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Personalized Style: 15 Fabulously Chic Hand Painted Shoes

There’s nothing like an inspirational picture to get your creative juices flowing. While you might not recreate what you see in the picture precisely, looking at other people’s art can kick-start your mind and spring new ideas in your head. If you’ve never checked out the art of DIY painted shoes, we highly suggest you do!

In the meantime, here are 15 amazing inspirations that had us wanting to grab the nearest paintbrush, a pair of shoes and get started right away.

1. Floral painted pumps by Gemma Kenward Shoes

VIEW IN GALLERYFloral painted pumps

A pair of white pumps is already a statement, but you can really amp up the style by customizing them with gorgeously bright painted colours and intricate designs like these ones!

2. Owls on Toms from Pinterest


Canvas shoes like Toms are literally a blank canvas for your art! Try painting something that suits the colour of the shoes. These little owls look like they’re sitting against the sky as it glows while the sun goes down.

3. Blonde girl flats by Store Envy

VIEW IN GALLERYA girl on flats

For some artists, blank shoes are an opportunity to create a character and bring it to life. These plain black flats certainly can’t be called “plain” any longer, because all observers will see is the blonde girl with the big blue eyes.

4. Metallic dotted patterns by ABCassell

VIEW IN GALLERYMetallic dotted patterns

Fine pointed metallic paint markers are an amazing art tool when it comes to drawing on unconventional materials and objects! Look how intricately this artist was able to dot and decorate even the smallest spots on these shoes. That would be much more difficult with paint, particularly if you tried to layer colours like this.

5. Painted love hearts by My Painted Shoes

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted love hearts

Choosing shoes that are already a gorgeous base colour can be an asset! Work with a complementary or wonderfully contrasting colour to create gorgeous solid designs that will stand out well.

6. Minions shoes by Lelong

VIEW IN GALLERYMinions shoes

If you’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist then now is your chance! Recreating characters from your favourite animated movies is a totally fun project that people will love admiring when you wear the shoes.

7. Anime painted Converse

VIEW IN GALLERYAnime painted Converse

Perhaps what we said about being a cartoonist above does apply to you, but just not for Dinsey-style animation. Try painting scenes from your favourite anime films instead! Even better, try creating your own characters in that style.

8. Custom painted wedding pumps by Gemma Kenward Shoes

VIEW IN GALLERYCustom painted wedding pumps

These gorgeously custom painted shoes can be the bride’s “something new” and “something blue”. Paint the pumps with delicate flowers and, and in beautiful cursive, include the couples’ names and their wedding date.

9. Star Wars airbrushed shoes by Prickly Paw

VIEW IN GALLERYStar Wars airbrushed shoes

There’s nothing wrong with a little simple novelty! If you have access to an airbrush machine and some stencils, then you’re set to recreate  version of these hilarious storm trooper shoes.

10. Daisy painted shoes form AliExpress

VIEW IN GALLERYDaisy painted shoes

Sometimes a few simple flowers are all you need to jazz up something plain. These shoes are the perfect example! It’s not hard to paint little daisies on them but the finished product is really effective.

11. Toy Story painted shoes by RyTee

VIEW IN GALLERYToy Story painted shoes

Are you as Disney obsessed as we are? Then you’ll absolutely adore the idea of recreating your favourite characters on a pair of shoes. We’re in love with these Woody and Buzz shoes.

12. Finely detailed patterns on pumps by The Spontaneous Box

VIEW IN GALLERYFinely detailed patterns on pumps

Finely pointed paint markers or Sharpies can work wonders on plain white pumps. Think of how neat it will be to own a one of a kind air of custom art shoes, especially when you can say you’re the one who designed and illustrated them!

13. Avengers shoes by Felixartistixcouk

VIEW IN GALLERYAvengers shoes

These Avengers themed shoes are an absolute work of art. They’re brightly coloured but still detailed enough to impress. They’re also super trendy right now because the Avengers movies are still booming.

14. Neon eye shoes by Customchaosart

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon eye shoes

Painting with neon colours can be an absolute blast, especially if you get the kind that glows. Let the colours take you through a story by painting whatever the shade reminds you of.

15. Pac Man shoes by The Souled Store


Vintage video game enthusiasts are surrounded by painted shoe inspiration at all times! The little characters and game settings make super eye catching scenes on blank shoes.

So ready to paint the town red with your new and improved, hand-painted shoes?