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15 Creative Ways to Incorporate Neon into Your Look

Summer is coming and one of the best parts of the season is bright colours! Whether the colours are in your outfit, your food, or just the world around you, you’ll find them everywhere. If you’re going to do bright colours, why not take it to the next level? Neon is your friend!

Check out these super stylish ways to incorporate neon in your look this summer!

1. A neon manicure


Neon nails in your favourite shade adds a quick flash of brightness that refreshes your whole look, even if your outfit is a little more conservative. Try this simple neon pink manicure on Style Craze!

2. Neon earrings

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon earrings

Neon earrings show you how adding a splash of neon on your ears can either tie a nice, bright outfit together or stand out like accent pieces if your clothing is a calmer colour.

3. Neon shoes


OMGVille reminds you that sometimes neon shoes are all the brightness you need! A muted outfit will be totally jazzed up by a pair of neon pumps.

4. Neon eye makeup

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon eye makeup

Including neon eye makeup in your look, like this makeup from Fanrto, is a great way to draw attention to your face! Neon eye makeup suits neutral outfits as a statement or even brighter outfits as a complement or contrast. Just make sure you choose colours that don’t clash!

5. A neon clutch


A neon clutch or purse becomes the perfect accessory for a monochromatic outfit, especially if you pair it with matching shoes or jewelry! Check out this look from Style Estate for a little inspiration.

6. Neon hair accessories

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon hair accessories

Brit + Co. suggests adorable hair pieces like these neon hair bows to add a little bit of flair to the top of any summer look!

7. Neon lips

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon lipstick

Neon lips, like this look from French site Mon Vanity Ideal, give your style a little bit of sass! Pair them with neon pink nails and shoes that will pop against a little black dress.

8. Neon laces

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon shoe laces

Cali Vintage reminds us that even the subtlest neon detail can liven up your whole look! Neon shoe laces, for example, make a fun touch in an otherwise classy or formal outfit.

9. Neon bandeaus


Putting a bright, fun neon bandeau under a solid or white top is a great way to make things pop. Shoes Post shows us how actress Christina Milian rocked the style!

10. Neon stripes or patterns


Bright neon stripes and shapes are an awesome way to draw the eye! Try to pair them with plain shades or solid colours elsewhere, like I’d Absolutely Love To did, so your outfit doesn’t get too busy.

11. A neon necklace

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon necklace

Pairing a neon necklace with a darker shirt is a great way to rock some subtle fun while still looking pretty professional. Try pairing your necklace with a matching neon clutch like Jul C did!

12. Neon on the bottom


Daily Disguise shoes you different ways of pairing your favourite neon pink pants with different tops for bright but versatile style all the time!

13. Neon on the top

VIEW IN GALLERYAll neon shirt

Are you so into neon that subtle touches aren’t enough for you? Pick a shirt that’s mostly or entirely neon and pair it with dark pants for balance! Good, Bad, and Fab chose neon yellow and lace with dark wash jeans and we love it.

14. Neon dresses


It’s summertime- take a risk and make your entire outfit neon! The best way to do this is a neon dress. Bedazzles After Dark paired this bright green with neutral sandals to keep the look from becoming overwhelming.

15. Neon hair

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon pink hair

Are you feeling really bold this summer? Bright, neon hair colours are very trendy right now! Try dip dying your hair your favourite neon shade, like this pink from Deviant South!

Do you know someone who adores neon but always hesitates to wear it? Share this article with them for a little bit of inspiration!