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15 Spooky Halloween Themed Cocktails

During Halloween season, we find that a lot of the DIY discussions, especially when it comes to food and drinks, revolve around things that are kid friendly. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t recipes out there for adults that are totally Halloween themed in an adult way as well! We’re always down to eat some fun Halloween snacks, but at night there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy a nice cocktail, even if you’d like that to have a spooky feel to it as well.

Just in case you’ve also been on the lookout for some more grownup recipes in the kitchen department this October, here are 15 delicious Halloween cocktail recipes that we just can’t wait to try out!

1. Zombie slime cocktails


We fully admit that, with some cocktails, our favourite part of the whole drink no matter how good it tastes is actually the rimmer! That’s particularly true in a novelty cocktail like this zombie slime drink from HGTV. They’ve used strawberry sauce to create a deliciously creepy, dripping effect all around the edge of the martini glass, making the whole drink look spooky before you even get to the electric green colour of the drink itself!

2. Eyeball juice cocktail


When you set your mind on making a “creepy” drink for the adults attending your Halloween party, did you really want something totally spooky and weird to set the scene in detail for your guests? In that case, we think you’ll get a total kick out of the way Drink Stuff actually put something creepy and slimy into the drink itself! We love the way they used halved lychee fruits to make it look like your delicious cocktail has eyeballs floating in it.

3. Blood orange test tube shots


You’ve probably heard of blood oranges before, and possibly even tasted how delicious drinks made with blood orange flavouring can be, but don’t you think that the blood orange is such an aptly named fruit for Halloween? Well, if you’ve never tried it before, we have a feeling you’ll be pretty into it after you make and try these test tube shots from Martha Stewart that look like they came straight out of Dr. Frankenstein’s creepy lab!

4. Halloween Morgue-a-rita


Were you pretty into the idea of making yourself a slimy looking cocktail that features some kind of stick, spooky rimmer all along the top of the glass, but you don’t have any strawberry sauce or other sweet red sauce options to make it happen? Then perhaps you’d prefer making this “morgue” themed cocktail from HGTV instead! They replaced the red sauce with a sweet green gel frosting that contrasts with the eerie red of the drink quite well.

5. The Witch’s Heart cocktail


Perhaps the Halloween trend of pretending you’re feasting on blood and guts has never quite appealed to you but you still love the idea of a spooky cocktail one way or another? Then maybe you’d prefer this impressively deep purple mixture from The Flavour Bender instead! They show you how to blend your wild berry flavoured ingredients perfectly until you’ve got a royal but spooky colour that’s clearly inspired by the mystery and haunting glamour of witches.

6. Halloween cherry vodka punch


Are you actually quite into the gory idea of making “bloody” cocktails, but you’ve been hoping to find a recipe that will give you the proportions and ingredients for making a larger quantity that you can serve in a punch bowl at your Halloween party? In that case, we definitely think you should check out this cherry vodka punch from Revel and Glitter! They’ve used the creepy blood-like rimmer idea too, but they’ve also added floating cherries to make the drink both more delicious and more spooky.

7. Jack O Lantern cocktail


If you’ve ever had bubble tea, then you already know just how delicious tapioca balls can be in a fruity drink. On Halloween, however, they’re the perfect addition to a cocktail because, besides being yummy, they’re also just slimy enough to add some novelty spook in the bottom of a martini glass. It’ll be unexpected because alcoholic beverages don’t often have chunks in them, but your guests will appreciate a neat change in honour of the holiday! Check out how these Jack O Lantern orange cocktails were made on HGTV.

8. Vampire cocktail


Are you still thinking about how much you like the idea of using cherry or strawberry sauce to look like dripping blood in your drink, but you’ve always like blended cocktails a lot more than regular martinis? In that case, we think you might prefer this creation from Ministry of Alcohol! We love that it’s white so that the red stripes of “blood” really stand out. This is also one of the ideas of this list that we’ve actually tried before in real life, so we can assure you that it’s delicious too.

9. The Drambooie


The best part about being a DIY enthusiast and having a novelty filled sense of humour about things is that you can turn just about any cocktail into a Halloween drink in some way if you’re willing to get creative and “punny”. That’s why we liked this “Drambooie” cocktail made from Drambuie and Orange Crush so much! Party Blueprints guides you through the process of creating this Halloween themed take on the more classic Cosmo idea.

10. Black widow shot


Maybe you’ve ever really been a cocktail person because you prefer your alcohol in smaller quantities but full of flavour? In that case, perhaps a series of themed shots would be a better idea for you! We love this classily styled “black widow” inspired shot from HGTV because, besides being a delicious combination, we like their suggestions for preparing it with a red sugar rimmer and a cherry like it’s a whole dessert in itself.

11. Gummy fangs cocktail


Are you still thinking about how all the candy you get to eat in October really is your favourite part of Halloween, but you’d rather include it in your cocktail menu in a more explicit way than what we’ve shown you so far? Then we have a feeling you’re just the person to get a huge kick out of this totally creepy cocktail idea from CBC that is literally filled with candy! Many cocktails use syrups and juices to sweeten the drink so that it’s easier to sip but we love the fun way this recipe just goes all out and throws in actual gummy candy to get that effect. When you’re done with the drink, you’ll have spiked fang candies so snack on at the end!

12. Halloween witches brew cocktail


Were you intrigued by the candy-filled cocktail we just showed you above but you’ve actually never liked the texture of gummy fangs because they have a foamy element to them, when you prefer full on gummies? Then check out this cocktail that’s garnished with gummy worms instead! Tipsy Diaries shows you how to make a yummy fruit cocktail that’s a true melange of ingredients, just like a witch’s brew is, but they also show you how to add gummy worms in the top and around the edge for a bit of novelty flare and sugar content. Add as many or as few as you please and put a bowl of them on the table so people can splash a few extra worms in at whim!

13. Bloody brain shot


When you originally decided to make some kind of creepy novelty alcoholic beverage for your party, were you picturing something really gross that your guests might actually almost think twice about before giving into the fun and having one anyways? Then we think we might have found just the idea for you! HGTV shows you how to make a clear shot that uses sweet, squeezed gelatin candy (just like what gummy worms are made out of) and red grenadine to make it look (and kind of feel, if we’re being honest) like there’s a tiny brain floating at the top of the shot glass. Having one will be like a throwback to your childhood when eating “gross” things had a thrill to it!

14. Candy corn cocktail


We love this candy corn inspired cocktail from Pass the Sushi so much because it gives you options, and we always love being able to customize and choose! First they teach you how to actually make a cocktail blend that tastes just like candy and even resembles candy corn in it’s colour, so we’re already on board with the idea. Next, though, they show you how to make a version that actually has candy corn in the mixture, so your friends who really wanted to enjoy the sugary novelty of Halloween can have that kind of cocktail as well! The best part is how good these ones are; we’ve tried this recipe in real life and really enjoyed it even though, strangely enough, we don’t usually like candy corn when we eat it.

15. Bloody eyeball lychee cocktail


not every Halloween cocktail you make has to actually involved some kind of candy or mock gross element. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy a good tasting beverage that’s inspired by a gross concept, letting people use their imaginations while they sip. That’s how this “bloody eyeball” cocktail from Katie Cakes came to be! They’ve simply outlined a delicious cocktail blend for you that’s tinged red just enough so that your guests can use their imaginations to think about what the spooky source of the liquid they’re drinking might have been if your house was a haunted mansion.

Have you made yourself some other kinds of awesome and delicious Halloween themed cocktails before but you don’t see that kind on our list? Tell us all about how you made them or link us to the recipe in the comments!