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Delicious Pudding Recipes Made at Home: Treats You Can’t Resist!

If we’re going to go above and beyond the call of duty to make things at home and be adventurous, why not do it with delicious treats, right? One dessert that we’ve had massive success with and can’t get enough of making because it’s always a success each and every time is pudding. There are just so many different kinds and flavours to try, and we find that some of the best pudding recipes are ones that you just won’t find pre-made in stores!

Just in case you love pudding as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the yummiest and most creative homemade pudding recipes that we’ve come across in our search for the best kind ever so far.

1. Low carb butterscotch pudding


This might not sound like a real fact, since there are so many extra creamy, completely decadent recipes out there, but pudding is actually a decent dessert choice for those who trying to diet or watch their calorie intake. This is because it’s a low carb option! Of course, we do try to keep things pretty simple and nutritional when we want to make a batch of pudding that’s at least a little bit on the healthier side of things, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a delicious treat This low carb butterscotch pudding recipe featured on Low Carb Yum is a perfect example of what we mean.

2. Homemade banana pudding from scratch


If you’ve ever eaten a packed school lunch in your life, then chances are good that you’ve probably also tried kids’ pre-packed banana pudding cups that can be found in basically any grocery store. These are delicious if you love sweet, very strongly flavoured things, but they don’y necessarily taste like real banana pudding, which actually has more of a mild flavour and subtle sweetness to it. It also tastes better with actual fresh banana slices cut up on top than store bought pudding would! Just in case you’d rather give this kind of banana pudding a try, here’s a fantastic (and surprisingly easy) recipe featured on Weed Em & Reap.

3. Homemade gluten free vanilla pudding


Did we really catch your attention with the idea of making pudding as a dessert option for those friends and family members in your life who have dietary restrictions, but it wasn’t necessarily a specifically weight related diet you were thinking off because you actually know people who watch what they eat thanks to celiac disease? Then we think you’ll be pleased to learn that most pudding recipes are gluten free as well as being low in carbs! This delicious homemade gluten free vanilla pudding recipe from Week 99er is one of our very favourite desserts to make when we have guests for dinner. Its flavour is sweet and mild but every single bite is delicious and friendly for everyone to eat.

4. Homemade creamy peanut butter pudding


We love peanut butter; there are not if’s, and’s, or but’s about that! No matter what kinds of treat the recipe is for, we’ll absolutely try it at least once if there’s a good, strong peanut butter taste involved in some capacity. That’s why we had this completely delicious homemade creamy peanut butter pudding recipe from Rose Bakes bookmarked immediately upon finding it. This one gets requested in our house quite often and we’re always happy to make that happen.

5. Caramelized banana with homemade vanilla pudding


Did we really pique your attention when we started talking about pudding recipes that involve putting sliced bananas on top because you not only love bananas, but you’ve also always been a fan of pudding dishes that come with all kinds of delicious extras in each bite? In that case, we think perhaps this scrumptious vanilla and caramelized banana dessert featured on Wonky Wonderful might be right up your alley! Their cooking tutorial walks you through the process of making both the pudding and the caramelized bananas for a perfect combination of flavours and textures.

6. Homemade pistachio pudding


What if you’ve always loved the idea of pudding but you find that most people make theirs too sweet, or perhaps you’re looking for a flavour that’s a little less conventional than the standards of vanilla, chocolate, and banana that you see around so commonly? Well, particularly if you love the idea of making desserts that are lovely colours when you’re all finished (after all, who doesn’t love a bit of aesthetic in their food every once in a while), we think this delicious homemade pistachio pudding from Waiting on Martha might be right up your alley!

7. Mouth watering chocolate pudding


Perhaps you’re actually a huge chocolate lover who’s still trying to keep things pretty classic and simple, even though you’re intent on trying to replace store bought snacks and sweets with homemade ones at every opportunity you can get? In that case, you’re going to need a delicious, timeless chocolate pudding recipe in your arsenal for those days that you’re craving something sweet, creamy, and full of chocolate but you don’t want to give in to a total candy pig-out! We’d suggest giving this recipe from The Pioneer Woman a try because it’s one of our favourites and it’s not hard to make by any means.

8. Classic tapioca pudding


Just because some of the best classic pudding recipes are ones with a completely smooth and creamy texture doesn’t mean there aren’t other kinds out there that are irresistible even though they have a little more to them! Traditional tapioca pudding is the perfect example of what we mean. Wonky Wonderful shows you how to make it happen in just a few simple (but completely delicious) steps.

9. Homemade banana pudding layer dessert


Just because you want to make your family some kind of delicious pudding based dish doesn’t mean you have to serve them just plain pudding for their whole dessert. There are actually all kinds of different delicious recipes you can make with pudding that have a little more to them in terms of toppings and special extras! Lately, we’ve been pretty obsessed with this homemade banana pudding layer dessert from Spend With Pennies that shows you how to make a delightful dish with a crushed cookie crust on the bottom, creamy banana pudding in the middle, and a sweet layer of whipped cream to finish it off. Pop some sliced fresh bananas on top and voila!

10. Southern banana pudding


Are you kind of intrigued by the idea of a layered banana pudding dessert that has a little bit more to it but, if you’re being honest, would you actually rather take that idea even further and have the texture be almost closer to a moist cake rather than just a creamy pudding? Then we think perhaps you’ll enjoy this delicious Southern version of the recipe we just showed you a little bit better! Add a Pinch shows you how to use delicious vanilla wafers to make things a little more decadent.

11. Homemade eggnog pudding


It might not be high time for Christmas recipes just yet, since we’re only now gearing up into spring, but what if you’re the kind of kitchen enthusiast who collects recipes all year round and saves them until the right season arrives? Maybe you just love certain seasonal flavours so much that you couldn’t care less about whether they’re in right now because you just really want that flavour. Well, eggnog lovers rejoice, because we’ve found the perfect eggnog pudding recipe that we fully admit to making all year round rather than just at Christmas. Get the full details for making your own on This Silly Girl’s Kitchen!

12. Raw chocolate avocado pudding


Are you still thinking about the fact that pudding can be a friendly dessert choice for people with dietary restrictions while you scrolling through our list, but you haven’t quite seen the right one for you yet because you’re specifically doing your best to eat vegan and raw? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at how simply this deliciously creamy and rich chocolate pudding recipe from The Rawtarian is made! Check out their tutorial to find out how avocados can be transformed into something so dreamily sweet.

13. Homemade sticky toffee pudding


The moment we mentioned the idea of puddings that are textured a little more closely to very moist cakes, our minds immediately jumped to the irresistible wonder that is sticky toffee pudding. Once we’d thought about it, we couldn’t actually stop thinking about it, so we knew we simply must link you to a quality recipe before the list was over. Check out how very favourite one to follow and eat on Pikalily!

14. Glazed caramel pudding


Perhaps you’ve actually been scrolling through our list looking for an option that’s a little bit closer to making something gourmet, since you’re really looking to challenge your dessert making skills by learning something new? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how this fantastic glazed pudding was made! Particularly if you love caramel, Nisahomey will show you how to create a pudding that’s completely mouthwatering thanks to both its flavour and its unique texture. The slightly thicker pudding and the slightly crunchy sweetness of the caramel glaze create a totally unique experience.

15. Homemade coconut pudding


Did you actually come here looking for a unique recipe that you’ve never seen in stores because you’re intent on trying as many different flavours of pudding as you possibly can? Then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this awesomely simple but fantastically flavourful coconut pudding recipe featured on Self Proclaimed Foodie a try! Besides tasting like a tropical vacation, this recipe is also dairy free, making it another great choice for people with specific needs in the diet department.