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Dried Flower Decoupage

Whether you’re doing it with newspaper clippings, pieces of magazine pages, or maybe even pieces of scrap fabric, decoupage is still a technique that DIY enthusiasts use to make all kinds of awesome things; even though you probably remember your grandma making gaudy, kitschy décor pieces with it when you were a kid! Personally, we’ve always been huge fans of decoupage, but we like to do it a little bit differently than some people. We adore doing decoupage with dried flower petals!

Just in case you’re intrigued by the idea and would like to try floral decoupage too, here are 15 awesome pieces and tutorials for you to follow, recreate, or use as fuel to make your own designs from.

1. DIY pressed flower stationery


It might not be the most popular crafting industry you’ve ever heard of but, believe it or not, making your own stationery is a hugely refined art, and it’s also certainly something your family and friends will always appreciate! We love the way One Paper Heart pressed some of their favourite blossoms and then used decoupage techniques to affix them to the front of a set of greeting cards. These make perfect thank you notes for a spring or summer wedding!

2. Dried flower frame border insert


Do you have a photo, painting, or print that you’ve been meaning to mount and frame for a long while but you’ve hesitated because you couldn’t find any insert designs that do your gorgeous piece justice? Then why not make one of your own? We love the way Pegeens transformed a plain white insert into a work of art in itself using pressed flower decoupage.

3. Vintage inspired dried flower lampshade


If you’re going to used floral decoupage to make something decorative, would you rather create something that makes a little more of a statement in itself, rather than just adding detail to something else? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at this beautifully decoupaged lamp shade project from A Handmade Cottage! We love how the pressed flowers add a vintage inspired aesthetic to the whole piece.

4. Dried flower and leaf candle bowls


Have you actually tried floral decoupage before and you’re a really big fan of the way it looks on glass? Well, we can’t say we blame you, since that’s actually one of our very favourite ways to use floral decoupage, period! Sometimes, however, you still need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to what you should actually make using your favourite kind of decoupage techniques. We’d encourage you to check out these beautifully floral glass bowls designed by NusKris Designs!

5. Floral decoupage jewelry box


Okay, we know we  said that we were concentrating on DIY projects made with dried and pressed flowers in this post, but this particular project from Rizoblog is so close (and so darn pretty) that we’re including it anyways, even though the flowers you see here are actually made of paper! This tutorial shows you how to decoupage a pretty painted trinket or jewelry box by carefully cutting out designs from paper napkins and pasting them on the top of the lid. While we do love this paper version, we think this idea would work with dried flowers too!

6. Paint, glitter, and flower decoupage pumpkins


We know that Halloween is over and fall has come and past, so it’s not really pumpkin season anymore, but that won’t stop us if we’re really in the mood for pumpkin painting! We’re obsessed with this beautifully painted pumpkin that features a stripe of glitter and some paper flower decoupage but, once again, we think this design would look great using actual dried flowers in the place of paper! Find out how the original design was made on HGTV.

7. Scattered dried petal pumpkin


Were you very intrigued by the idea of decorating a pumpkin in floral decoupage but you’re not sure the sparkles and small smattering of petals we showed you above was quite the design you’re into? Then perhaps you’d prefer this tiny scattered blossoms idea featured on Made + Remade! We love the way they gathered them near the top and let them scattered with more space between closer to the bottom.

8. Tiny pressed flower manicure


If you’re going to dress something up with real flowers and be very careful and detailed about it, would you rather make something so stunning into something you can actually wear? Well, there are plenty of floral decoupage projects you can make and wear in the form of jewelry but what if you want to get a little more creative than that? Then we have a feeling that you’re going to adore this stunning pressed flower manicure outlined on Larkspur Hill! It’s not quite the same as doing decoupage on a wooden box or a lampshade because you’re using clear polish instead of Mod Podge, but the methods are very much the same an the look of those tiny blossoms each time you use your hands is worth it!

9. Upcycled floral decoupage dresser drawers


Just for good measure, here’s yet another floral decoupage option that is done with paper in the original tutorial but could easily be done (and made absolutely beautifully) with actual pressed flowers too! Rustic Boutique guides you through the process of covering the front surface of some drawers in flowers to upcycle an old dresser so it can be reused with a little more style.

10. Pressed flower Easter egg decor


In addition to dying Easter eggs in the spring, our families always made floral decoupage eggs as well! There’s just something so beautiful about adding adorable spring flowers to a seasonal décor piece, especially if you do it all together as a family. Check out how easily Everything Anastacia covered their eggs in actual pressed petals in just a few easy steps.

11. Dried flower and resin coasters


Have you always loved the look of floral decoupage so much that you wish you could make more durable pieces with similar features so you could actually use them practically without the decoupaged flowers peeling up? Then perhaps you’d rather take your craft to the next level and actually suspend your petals in resin instead! Resin Crafts guides you through the process of working with a thicker medium and making sure things are smooth enough to make a set of stunning floral coasters that you can actually set a glass.

12. Flower decoupage wooden mortar and pestle


Do you often do your best to live a natural, organic life, so things like a mortar and pestle are commonplace in your routine? Well, we like the wooden kind best as well, but just because we’re keeping things natural doesn’t mean they can’t look exciting! Busy Mom Help suggests decorating in a natural way by using decoupage techniques to stick dried flowers and petals all around the outside of your bowl and the handle of your pestle.

13. Floral collage wooden crates


Were you actually scrolling through our list hoping to find a way to make even seemingly boring things in your life like storage solutions interesting and pretty to look at? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a ick out of these lovely floral wooden crates featured on Girl in The Garage! Of course, we would create our flowering effect by using decoupage techniques to stick dried flowers across the wooden slats, rather than using scrapbooking paper cut outs the way you see here.

14. Napkin flower wooden furniture decoupage


Are you very intrigued by the whole concept of floral decoupage no matter what the flowers are made of but, after looking through a couple of our tutorials, you feel like you might not be ready to work with the delicacy it takes to craft with fragile pressed flowers? In that case, here’s an alternative idea that almost uses the same techniques you’ve seen so far, but with more durable materials; napkin paper flower cut outs! Get more details about how to make it happen on Sweet Pickins Furniture.

15. Homemade decoupage flower press


Have you been scrolling through our entire post just enamoured with how stunning the finished products you see here are, but you’re wondering how you’re going to do decoupage crafts with pressed flowers when you don’t own a flower press? Well, there are actually plenty of different DIY ways to press flowers (we used to do it simply by placing them between tissue and putting them under a stack of heavy books as kids), but in case you’d like to be a little more pro about here, here’s a full tutorial from A Handmade Cottage for making an actual homemade flower press of your very own!