mature in its style? Then we have a feeling you’d do very well with a simple folding leather case, just like this one made by Half-Baked by Liz! Working with leather might sound very fancy, but we think you’ll actually be surprised by how simple this design is, especially if you follow this tutorial.

15. Multi-fabric case with a pocket


Are you actually looking for a case that’s completely unlike anything you’ve seen in stores before, so you need a unique design with a little something extra? In that case, we definitely think you should check out this multi-fabric case made complete with a leather flap and pocket and a lace trim. If you’re feeling really crafty, you could even crochet the lace yourself before you sew it into the bottom seam! Moms and Crafters guides you through the whole process step by step.