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Tasty Seasonal Treat: Delicious Homemade Fall Pies to Savor

Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is on its way, so our minds have switched away from thinking about things like spooky cupcake designs and instead we’re considering which mouth watering seasonal pie we’d like to make! What, did you think we were going to say that we we’re thinking about something other than food? Of course not! Few things are better than enjoying a very fall tasting pie right around this time of year, delighting in the warm, gooey filling after dinner as the nights get steadily darker and chillier outside.

Just in case you love fall pies just as much as we do but you’re having trouble choosing which flavours, or perhaps you’re looking to expand your recipe arsenal and try something new, here’s a list of 15 of our favourite autumn pie recipes that we genuinely look forward to making as fall rolls around each year!

1. Bourbon ginger pecan pie


We’ve had plenty of pecan pies in our time and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Just because we love the classic recipe and flavour, however, doesn’t mean we’re not open to trying recipes that put a little bit of a spin on things! We actually recently made ourselves this scrumptious bourbon and ginger version of a pecan pie from King Arthur Flour and we were very pleased with the results. In fact, our family liked this pie so much that there wasn’t a single crumb in the pan for leftovers by the time they were finished with it.

2. Pumpkin cream pie


Don’t get us wrong, we’re big fans of all kinds of pie, but there’s just something about cream pies that have always made our mouths water. That’s particularly true in the fall because it means we get deliciously blended pumpkin cream pies with a scrumptious whipped cream or cool whip topping! The Brown Lounge shows you how to make a completely delicious example of what we mean.

3. Mini individual pumpkin pies


Are you and your family the kind of pie lovers who will eat just about a whole pie at any time of day, whether everyone else is sitting down to have pie or not? Well, rather than making a whole bunch of full sized pies that have to be cut up, why not consider making a bunch of smaller individual pies instead? We think these personal pumpkin pies from Chocolate Moosey are an absolutely great idea because you can make as few or as many as you need!

4. Homemade sweet potato pie


If you’ve ever had a savoury entrée sweet potato dish that you loved, then we’d definitely suggest turning to the sweet side of things to get your sweet potato fix as well! The filling of this pie isn’t unlike a classic pumpkin pie, but the flavour is a little different just in case you need a break from all the pumpkin you’ve been getting since October started. Check the whole ingredients list out on Tried and Tasty!

5. Lattice cherry pie


Vegetable pies aren’t the only kinds you can make in the fall, even if they get the most attention sometimes! There are certain fruits and berries that ripen around this time of year and that also make completely delicious pies, especially if you can get the crust to that just right level of golden brown. One of our very favourite fall pies is flavourful cherry pie! Find out how to make the delicious cherry filling and this lattice patterned crust on The Farmer’s Daughter.

6. Apple hand pies


Did you love the idea of the individual pie but you think you’d rather have another flavour than just another pumpkin treat? Then we definitely think you’ll approve of this delicious hand pie from My Baking Addiction! We like these little hand pies because they’re easy to eat on the go, meaning you can even enjoy your pie when you really have to be somewhere and can’t stop to eat it at the table.

7. Stacked apple pie


We love apple pie in all it iterations and evolutions, but we’re also always looking for new ways to make and enjoy it was well. There are just so many different kinds of apple pie that you can make that really give you all that fall flavour goodness you’ve been hoping for! We’ve already told you, however, that we also completely adore pecan pie, so imagine how excited we were when we came across this amazing double tall apple pie recipe that, in every piece, has a layer of apple pie filling stacked on top of- wait for it- a layer of pecan pie filling to create the ultimate dual flavour combo with every single bite! Three Many Cocks guides you through the whole awesome process, which we promise you is a heck of a lot of fun.

8. Apple pie cookies recipe


Are your family such big fans of apple pie that you’re still looking for unique ways to help them enjoy their favourite fall treat while the season is right? In that case, here’s another and held treat that we think your kids will get a total kick out of; ours sure did! My Recipe Magic shows you how to make cookie sized miniature apple pies complete with a lattice top and they’re so cute we just can’t wait to get started on a batch of our own.

9. Pumpkin yogurt and whipped cream pie


Were you intrigued by the one-person mini pumpkin pie ideas but you’re not sure you’ll have time to bake an entire batch of tiny pies before you need them for an event you’re going to? In that case, maybe you’d prefer these mini pumpkin yogurt pies instead! Scrappy Geek shows you how to mix a Greek yogurt based filling into a sized small pie crust and top it with whipped cream so you get all the flavour you wanted but in half the time. They might not be the real thing, but they make great snacks!

10. Caramel pumpkin mini pies


Are you having trouble deciding between a few flavours but you only really think your family needs one type of baked good for the moment? We always have to remind ourselves that we don’t need to bake everything at once because if we do, we’ll just make ourselves sick on baked goods! We were having trouble choosing between caramel and pumpkin but then we found this amazing little caramel pumpkin mini pie recipe from Cutefetti and all of our problems were solved!

11. Apple butter pie


If you’ve never tried apple butter before then we’re sorry to inform you that you have been missing out. Apple butter is a deliciously sweet and tangy spread that tastes good on essentially anything. If you have had it before then you can probably already imagine just how delicious this apple butter pie recipe tastes! Chase the Star shows you how to make a filling that’s similar to a pumpkin cream pie.

12. Nutella swirled pumpkin pie


If we haven’t already mentioned that our family are huge chocolate lovers, let us reiterate right now; we’ll mix chocolate with literally anything. It should come as no surprise to you, then, that we’ve absolutely tried this Nutella and pumpkin swirled pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction in real life! There’s just something about the slightly cinnamon-like taste of the pumpkin mixture and the chocolatey hazelnut of the Nutella that complement each other better than we ever would have imagined before trying a bit for ourselves.

13. Plum lavender lattice pie


We’ve already shown you one lattice pie option, since that design is a fall classic in and of itself, but what if cherries aren’t quite your thing? In that case, perhaps you’d prefer this delicious plum lavender recipe from Tasting Table instead! This was a combination we’d never heard of before but the more we looked into it, the more we were reassured that it is, in fact, a fall recipe that’s quite common. We can’t believe we went so many years without this delicious flavour combination in our lives as far as baking goes!

14. Peanut butter cup pie


Okay, we’ll admit that we don’t really see peanut butter cup pie as a specifically fall thing, but you just have to take one look at this thing to know that it’s irresistible! We actually do make this recipe the most in the fall because that’s when we make pies the most, period, and this one makes a great kid-friendly alternative for little ones who want dessert but refuse to try the pies that have fruit or vegetables in them. Get the whole sweet ingredients list on The 36th Avenue.