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Alternative Ponytails That Make the Style Unique

Ponytails are a classic, practical hair style. They get your hair up out of your face and they can be sleek and classy or messy and cute. Sometimes, though, it can feel repetitive tying your hair elastic the same way every day. Why not switch it up a little?

Check out these awesome alternative ponytails that let you keep the basic idea, but with a fun twist!

1. Sleek parted ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYsleek side part pony

(Source: A Cup of Jo)

Adding a side part in your hair before you pull your ponytail back is a simple but effective way to change the style up just a bit!

2. Hidden hair tie

VIEW IN GALLERYhidden hair ties

(Source: Artzy Creations)

Wrapping hair around your hair tie to hide it takes your ponytail from “quick and simple” to “simply chic” in no time a tall!

3. Pretty ponytail with a twist


VIEW IN GALLERYPretty ponytail with a twist

(Source: Love Maegan)

Instead of letting your hair simply cascade down from its elastic, try having it flow from a pretty twist!

4. Subtle twist ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYlow subtle twist

(Source: A Cup of Jo)

Give your ponytail some detail by twisting one side once or twice before you tie the hair into the elastic.

5. Topsy tail side pony

VIEW IN GALLERYTopsy tail ponytail

(Source: Hair Romance)

Do you remember Topsy Tail hair tools from the early 2000s? They’re back in style and they’re still awesome! Use your Topsy Tail loop (or your fingers) to flip sections of your hair leading into and running down your ponytail.

6. Braided ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYBraid into ponytail

(Source: Hair Romance)

French braiding one side of your hair instead of sweeping it straight back can make a ponytail look more whimsical and less severe or sleek.

7. Twisted side ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYtwisted side pony(Source: A Beautiful Mess)

Do you like the subtle twisting style above but wish it was a little more noticeable? Try more twists and larger sections before your hair elastic!

8. Inside out ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYInside out pony

(Source: The Lane)

This stylishly messy take on the ponytail is like one big Topsy Tail loop that didn’t make it all the way through… and we love it!

9. Gossip Girl ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYGossip Girl ponytail style

(Source: Princess Hairstyles)

Did you love watching the TV show Gossip Girl for its gorgeous fashion? Try this crisscrossing ponytail inspired by Blair Waldorf!

10. Double knotted side pony

VIEW IN GALLERYdouble knot ponytail

(Source: Sorella Salon and Spa)

Usually you want to brush the knots out of your hair, but look how pretty tying a few large sections into knots before your ponytail can look!

11. 60s beehive ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERY60s beehive pony

(Source: Tentang Instagram)

Back brushing your hair into a stylish bouffant before you gather your ponytail is the perfect throwback to 1960s glamour.

12. Braided hairband ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYbraided hairband pony

(Source: Real Asian Beauty)

Braiding the front section of your hair and tying the rest back into a ponytail frames your face and adds some gorgeous detail.

13. Raw textured ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYRaw textured ponytail

(Source: Nadyana)

Not every ponytail has to be sleek and tight! Leave some wisps around your face and let the back stay loose. Back brush a few sections for some stylishly messy texture so it looks effortless.

14. Hair bow ponytail

VIEW IN GALLERYhair bow ponytail

(Source: Yet Another Beauty Site)

Do you like the idea of hiding the hair elastic but wish it was a little more fancy? Try weaving your hair into a hair bow over the the tie instead!

15. Fluffy fishtail

VIEW IN GALLERYfluffy fishtail

(Source: Yet Another Beauty Site)

Let the top of your ponytail stay high and loose and taper it off with a gorgeous fishtail braid for contrast!